The Russian Collector of the Secret Service, Pandemic is a Lie, Psycho Info War and Special Operation in Progress

The Russian Collector of the Secret Service, Pandemic is a Lie, Psycho Info War and Special Operation in Progress







8 April 2020

An ingenious prominent analyst at the Russian Centre for Military-Strategic Research at the RF Army General Staff – Colonel Vladimir Kwachkov, analyses the world coronavirus-induced psychosis and presents more than shocking and shocking data — information.

His thesis is:
1. There is no pandemic, it is a lie.

2. Panic around coronaviruses should be viewed in light of the operation of global powers : religious, political, financial, economic and national.

3. The pandemic, which does not exist, is a global strategic special operation. It is a command-and-control exercise behind the scenes, with the goal of gaining full control of humanity. This is the background for the appearance of coronaviruses. The backstage world, especially the financial one, aims to reduce the population on earth. According to them, there are too many of us on the planet. There should be about one hundred million and more servants, a maximum of about one billion on earth.

That is why the emergence of the coronavirus and the economic crisis that follows it is inextricably linked.

Forcing people to stop moving around the world, to abolish political freedoms, by political means is virtually impossible. There are different constitutions and people are used to certain political rights and think that this will be forever. The first attempt to restrict people’s political rights was on September 11, 2001 … After that, a global fight against terrorism was announced. “

“Today, that same backstage world wants to go a step further in abolishing people’s political rights and that’s why a coronavirus was invented. Because today, about 300 people die from it daily in the whole world. At 7.5 billion people, that’s nothing. Of course, we are sorry for every human being. “

It is a command-and-control exercise of world financial, liberal behind the scenes — to abolish political rights, to intimidate people. That’s another task.

The first is to reduce the number of people on the planet.
The third task is financial. There is a financial bubble, an unrealistic, virtual economy, which now stands at one quadrillion and two hundred trillion dollars. That bubble should now be blown out. As a result, there will now be a “tightening of the belt” again, a downturn in the economy, etc.

In doing so, look, the Chinese have now publicly stated that the coronavirus was artificially created. This is scientifically proven. Of course, there are virus mutations, and they are random.

But when a virus has an RNA with a clearly cut off part of the genome, into which another gene is inserted, and so on three or four times, then it is obvious, as Chinese scientists have said, that it is an artificially created virus.

That’s about the virus in Wuhan. There were two variants there. And what was in Italy? Why is a virus more dangerous in Italy? In Italy every year from influenza, pneumonia, tuberculosis, hepatitis, etc., dying a hundred times over. But that is not mentioned, but rather it highlights political, psycho-information propaganda, the psycho-information special operation of the global media, which is now spreading horror.

This media propaganda should be treated as a spec operation of global command and control exercises.

And now they look: who obeys and who does not. China has taken drastic measures. Comrade Si went to Wuhan and started the order. He arranged the pro-Western opposition, which was in Wuhan. They were trying to use the coronavirus to gain some political and economic benefits. Si put them all in place and the virus is now practically ending in China.

In Europe it starts. We are now, as military intelligence officers, watching who and what works. China and Europe are two economic opponents of America. And that’s where they inserted that virus.

QUESTION – I What are your forecasts? What other countries can feel the pressure from coronaviruses?

Of course – Russia. Because Russia is not an economic competitor for America. Now the main forces behind the scenes are focused on the disorganisation of China and Western Europe. Russia is a target for them under point no. one — population reduction and clearing of territory. This is before us.

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