United States to start funding human animal hybrids, the chimera









The National Institutes of Health has announced it proposes to remove the ban on funding for animal-human chimeras which since September 2015, saw them refusing to fund experiments in which human stem cells were added to animal embryos. 

The new rules would shorten the period at which human stem cells can be added to animal embryos. It would not be possible to add them during the period when the central nervous system is forming, to avoid creating a chimera with a human, or mostly human brain. Breeding animals which contain human tissue would be banned to prevent the remote possibility of a human embryo growing in an animal womb or the birth of a chimera which is more human than its parents.

After September 4 the NIH will draft its final policy and hopefully lift the funding moratorium by late January.

An article in MIT’s Technology Review earlier this year described some of the experiments which were being done with funding from the US Army and from the California Institute of Regenerative Medicine.

The NIH has asked for public comment on the proposed changes to its guidelines.

I would suggest a little bit of research into what lobbyists have tweaked the minds of the mad professors given such an important issue as creating the Minotaur and the entire raft of Greek legends back onto the earth, after all the last time they loosed such genetic manipulations brought upon the world the great flood. Tut tut….

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