The real game in Syria

The real game in Syria









Syria is a majority Shiite nation having as its main ally Iran, which is also a nation of Shiite Muslims.

Both nations are allied with Russia and to some degree China, I say that because in reality China is a construct of global banking and the reason all formerly western industry and manufacturing has been moved under its umbrella, paid for I might add by western taxpayers. The intent of the banking elite is to fill the ranks of a future United Nations world army with manpower from China.

Moving against the Shiite for reasons such as, Iranian women being able run for president while Saudi women cannot even drive a car, we have three Sunni Islamic nations : Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey, each predominantly Sunni. Today Turkey has voted almost absolute power to it’s leading party and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, a half in half out member of NATO but with this vote will become the largest Islamic State entity, that borders Europe.

There are religious differences also.

We have to include the planned expansion of the state of Israel as the main thrust of the geopolitical strategy in the Middle East, which ultimately intends to destroy the power held in the region by Iran, today the largest player in the region after the destruction of Iraq. But from a domestic standpoint, Israel uses one-third of its water supply from the Syrian held Golan Heights. It can be said that the Zionist’s are using the Sunni as the means to this effect, having almost secured the eventual western position change against the Saudi coalition of Sunni factions, with the mass immigration of Sunni radicals across Europe, but not before using the terror threat to give rise to the far right of politics in the West. 

United States Missile Strike

Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa have issued a joint BRICS statement condemning the recent military action in Syria by the Trump administration which has not been authorised by the United Nations. The statement also calls for respect of international law, territorial integrity and sovereignty.

The supposed chemical attack in Syria happened days after the Trump administration reversed its demand for regime change and as leaders moved to meet in Brussels to discuss the rebuilding of Syria, one could say the European meet was initiated as a direct result of the chaos rampaging through Europe from Islamic radicals making up a large portion of refugees, including mass rapes riot and looting. Clearly stopping this meeting benefited a lot of interconnecting agendas.

This must be taken into consideration when investigating the real culprits for the dubious chemical attack because the Brussels meeting and the US decision would have benefited the Syrian regime and Assad, as it would have taken the heat off Russia as Syria’s strongest ally.

The real game in SyriaThe red line from which Trump took his marker for action was set by Barack Obama in 2013 when it was agreed that any chemical use in Syria called for intervention. This pretty much opened the door for vested interests to use chemicals to force the hand of the political arena. This has raised questions as to whether Trump was given doctored intelligence, but after watching the event in hindsight, the whole event has the hallmarks of a fake event staged for the global media. No gloves is perhaps the biggest revelation. This is what sarin does to humans :

There is however a counter-narrative that the Syrian strike was conventional and struck a weapons cache that the rebels must have been storing chemical weapons. This information has and continues to be ignored completely and when it does surface is classed as conspiracy theory, despite it being both Russia and Syria’s official suggestion as cause, if indeed chemicals have been used. 

If we go back to 2012 and the creation of the White Helmets we find they were the Syrian Civil Defence but have no ties whatever to the Syrian regime. This would suggest that they are a creation out of the foreign aid and education budgets from around 2006, but once known to be called the white helmets funding came directly through USAID, as part of the Arab Spring operations to form rebel Muslim Brotherhood style Sunni Jihadi factions, to ferment opposition to the Syrian government, a game played in Libya and in Yemen with disastrous consequences. The strongholds in which the white helmets are most prevalent, are found entirely within Rebel held territories and act as the first response units to action to protect the enclaves, they are also known to have very strong ties to Al Quada. Ranking members are also members of many Jihadi groups including the Salafi.

As a percentage the government is irresponsible for around 18 million people in Syria as opposed to around 3 million claimed by the rebels, Assad and his administration are the legitimate government fighting terrorists, yet western media present the opposite narrative to keep within the neo cons geopolitical strategy. Only when events in Syria such as Russia attacking the rebels, is the Al Quada connection brought into the public arena, this creates a major problem for the secret society controlled mainstream media. To cover this the media goes all out to focus attention on Russia and her allies to divert attention. In the latest round they have used the North Korean celebratory occasion to twist what was a domestic anniversary into a contrived threat to global peace, and true to form North Korea are happy to play up to the glare of the global eyes and act accordingly.

One is stretched not to see a theatrical type show playing out through the media, without any supporting evidence other than twisted rhetoric, but perhaps the more worrying aspect to todays politics seen in the Syrian missile attack by the United States, shows that upon sinister and suspect claims, politicians appear to be making dictatorial decisions and carrying out military strikes. Politics based on assumptions is a dangerous game indeed, yet fits very nicely into the corporate legal framework which exists solely upon assumptions and presumptions. The empire appears to be faltering in the continued claim that they offer authority to the rule of law when what is clear from this current wave of political rhetoric and action, is they are acting according to the rule of banking legislation.

The real game in SyriaThe initial plan for regime change was thwarted by Assad who met the rebel factions with brutal force, this forced the Obama administration to up the propaganda, it also prompted an expansion in the funding available to the rebel forces, with the UK Foreign Office giving 50 million, and UK media companies giving cash for the funding of Radio Fresh. The U.S. awarded cash for cameras so the white helmets could film the aftermath of attacks and bombings carried out by the government, the images then blasted across western media. The whole script is an Arab and NATO backed incursion into a sovereign state, supporting the antagonisers, militarily, politically, with finance and with hi tech equipment to film the blood and gore. The rebels are creating their own biography.


Through Qatar is being structured in Idlib, a sort of Al Quada civil system based in the logic of the Taliban, and overseen by British mercenary James le Mesurier, operated through a Washington company with the aid arriving through Turkey. Some journalists are becoming alarmed at what looks like a re-grouping under a new and even more fanatical expression of Islam in rebel held territories, especially in Idlib, suggesting this new creed could spread across the entire Sunni Islamic secret society networks, filtering down into western Muslim communities. This would be the catalyst to move Muslims from the passive Jihad to that of the House of War. More

We must also consider the trafficking routes from Afghanistan


For military application the most proficient hardware used by the rebels has been Raytheon’s supply of BGM-71 TOW Missiles from 2011, which has given the teeth to the arm of the rebels. The rise in Raytheon’s profits and share price from 2011 reflects that payments have been made for this hardware.  The rebels have always sought to capture areas with natural wealth, enabling payment for weapons in the capture of oil production. Turkey has been the facilitator to the financial exchange for these deals. Prolonging the war is a very profitable arrangement not only in relation to the weapons sales but also in the expanded budget for the militaries, Raytheon also supply cruise missiles.

Trumps administration is now a fully fledged Goldman Sachs outfit and has been joined by many blood and guts Generals, each in full support of the intervention protocol. China looks to be onboard, perhaps seeing the kickback if they are to supply troops for the United Nations, the UN having already achieved NATO forces by proxy, or perhaps that should be the other way round. It could of course be because Melania’s father Viktor Knavs registered as a communist. Either way Trump has secured the largest Communist nation to silence over his Syrian intervention.

The situation today leaves Russia out in the cold as a staunch ally of both Syria and Iran, the two countries in the sites of the globalist agenda for destruction, and as we have witnessed over this Easter period, Russia gets dragged into any and every adventure carried out by US intelligence as a cover for their own operations, at least for consumption by the western masses.

The Libya catastrophe after being looted by the French arm of the combine saw huge quantities of weapons taken by the U.S, flood North Africa through Turkey, and again adding to the refugee crisis and creating more rebels for the Islamic cause. In Syria the rebels are installing the same system seen in Afghanistan under the Taliban, an ideology that is spreading as the vision of the Caliphate, which is a mirror of the Saudi regime.

If this ideology spreads into Europe, the consequences will be dire, especially so given the financial position of many European countries today, and, with countries dealing with the political turmoil in the aftermath of the BREXIT vote. If this new creed goes live, it may well change the heart of the moderate Muslim. As the far right rises, we can feel echoes of the 1930s rhetoric, same game but with very different faces.

George Orwell explained in the classic book Nineteen Eighty Four, it will be perpetual war in the new world order, what is being formed in the Middle East looks more and more like the road to that prophecy.

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