Badger cull, a shamanic attack on the ability for Britain to defend herself

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The Old Man of the Wood

The government with its on – off commencement of a Badger cull during summertimes over five years ago, presented figures in West Somerset and West Gloucestershire to the tune of some 5000 Badgers in a four year period would be culled, to combat they say, the rise of TB in cattle which they lay at the feet of the Badger.

In September 2018 the incorporated government stated the cull for this year could reach 41000 killed in five years.

Badgers are protected and so are the setts (burrows) they live in. Under the Protection of Badgers Act 1992, in England and Wales (the law is different in Scotland) it is an offence to:

Wilfully kill, injure or take a badger (or attempt to do so)
Cruelly ill-treat a badger
Dig for a badger
Intentionally or recklessly damage or destroy a badger sett, or obstruct access to it
Cause a dog to enter a badger sett
Disturb a badger when it is occupying a sett

Is it not strange that today, very few of our native bred cattle exist after the onslaught of culling through the mad cows disease, created in the forcing of Organophosphates on the backbone of cattle,[1]  and the vaccine created foot and mouth debacle, ergo, the cattle the government claim to be getting Tuberculosis from the Badger are of a different strain of genetics which replaced the native breeds.
They are creating these diseases to force purchase of their patented genetic herds. And if a virus the new breeds cannot cope well with is found, then they move to kill the threat to there’re profits.

It is no secret that big corporate genetically altered breeds of cattle are the way of the future, and for many it is held that the reason they induced such horrific diseases as mad cows and foot and mouth through the veterinary practices, forced by statute to be injected, positioned on the backbone, and ingested by the cattle earmarked for slaughter, was a move within the game called changing the genetic makeup of the cattle for a cash return in perpetuity.

This strategy has ensured the same private enterprise get a financial kickback for every cow bought and sold, in the same manner as genetically modified crops belong to Monsanto, a corporation that demand huge royalty payments from farmers not growing GM crops should their crops get contaminated from a neighbours crop of GM crops Monsanto do own patents for.

On that basis the replacement breeds of cattle appear more susceptible to TB than our original breeds, as such why would we then destroy a very important animal from the British countryside rather than replace the genetically altered and corporate patented breeds of cattle which are obviously not fit for purpose?

For the answer to our quest we must grasp the shamanic meaning and relationship to these Isles and its people offered by the Badger.

From the perspective of the Shamanic tradition the badger represents, assertion, very sharp teeth and the principle to never back down. The badger will fight for what it requires usually succeeding in that endeavour, or will die doing so.

The badger if crossed, will be the most difficult foe as they protect what they hold in their custody with a ferocity of the greatest warriors of history.

Like the Fox cull in the past, we lost the ability to act outside the ears and eyes of the corporate state, we failed to acknowledge the shamanic abilities of fox, of stealth and the ability to move without being seen, and today we exist under the cameras and microphones hidden throughout our communities and in our homes.

In cutting the energy of Fox at the right time, they removed the energy required to counteract these moves and today we live in a Hollywood movie for corporate intelligence.

In the move to kill off the Badger the same corporate state is ready to remove our ability to fight for our own rights and the country which sustains us, at least that was the case before the supermarkets took centre stage.

We also have to consider the fact through Agenda 21, it is the aim of the corporate empire to starve the populations, therefore in killing our wild animals will make less the ability for the people to feed themselves off the land when the costs of food rise way beyond the benefit payments.
License to genocide, what does the government serve?

What they term Pilot culls were delayed last year, they say, in the face of bad weather and the discovery that there were more badgers in the areas than previously estimated.

West Gloucestershire and west Somerset, will see the killing of 70% of Badgers in each area under the planned cull.

We gain insight to the fact it is the corporate state issuing such decrees from Environment Secretary Owen Paterson, when he said:

Natural England issued authorisation letters which confirmed culling could proceed this summer, as an important step towards taking the action needed to tackle the spread of TB in wildlife.

Upon such decrees the cull was authorised by the Government after final licence conditions were met, therefore it is clear, private organisations are the issuers of licenses not the constitutional realm..

Who are Natural England, are they a constitutional office of the realm or a do-gooder private charity pushing the agenda of the corporate Crown to entrap all life under commercial statutes?

Environment Secretary Owen Paterson went on to say :
Bovine TB is spreading at an alarming rate and causing real devastation to our beef and dairy industry. 

I am determined that there are no further delays this year. That is why we have taken the sensible step with the farming industry to elect a reserve area that can be called upon should anything happen to prevent culling in Somerset or Gloucester.

These pilot culls are just one part of our approach to control and eradicate this dreadful disease.

A third scheme is being prepared in Dorset as a reserve to prevent any further delays.
Around 5,000 badgers are expected to be killed across the two areas over a four-year period as part of the cull.

Paterson told farmers at the National Farmers Union conference in Birmingham that he was committed to making sure the pilots went ahead, and that tackling bovine TB had cost the taxpayer £500 million in the past 10 years, and costs could reach £1 billion over the next decade if the disease was left unchecked.

He said that research in the UK had shown that culling badgers, which can transmit TB to cattle, could reduce the levels of the disease in herds, and that Britain had to learn from experience elsewhere that tuberculosis could not effectively be curbed without tackling the problem in wildlife.

He said he wanted to see effective and affordable vaccines deployed for both cattle and badgers as quickly as possible but it was likely to take another decade before the deployment of a cattle vaccine which is validated and legal under EU regulations could take place.

Vaccines in cattle are then eaten by the populations, vaccines cost a lot of money and of course it is the private pharmaceutical corporations that get fatter off the sales of vaccines being forced under corporate statutes, with the government claiming falsely that a statute is law.

I do believe in culling the Fox in the past we have lost the energy that gave us our wits, so much so we have allowed the public realm of fiction to usurp the private constitutional realm, what will we lose with this shamanic cull?
Clearly we will lose our balls..
[1] Mark Purdey and Organophosphate (Film/Video, i-Contact, September 2001)Organic livestock farmer Mark Purdey was ordered in the 1980’s, along with all cattle and dairy farmers in the UK, to treat his cows with an organophosphate pesticide Phosmet manufactured by I.C.I.. Organophosphates are derived from military nerve gas and a systemic treatment (the chemical enters the entire internal system of the cow) would undermine his organic principles so Mark refused to treat.If Phosmet is proven to have caused BSE, the worldwide use of organophosphates (OPs) could be put into jeopardy, costing the chemical industry billions. The government know more than they’re letting on.

They’ve stuck to the scrapie theory to placate people and give the impression they’ve got it under control. Mark Purdey, Organic Dairy Farmer, Exmoor. If the government are found liable for BSE by enforcing organophosphate treatment the payout could break the economy. Tom King (Purdey’s MP) Leigh Day & Co are the legal firm Mark mentions with reference to the 1988 Camelford Water Disaster 30 minutes in:

Whoever the monkeys have been at the top of the tree, the Party line has stayed the same. Mad Cow Disease came about by feeding scrapie infected meat and bone meal to cows.

But one West Country farmer has a different theory. One that the authorities and the pesticide producers have gone to great to lengths to silence. Between the late 70’s and 1982 British farmers were forced by law to treat their cows for warble fly with a pour on organophosphate called phosmet  organophosphates are derived from nerve gas formulated by nazi chemists during World War II. Big business soon realised its profit potential and, post war, it was exclusively marketed as an agricultural pesticide by ICI, and later their cunningly renamed subdivision Zeneca.

Seeing how his own organically reared cows never developed BSE, but phosmet-treated cattle brought onto the farm did, Somerset dairy farmer Mark Purdey refused to treat his herd. In 1984 MAFF took him to the High Court, but lost. Before 1982 farmers could treat warbles with an organic ground-up root compound called Derris. This was outlawed, so they could sell more organophosphates, said Purdey.

Organophosphates, used to treat head-lice in school children, have been implicated as a potential cause of Gulf War Syndrome. Purdey managed to alleviate symptoms in a BSE infected cow by injecting oxime, an antidote to pesticide poisoning. The cure was never completed as MAFF turned up and destroyed the cow. Unconvinced by the accepted cause of BSE and CJD, Purdey set about studying how disease clusters reflected OP usage. He found Britain, the only country enforcing phosmet use, to have the highest rate of disease.

Ireland had some BSE, but OP use was voluntary, and given at a lower dose. Brittany (France) began to develop BSE following an enforced phosmet trial, and human new variant CJD was clustered in Kent’s Wield Valley, where hop and top fruit growth gets saturated with organophosphates. Agitated by Purdey’s discoveries, the pesticide industry hit back. The dubiously named National Office of Animal Health (NOAH), a lobby group representing the UK animal medicine industry, whose membership reads like a Downing St dinner party invite list of extremely dodgy chemical interests including Bayer, Monsanto, Novartis, Pfizer, Roche, Schering-Plough etc published documents discrediting Purdey’s work. NOAH produced an independent expert, Dr David Ray, for the BSE Inquiry, who turned out to be receiving funding from Zeneca for his Medical Research Council toxicology unit.

I don’t think this affected my judgement, Ray told SchNEWS. You may not believe it, but I didn’t realise Zeneca produced phosmet at the time. Hmmm. In March 1996 one week before the UK government admitted to a link between BSE and new variant CJD Zeneca sold the phosmet patent to a PO Box company in the Arizona desert. As Ray said: Zeneca are not keen to be sued.

For a more in depth view of this story and the full dirt on David Ray and the intellectual corruption that’s rife in the research and licensing of veterinary medicines see
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