How the Autism Feedback Loop is Transmitted From Person to Person

How the Autism Feedback Loop is Transmitted From Person to Person








1 December 2021

Understanding what autism is will help you to understand how we all have traits of what autism is, that we can pass this on to others by our own patterns of behaviour.

It also expands the real reason they are using the idea of pandemic to push the populations into an autistic feedback loop and to stifle all interaction in existence outside the constant presentation of the “official Script’ from the political class and the media.

From my research into the education system from the huge shift in 1984, advanced to its current state from 1997, the autism feedback loop as a program of education has been successful in the devolution of our offspring’s academic standard. Under the pandemic, the same program has been thrust upon the global population creating an autistic psychological normal for all that take up its script, to the point we have today in which obedience to absolute garbage is the reality for a huge percentage of the global population.

The following video offers insight to the mechanic of this psychological program that entraps your mind in an ever recurring pattern of thought.


The aim :,,_16_Dec_2008#ARK_and_the_.27orphans.27_in_eastern_Europe

From Roelie Post, European Commission civil servant, 

‘For Export Only, The Untold Story of the Romanian ‘orphans’. 

(p. 86) The BBC had a programme on children. It did not take long before I realised it was a documentary about Federici’s treatment of de-institutionalised children. ‘Taming the Problem Child’ was its telling title. I watched with growing amazement. De-Institutionalised appeared synonym for adopted. Apparently many children adopted from Eastern Europe showed a sort of autistic behaviour that was thought to be the result of having been raised in orphanages. Federici’s treatment meant that for at least a month, but if needed longer, the child must stay within its adoptive parents reach, for 24 hours a day. The child had to fully obey, if not the adopters needed to force it down to the floor until the child would give up its resistance. The child would not be allowed to play or meet friends. Federici claimed through process most children would have an 80% rate of improvement. His critics believed this process could be damaging…..’

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