Saturday, December 10, 2005

Pray - CORNWALL County - Prayer Requests


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Dearest Ian (Intercessors UK)

Cornwall & Devon calling you, that rowdy peasant crowd, down yonder!!!

Thank you for this. I have just spoken to Brian Gerrish our Devon man, and I know he spoke to Jerry in California the other night, and he's just said he's going to call you. Brian and I have just spoken about Devon, and he emailed me something earlier, and this was before I read your email.

This is what Brian said in his email to me earlier: That sounds good to me. It is amazing that all the proclamations point to the seat of the dark power in Cornwall. I wonder whether it could in fact be Plymouth as the major City on the Cornish border. I have also passed my telephone number to Jonathan so we will see what happens b

Ian, this makes me think. I did a little work at the Western Morning News newspaper in Plymouth, and the farming editor was chuntering on about the Cornish. He said the Cornish are ruled by the Masons (Freemasons). I read an article about the Devon flag, and the gist of it was the Devon people wanted a flag like the Cornish. I said to Brian this morning, don't you think this is a 'brotherly' rivalry thing going on, you know like Arab and Jew, and all that kind of stuff!!! I said to Brian God 'broke' Jacob, is it Genesis 22 where he wrestled with the Lord? But look at how Jacob's brother reacted to him the next day, instead of hating him, he felt mercy and compassion for him. The hatred had dissolved. Anyway Ian I believe Brian Gerrish can furnish you with vital information regarding Devon. You're still praying for Cornwall, and I would break this unholy media thing going on with the Truro Cathedral, Bishop Bill and the Vicar Christine at the Church in Boscastle. They are the ones who spearheaded all this nudist calendar stuff to raise funds for the Church, and it went on national TV, and my goodness whatever view are the nation having of the 'Church' in Cornwall? I pray the Father will destroy this work of promoting nudist calendars in the Cornish Church, and I pray that such offences be judged, and the true Church of Cornwall will arise. I believe that 'threshing floor' is at the Redruth Baptist, under the leadership of the godly pastor Andrew Chapel, and if ever there was a true prayer leader for Cornwall, it is this man, not me, for surely I bow my knee to this godly man, who is my apostle Paul, my Pastor David Wilkerson in Cornwall. Your servant in Christ, Jackie Holden, St Ives, Cornwall. Details for Andrew Chapel (Pastor of Redruth Baptist Chapel) Tel: 01209 218561

Dear All,
I'm attaching herewith the final draft of the Devon document, one in PDF format, and a copy in RTF format if you can't read PDF.
It needs to be emailed to Jerry Bowers in the States tonight.
Please could you look over it and if you'd like to suggest anything please do so very soon!
Any insight would be greatly appreciated. If you have any ideas of the Characteristics of the local people or the Redemptive gift, that would be helpful.
I check my email regularly throughout the day.

Many blessings on you all,
Ian Nesbitt
tel: 07910-398256

Intercessors UK

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