In Profile Samuel Julius Gould, and the Hegelian Dialectic

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During the 1990s ex MI6 Intelligence officer Dr John Coleman, in a series of books, exposed in great detail the supranational tier of commercial control below the level of central banking, or to be precise, those that operated for theBank for International Settlements and its International Monetary Fund (IMF), on a global scale.  He exposed a group of super wealthy families representative of nations called the Committee of 300, known unto themselves as the Olympians, and made it very clear that during his time in Africa he began to grasp the reality that everything he believed he was doing, he was not. He made it very clear, MI6 was presenting itself as anti-communist while implementing the communist script across Africa and elsewhere under a direct commission from the Committee.

To act in this manner is to be operating the Hegelian Dialectic.

Dr Coleman positioned the Committee of 300 as the overlord to global corporate intelligence, therefore identifying the fact both the communist and anti-communist thesis have the same root, and perhaps more important, they have the same master. In this manner the global committee has control of both sides in the capitalist V communist facade, in order they can play one off against the other to expand the overall control of the committee itself. It’s the debt of capitalism that feeds the communist all powerful state as nations are forced to re-structure domestic systems to position the corporations as the controlling mechanism over the lives of the populations

Corporatism is Fascism..

This Committee of men have Zionism as a binding thread. Zionism is paving the way for the Anti-Christ messiah who is judging mankind based entirely on the wealth and position of the legal persona, which the banking empire commands through statutes. It matters not which line of investigation one takes, nor into what subject matter you research, always one finds a cabal of pseudo-Jews with German/Russian connections fronting the entire corporate empire, and, influencing everything beneath them. They each take their orders according to bloodline, a study of which presents the position in the hierarchy held by a particular bloodline, they are the pedlars of the Talmud as supreme doctrine over the entire Israelite religions, and they hate Christianity and Islam with a fervour to match their unclean hubris.

[Hubris excessive pride or self-confidence. Synonyms : arrogance, conceit, conceitedness, haughtiness, pride, vanity, self-importance, self-conceit, pomposity, superciliousness, feeling of superiority;
(in Greek tragedy) excessive pride towards or defiance of the gods, leading to nemesis.]

It is my contention based on over twenty years study and research that moving above the great religions of the world, specifically, Hindu, Hebrew, Christianity, Buddhism, and Islam, is a force so interconnected globally, taking their power from the control of all exchange, trade and indeed barter, has set loose an agenda to rid itself of its two greatest antagonist’s, Christianity and Islam.

What we are witnessing in the multitude of organisations within this report is a branch of this unclean force of Zion as they move all nations to the same path to war whilst they stand ready to profit from all that may come both in wealth and more importantly, absolute power and authority over the entire world. Through the Buddhist philosophy and indeed the extreme cast system that is the Hindu, they have formed a theosophical nightmare they are to call the one world religion. What we are seeing in this report and those attached to it, is an unclean network, facilitated by the speculative secret corporate network that is Freemasonry. In the following report we gain insight of how this network only requires the power positions in the think tanks to have our government and entire system act contrary to the realm, and install hell.

Take for example a letter from C. Wright Mills to Samuel Julius Gould’s close compadre Irving Horowitz, which said :

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With that in mind we need to roll back a few decades to see what was going on in the 1970’s as the Fourth Reich, via the private foundations from the US, would energise the anti-communist British to become just another arm of the committee of 300, and ultimately the families in control of the Bank for International Settlements. To achieve that would mean the entire raft of anti-communist thinking in Britain would, unknown to the players, expand the implementation of the corporate communist dictatorship.

Julius Gould and the Institute for the Study of Conflict are a good start in better understanding the road that brought us to a depressed incorporated Britain 2015 :
At a Glance :

Education: University of Oxford (MA).
1956-1964 Reader in Social Institutions, London School of Economics
1964-1982 Professor of Sociology, University of Nottingham
1983-5 Research director, Institute for Policy Research

Other positions
1981-2007 Chairman of trustees, Social Affairs Unit
1993-4 Council of the United Synagogue
Government and Opposition on Editorial board (with, amongst others, right wing operative Leonard Schapiro) circa 1974.

Gould, J. Attack on Higher Education: Marxist and Radical Penetration, 1977, report of a study group of the Institute for the Study of Conflict
Dictionary of the Social Sciences (joint editor)
Jewish Life in Modern Britain (joint editor)
The Attack on Higher Education
Jewish Commitment: A study in London

In Depth :
(Samuel) Julius Gould (born 13 October 1924) is Emeritus Professor of Sociology at the University of Nottingham. Gould was connected with the Institute for the Study of Conflict, was founder Chairman of the Social Affairs Unit[1] and is also an academic advisor for the Bruges Group.

In 1964 Philosophy and Psychology were given their own professors and departments. Sociology, with the appointment of Professor Julius Gould, initially became a sub-department of the Department of Social Administration. In due course a separate Department of Sociology was established, by which stage the Department of Social Administration had been renamed the Department of Social Policy.

The School of Sociology and Social Policy is a vibrant, diverse and exciting centre for social science teaching and research, which builds on an established history dating back to 1948 and the creation of the Department of Social Administration. That year also saw the appointment of the first UK professor in this field, Professor David Marsh, who joined a team of just 5 other staff. At that time Sociology was taught in a separate department of Philosophy, Psychology and Sociology under Professor Jack Sprott.

JULIUS GOULD was Professor of Sociology at Nottingham University until 1982; in 1983 he was appointed Director of Research at the Institute for Policy Research. He is also Chairman of the Social Affairs Unit. Among his writings are The Attack on Higher Education (1977) and Jewish Identity (1984).


Here is were the tale takes a sinister twist for politics today, Julius Gould is a director of a company called Government and Opposition Limited, a company in which we also find a member of the Constitution Unit Professor Lord Trevor Arthur Smith of Clifton, which is today the dictator through the Institute for Government, to Britain’s entire political class. And if that doesn’t upset your tipple, the Institute is moving to enact a huge policy of behavioural change inclusive of the word medicine.

Julius Gould is also listed as a member of the International Committee of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, (Europe, Nottingham, England), as is Albert Neuberger (Europe, London, England), father-in-law of Julia Neuberger, Chair of the House of Lords Science and Technology Committee, (1919 exiled Austrian nobility) and father of David Neuberger, to be sworn in as President of the Supreme Court in October 2012, after what I would call a clear case in the use by David Neuberger of the Hegelian Dialectic, he attacked the Supreme Court then became it. The Family

The International Advisory and Review Board of :
International Advisory and Review Board
(includes) :

S. Julius Gould (University of Nottingham)
Chimen Abramsky (University College, London); Abraham Ascher (City University of New York); Arnold Band (University of California, Los Angeles); Doris Bensimon (Universit de la Sorbonne Nouvelle); Bernard Blumenkrantz (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique); Solomon Encel (University of New South Wales); Henry Feingold (City University of New York); Martin Gilbert (Oxford University); Zvi Gitelman (University of Michigan); S. Julius Gould (University of Nottingham); Paula Hyman (Yale University); Lionel Kochan (University of Warwick); David Landes (Harvard University); Seymour Martin Lipset (George Mason University); Heinz-Dietrich Lwe (Albert-Ludwigs-University); Michael Meyer (Hebrew Union College Jewish Institute of Religion, Cincinnati); Alan Mintz (Brandeis University); Gerard Nahon (Centre Universitaire dâtudes Juives); F. Rapha«l (Universit des Sciences Humaines de Strasbourg); Jehuda Reinharz (Brandeis University); Monika Richarz (Germania Judaica, Klner Bibliothek zur Geschichte des deutschen Judentums); Ismar Schorsch (Jewish Theological Seminary of America); Michael Walzer (Institute for Advanced Study); Bernard Wasserstein (University of Glasgow); Ruth Wisse (Harvard University).

The shear influence Gould has over how the Jews see themselves and how they see global events shows itself in the diverse set of titles below :

Studies in Contemporary Jewry: Volume III: Jews and Other Ethnic Groups in a Multi-Ethnic World
Studies in Contemporary Jewry: Volume V: Israel: State and Society, 1948-1988
Studies in Contemporary Jewry: Volume VI: Art and Its Uses: The Visual Image and Modern Jewish Society
Studies in Contemporary Jewry: Volume XIII: The Fate of the European Jews, 1939-1945 Continuity or Contingency?
Studies in Contemporary Jewry: Volume X: Reshaping the Past Jewish History and Historians
Studies in Contemporary Jewry: Volume XI: Values, Interests, and Identity Jews and Politics in a Changing World  
Studies in Contemporary Jewry: Volume XII: Literary Strategies, Jewish Texts and Contexts
Studies in Contemporary Jewry: Volume XV: People of the City: Jews and the Urban Challenge  
Studies in Contemporary Jewry: Volume XVII: Who Owns Judaism? Public Religion and Private Faith in America and Israel
Studies in Contemporary Jewry: Volume XVIII : Jews and Violence, Images, Ideologies, Reality
Studies in Contemporary Jewry: Volume XXII: Sephardic Jewry and Mizrahi Jews (2007)
Studies in Contemporary Jewry: Volume XXIV: The Protestant-Jewish Conundrum Studies in Contemporary Jewry
Studies in Contemporary Jewry: Volume XXV: Ethnicity and Beyond:Theories and Dilemmas of Jewish Group Demarcation

Gould is also on the International Academic Advisory Board of the Sociological Institute for Community Studies Bar-Ilan University which is Sponsored by the Leon Tamman Foundation for Research into Jewish Communities. Also on this advisory board is Eileen Barker of the London School of Economics (LSE) along with Gould chum, Irving Louis Horowitz. Horowitz is also on the advisory board at Boston University Institute for the Advancement of the Social Sciences, along with two more LSE members, John Hutchinson and Anthony Smith. Source

Gould, Julius. Impugning Israel’s Legitimacy: Anti-Zionism and Antisemitism [Appeared in Survey of Jewish Affairs 2 (1985).] (178-194);Source

The Gould report is said to be the precedent by which the attack upon academic freedom is based, and as we can see from the works of this Samuel Julius Gould, the attack was on the freedom for academia to present facts and truth about Zionism and its manipulation of Israel, the Jews, the Evangelical Christianity, Vatican II, and not forgetting its stranglehold on perhaps the largest secret network globally today, Freemasonry.

The Gould Report
In 1977 Gould achieved brief notoriety in the British academic community as the author of a report for the intelligence connected Institute for the Study of Conflict alleging a Marxist penetration into British sociology.

Entitled The Attack on Higher Education: Marxist and Radical Penetration, the report was according to The Times the outcome of a study group, which began in November 1975 and continued at intervals into 1977. [2]

The group consisted of Gould and a number of other conservative academics, namely Caroline Cox, then director of the Nursing Education Research Unit, Chelsea College, London University; Antony Flew of Reading University; David Martin and Kenneth Minogue both of LSE, the American sociologist Edward Shils, and K. W. Watkins of Sheffield University. They were joined by the leading figures in ISC: Brian Crozier, Iain Hamilton and Michael Goodwin. The Conservative Education Spokesman Rhodes Boyson and John Vaizey (father of the British neo-con Ed Vaizey) were also consulted by the Group. [3]

Considering the ideological orientation of these individuals, The Observer commented that: The study group seems to believe with Professor Hayek and his disciple, Sir Keith Joseph, that true liberty is possible only in a capitalist, free market civilisation. [4]

The rhetoric of the report was strikingly similar to that used later in response to alleged extremists during the so called war on terror. The Times reported Gould’s view that: The radical minorities examined in the report often disagreed with each other, but they had a common distaste, bordering at times upon sheer hatred for the liberal, tolerant society in which they moved. [5]

The report stated, apparently without irony, that: groups and individuals in the fields of education and culture have shown by their theory and, more importantly, by their practice that they reject key notions long associated with the idea of an open, plural society: notions such as freedom of expression and association. [6]

The report was particularly critical of the Open University, which was running courses which offered a critical analysis of the role of education, [7] and had produced a text book called Schooling and Capitalism and another which it referred to as a Marxist reader. [8]

The Times published extracts of the report and referred in its Leader Column to, attacks on freedom of expression and inquiry in British universities and colleges. However, the paper also criticised the report as having an alarmist tone which goes beyond his evidence. [9] The Economist commented that: There is an odd slipperiness about [Gould’s] work, and adding that, A refutation of a Marxist analysis in his field of specialisation would have been more in keeping with the academic tradition Mr Gould wants to defend than this document. [10]

Gould was subsequently asked to appear before the professional ethics committee of the British Sociological Association for questioning the academic integrity of the Association’s other members. [11]

Robert Young, one of the academics targeted in the report, called it the closest British academic life got to a McCarthyite witch-hunt of radicals, [12] Young had written a piece on the ideological foundations of functionalist sociology which was published in the Cambridge journal Science or Society? In June 1971. According to Young, the study group member Edward Shils had sent a copy to Gould who subsequently attacked Young in his ICS report. According to Young, Shils was a member of the set of American conservative intellectuals who made up the Congress of Cultural Freedom, which published Encounter and various other periodicals, all financed by the CIA. [13]

Edward Shils’s Fellowship at King’s College was subsequently terminated, partly as a result of Young’s protest. Young claimed that Shils had made little contribution to the academic life of the college and used it as a base for CIA-related investigation of radicals. It was claimed on Shils behalf that he was of considerable help to graduate students, and I was able (in my capacity as Tutor for Graduate Students) to show that he had made himself remarkably unavailable to them. [14]

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