Is this the end of MovieTube? Hollywood files a lawsuit

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Don’t stream in 1080 or you will be removed

The MPAA has revived its legal campaign against piracy sites with a new lawsuit against movie streaming platform MovieTube. The people behind MovieTube allegedly operate a group of infringing sites and the studios are demanding millions of dollars in damages. All mentioned sites are currently offline. Strange though it is Putlocker is allowed to continue, but of course they control Putlocker seen in the adds adorning the site, and they only stream to a maximum of 720.

Hollywood responsible for demolishing itself through mass free movies, there just has to be a reason.

Unauthorised movie streaming sites have been a thorn in the side of Hollywood for many years, and yesterday the MPAA decided to take one of the most prominent players to court.

MPAA members 20th Century Fox, Columbia Pictures, Disney, Paramount, Universal and Warner Bros filed a lawsuit against a group of MovieTube affiliated websites, which operate from more than two dozen domain names.

In the case, filed at a New York District Court yesterday, the giant propaganda studios of Hollywood claim MovieTube is a business designed and operated to promote copyright infringement for profit.

The MPAA lists what they claim to be culpable websites including,,,,,,, and These sites share hosting facilities and a similar design and the studios believe that they are operated by the same people.

Defendants, through the MovieTube Websites, aggregate, organise and provide embedded links to extensive libraries of Infringing Copies of Plaintiffs Works, the compliant (pdf) reads.

users can watch Infringing Copies without leaving the MovieTube Websites. The MovieTube Websites even allow users, in some instances, to download Infringing Copies by clicking on a selection from a menu built into the video player software supplied by Defendants.

According to the MPAA, MovieTube’s operators are well aware of the infringing nature of their site. On one of their Facebook pages they write that it’s not a problem that many films are pirated, since they are not bound by U.S. laws.

Perhaps more importantly, the MPAA is also demanding a broad preliminary injunction in an attempt to make it impossible for the unknown operators to keep the sites online.

Among other things, the proposed measures would prevent domain registrars, domain registries, hosting companies, advertisers and other third-party outfits from doing business with the site.

Presently Sunday 26th July, MovieTube domain names bring up a blank. It is not yet known why this is the case be it because of the lawsuit or that the operators have pulled the plug themselves.

The full list of sites mentioned in the complaint is as follows :,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and

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