Rulers of Evil, Frederick Tupper Saussy

Rulers of Evil, Frederick Tupper  Saussy











19 August 2021

The survivors were exiled. Some established in England, others in Prussia. Some came to America, as your people obviously did.” “Jesuits.” Now that was a familiar word. In Tampa, my home-town, there was a high school named Jesuit. Jesuit High was great-ly esteemed academically and athletically. I was aware of a connection between the Jesuits and the Roman Catholic Church, but little else. “What are Jesuits?” I asked. “Oh, the Jesuits are members of the Society of Jesus,” he replied. “excellent men. Intellectuals. They work exclusively for the Pope, take an oath to him and him alone. Some people call them the Pope’s private militia. Kind of a swordless army. Contro-versial. They’ve gotten into trouble meddling with civil governments in the past, trying to bring them under the Pope’s dominion, you know, but in this century they’ve been tamed down consider-ably. They’re wonderful educators.” That night I called my father, who answered Dr. Berkeley’s sur-mise. Yes, our people were Huguenots. They arrived at Savannah harbour in the latter half of the eighteenth century, after a stopover of several generations in Scotland. They had indeed been run out of their beloved country, the same way the Jews were run out of Germany. Nazis chased the Jews, Jesuits chased us.

Bernstein noted that the leading American players behind the Reagan/Vatican conspiracy, to a man, were “devout Roman Catholics” – namely,
William Casey Director, CIA
Richard Allen National Security Advisor
Judge William Clark National Security Advisor
Alexander Haig Secretary of State
Vernon Walters Ambassador-at-Large
William Wilson Ambassador to the Vatican State
But the reporter neglected to mention that the entire Senate Foreign Relations committee was governed by Roman Catholics, as well. Specifically, Senators
Joseph Biden Subcommittee on European Affairs
Paul Sarbanes International Economic Policy, Trade, Oceans, and Environment
Daniel P. Moynihan Near Eastern and South Asian Affairs
John Kerry Terrorism, Narcotics, and Interna-tional Communications 
Christopher Dodd Western Hemisphere and Peace Corps Affair

[Excerpts from the book, Rulers of Evil.]

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