In Profile : David Highton

In Profile : David Highton












9 January 2022

David Highton appears to have his hands in many pies with prompt escapes as the shit would be hitting the fan. Chief executive of the Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals Trust at the time of the missing organs scandal, left this post after the revelation of a £20 million debt, chief executive of the Westminster and Chelsea hospital at the time of the overnight closure of a successful Vitamin B12 clinic which was treating autism, chief executive of Ealing Health Trust, involved with Skills Academy and NhsDirect. 

At Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals Trust at time of missing organs scandal

“This trust carries out post mortem on behalf of the coroner and also where relatives have not objected, in order to establish cause of death. In some cases, organs will have been removed and retained for further study, teaching and research…..” 

David Highton resigned from Oxford NHS after trust revealed debts of £20 million.

From a Panorama documentary ‘Fiddling the Figures’ : 

David Highton is to leave the role of chief executive of the Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust in April.  The announcement of Mr Highton’s departure comes after the trust revealed debts of £20m.  One MP has claimed Mr Highton, who has overseen a host of costly improvements at the struggling trust, left before he was forced to go.  

3) David Highton at Chelsea when successful clinic closes overnight

…They found hope in the pioneering Vitamin B12 Unit at Westminster and Chelsea Hospital in London where they were told that Alex, now 13, had a vitamin B12 deficiency, which drastically exacerbated his autistic symptoms.  

But as Alex was receiving treatment — including injections of vital B12 co-enzymes — the unit closed without warning.  

The closure appalled families who relied on the unit.  

Dr Bhatt negotiated with the hospital’s chief executive, David Highton, to keep the unit open at a cost of £200,000 a year.  

But Mr Highton and the Chelsea and Westminster Trust Board —which has authority over the hospital’s £230 million health provision — refused to provide funding and claimed Dr Bhatt’s test procedures were experimental and unethical.  

The suggestion is denied by Dr Bhatt, who ran the unit for 10 years and is recognised worldwide as a specialist in the condition. 

He thinks the closure has more to do with funding and medical politics than ethics. 

Parents were outraged not to be notified of the unit’s closure. They turned up for appointments to find it shut. 

On the council of government ‘Skills for Health’, also called ‘Skills Academy’, as Managing Director of ‘Clinicenta’. 

5) David Highton: Managing Director of Clinicenta :

Clinicenta involved with MediHome : 

15 September 2006 : NHS patients will soon be able to choose to recover at home under the care of nurses from MediHome Limited, the Hospital-Care-At-Home company. MediHome, in partnership with Clinicenta, will provide this service for two new surgical treatment centres in South London.  

MediHome Nurses will care for patients in their own homes following a wide range of operations instead of having to remain in hospital. These new surgical treatment centres are part of the Government’s programme to widen the choice available to NHS patients. Clinicenta’s two surgical units will start treating patients in April 2008.  

David Highton, Managing Director of Clinicenta, said : “We are very pleased to be working with MediHome to deliver this innovative approach to patient care. NHS patients choosing to have their operations with Clinicenta will be able to enjoy a service that until now has only been available to patients who can afford private treatment.” 

Clinicenta works in partnership with Carillion : 

Clinicenta is a joint venture between support services and construction company Carillion and Lodestone Patient Care, one of the UK’s leading independent providers of diagnostic imaging services with experience of delivering high quality healthcare.  

6) David Highton is also Clinical Services Director at Carillion : 

And is ‘involved in the ‘competences for the development of new job roles in healthcare.’ 

David has a wealth of clinical management experience from his time spent in the NHS. Initially joining as Financial Director of Ealing Health Authority he progressed to CEO level where he spent 10 years. His last 9 years in the NHS were as CEO of two major teaching hospital institutions – as the first CEO of the new Chelsea & Westminster Hospital from 1994, and at the Oxford Radcliffe group of 4 hospitals from 2000. 

During his time in the NHS, David was also a key member of several national working groups and committees. He was on the policy group, which generated the NHS Plan and chaired the London Waiting List Task Force from 1997-2000. He also sat on the National R&D Committee of the NHS for four years, and chaired Healthwork UK and the successor UK body, Skills for Health, seeking to pursue the development of clear and accredited occupational standards and competences for the development of new job roles in healthcare. 

7) Chief executive officer of Ealing Health Authority.  

According to Carillion website :  

David has a wealth of clinical management experience from his time spent in the NHS. Initially joining as Financial Director of Ealing Health Authority he progressed to CEO level where he spent 10 years. His last 9 years in the NHS were as CEO of two major teaching hospital institutions – as the first CEO of the new Chelsea & Westminster Hospital from 1994, and at the Oxford Radcliffe group of 4 hospitals from 2000. 

8)  David Highton is involved with NHS Direct according to zoominfo:

which links to

which links to 

9) David Highton, according to linkedin : 

Director of Finance and Business Development at Riverside Hospitals 

10) Government : 

Speaking at the Select Committee on Health : 

Also Acting Chief Executive of St Mary’s in Paddington :

I am David Highton, I am Chief Executive of the Chelsea and Westminster Health Care Trust. I am also Acting Chief Executive of St Mary’s in Paddington. Both exist as teaching hospitals within the Inner London Consortium, which covers health authorities and trusts in Kensington and Chelsea, Westminster, Brent and Harrow. 

Involved in review of NHS Funding : 

On the ‘Modernisation Action Team’ at the Department of Health :  

Is this the same David Highton? 

11) There is a David Highton at Red Cinnamon 

Produced a programme: ‘The Farm revealed’ which instructs students to read about eugenics :  

Further activities  


Read the article about the founder of the British Eugenics Society :  


Discuss the following :  

What is eugenics and why was Francis Galton interested in the subject?  

Is it unethical? Why or why not?  

Is eugenics a realistic possibility?  

Could we really breed a race of super-intelligent humans?  

 12) A David Highton is editor of Chanel Four ‘The Body Story’: 

13) A David Highton wrote a letter to the Telegraph in support of ‘Children aged eight enlisted as council snoopers’. 

As one of the volunteer Streetwatchers for Ealing I’m puzzled by both some of the reporting and the reaction to the concept of local residents taking pride in their streets and trying to help keep them clean and tidy.  

In Ealing the Streetwatchers simply report items such as dumped rubbish, broken paving stones, faulty street lights and similar. There is not the slightest question of spying on anyone whatsoever. And in the last few years we have helped make a significant improvement to the look and state of our streets – and I repeat ‘our streets’. This improvement is appreciated by the vast majority of the residents who want their streets to be clean.  

As for the Junior Streetwatchers – what on earth is wrong with encouraging youngsters to care for their environment and actually do something to help make it better? How many people just walk by dumped rubbish and moan but do nothing and then complain about the state of their streets? If we want our streets to look clean then we need to do something about it ourselves and Ealing’s voluntary Streetwatcher programme enables local residents and youngsters to do just this. 

David Highton 

14) A David Highton in West Ealing : 

Lodestone… military connections and buyouts :  

DCA Group bought out by Caid and delisted : 

A different  David Highton?

So much for the UK Gov’s constitutional duty of representing the Crown Dependencies in International matters (we pay for this!) Did they forget this obligation when they froze the assets of these banks held in the UK? They certainly made sure they were all right with ING. Maybe we should ask for a refund 

David Highton, Douglas, Isle of Man 

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