Psychotronic technology investigator found strangled








5 August 2016

A former New York Times reporter has been found murdered in the Dominican Republic following her exposure of MKUltra.

Sarah Kershaw was found asphyxiated due to strangulation on Monday at her apartment in Sosua.

Speculation is rife with thoughts that she found some new important information, enough to have her bumped off by military intelligence.

In Britain we have the Behavioural Insights Team to ensure the Brits go along with the corporate show, oblivious as the masses are to the manipulation of their minds to purchase goods they do not need, and to agree that governments really do run the nation and so they must vote to make that difference….

Here is an extract from a 2013 report on the legalisation of Psychotronic Warfare against the American citizen :

The United States used to have something called the Smith-Mundt Act, which prevented the government from disseminating propaganda for domestic consumption. All that came to end with the National Defense Authorization Act 2013, the very same yearly act that previously brought you indefinite detention and Presidential martial law powers without oversight from Congress.

The NDAA 2013 overturned the Smith-Mundt Act and paved the way for Voice of America to begin airing in the United States. After all, if Voice of America is good enough for Al-Shabab in Somalia, its good enough for the American people. And I know some of you are saying, “But, Abreu Report, doesn’t Putin have Russia Today?” Yes, and it’s now apparent that the United States considers foreign propaganda to be such a serious threat that soon it will start distributing propaganda to its own citizens.

Obama’s “nudge” squad was recently revealed: “The document was emailed by Maya Shankar, a White House senior adviser on social and behavioural sciences, to a university professor with the request that it be distributed to people interested in joining the team. The idea is that the team would ‘experiment’ with various techniques, with the goal of tweaking behaviour so people do everything from saving more for retirement to saving more in energy costs. The document praises subtle policies to change behaviour that have already been implemented in England, which already has a ‘Behavioural Insights Team.’ One British policy concerns how to get late tax filers to pay up.”

Obama doesn’t have to do much research, however. Since the 1990s, the US military has shown extreme interest in something the Soviets dubbed “psychotronic” weapons: “psychotronic weapons are those that act to take away a part of the information which is stored in a man’s brain. It is sent to a computer, which reworks it to the level needed for those who need to control the man, and the modified information is then reinserted into the brain. These weapons are used against the mind to induce hallucinations, sickness, mutations in human cells, ‘zombification,’ or even death. Included in the arsenal are VHF generators, X-rays, ultrasound, and radio waves.”

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