Club of Rome : Planetary Emergency Plan. Another New Deal

Club of Rome : Planetary Emergency Plan. Another New Deal











5 August 2022
1933 – Hitler entered power on a new deal in Germany. In the United States Roosevelt pulled in his new deal also. Do I need to explain further?

1997 enter Gordon Brown and Tony Blair again with a new deal for you the public.

Well, they have been very busy at it again with another New deal coming out of the Club of Rome in partnership with The Potsdam Institute For Climate Impact Research.

Much of the following information was set to be installed in 2020 while you were all locked up and terrified. I believe no better method of diverting your attention, while the infants conspired to enable the same control of the grown ups, could have been better dreamed and implemented as the following command legislation for military occupation presents.

With the hindsight we now have relating to the new deals of the past, should we be concerned?




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