Malaysian flight MH17, the official story is a fantasy, will flight KGL9268 to St Petersburg follow suit?

Russian Plane Crash








With the recent Russian plane crash Flight KGL9268 to St Petersburg over Egypt it is imperative we understand the way in which such events are used for precision propaganda by military intelligence on all sides, to satisfy the aims as the basking cabal move to ignite a Third World War.

It is clear Moscow is playing down an Islamic State-linked group’s claim that it downed a Russian passenger jet in Egypt’s Sinai peninsula.

The Airbus A321 crashed into a mountainous area shortly after losing radar contact near cruising altitude, with all 224 passengers and crew dead.

A statement attributed to the Wilayat Sinai (Sinai Province) group said :

“The fighters of the Islamic State were able to down a Russian plane over Sinai province that was carrying over 220 Russian crusaders. They were all killed, thanks be to God.”

The statement was circulated on Twitter and also posted on the Aamaq website, which acts as a semi-official news agency for IS.

With so many ‘apparent’ differing camps involved in this catastrophe, we must watch to see how this outrage serves the path to war.

The shoot down of Flight MH17 was a false flag operation 
By Herbert Dorsey 

Now that the evidence has been looked at, it appears that the official western news about Flight being shot down by a BUK missile by the Pro Russian forces in is pure fabricated propaganda.

There is zero evidence, from satellite data, cellphone pictures, electronic telemetry , etc., that a BUK surface to air missile was fired on July 17, in that area. With all the cell phone pictures of that war zone being taken by numerous people, the rocket smoke plume from a BUK missile, which would be visible over a thirty mile radius, would be an unmistakable photo op but none ever turned up. The US had a Keyhole spy satellite over the area at the time of the shoot down but has provided no validated evidence that a BUK missile was launched. The Russians have provided all their Electronic Intelligence with verified time stamps of that area and time. They have shown that there was an unusual amount of radar activity in that area and time. BUK missile launchers require radar to fix on the target. But no electronic data indicating an actual BUK missile launch was discovered.

The evidence on the ground indicates that the plane was blown up from inside rather that outside the plane, as the wreckage is scattered over a large area of land. Some have theorised that a bomb was placed onboard the plane. The interesting thing is that the cockpit wreckage indicates that the cockpit area appears to have been strafed by 30 mm machine gun fire.

A number of eyewitnesses on the ground say that they saw a fighter jet trailing the airliner. An air controller who was from Spain saw the fighter jet following the Malaysian Flight MH17 on the radar for 3 minutes before MH17 disappeared from the radar scope. He stated, in his tweets, 5 minutes after flight MH17 disappeared from the radar scope, Kiev intelligence officers took over control of the tower, confiscated the radar tape recordings and replaced all the workers at the tower. That Spanish air controller is now in hiding, fearing for his life, while his tweets have been erased from the internet. Luckily, they were saved by some colleagues before they were erased and translated from Spanish into English.

Meanwhile, in a coordinated effort, US and UK officials and the Main Stream Media started on a program of slander against Putin, claiming that somehow he was responsible for the shoot down. Later some evidence was presented by the official news media which was quickly discredited as clumsy forgeries of data. Audio tapes of Pro Russian separatists shooting down the plane turned out to have been several spliced together conversations that occurred the day before MH17 was shot down. Videos of BUK missile launchers supposedly being smuggled back into Russia had a sign in the background which proved that it was far from the Russian border and in Ukrainian forces control.

While the separatist’s forces cooperated in allowing inspectors to examine the wreckage and collect the bodies, the Kiev government originally stated that they would stop fighting within 40 miles of the crash area so that observers would be safe from military collateral damage. However they quickly broke their promise and made increased military efforts to take control of the crash site away from the separatists, increasing the difficulty for inspectors at the crash site. Why would they do this?

So whose fighter plane was trailing flight MH17? It turns out that it was a Ukrainian SU-25, which can be armed with 30 mm machine guns and anti-tank rockets or air to air rockets. Evidence indicates that the fighter jet concentrated its fire on the cockpit area of the plane and likely fired an anti-tank rocket into the cockpit. An anti-tank rocket exploding inside the pressurised interior of the passenger plane would have easily scattered the wreckage over the large area that it was found. A BUK surface to air missile would have caused a far different wreckage pattern on the ground and a different kind of shrapnel damage to the fuselage.

It is pretty clear that the US and UK were colluding with Ukraine in this false flag operation since the primary news media in both countries immediately pumped out an unprecedented amount of anti-Russian yellow journalism, that had to be prepared before the event even occurred, blaming the separatists and Putin.

These media managers must think people have short memories. The same sort of lies by government officials in unison with news media were used after 9/11 to justify invading Afghanistan. Prior to the Iraq invasion we were told about the nonexistent weapons of mass destruction¬Ě. Then, they were the chemical weapons supposedly used by Assad that turned out to have been actually used by the anti-Assad rebels and supplied by Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia that was going to be used as an excuse for the US to attack Syria. The same corporations that control our government also control the news media and that is why they work together while feeding us these lies.

So who benefits from shooting down a passenger airliner? Whoever would do such a criminal and dastardly deed would immediately become a terrible villain in the world’s eyes. All of this falsified propaganda was used to justify further economic sanctions against Russia and to render NATO support for the Ukrainian forces, which were doing poorly at the time against the pro Russian forces. So, it becomes fairly obvious who benefited. It certainly was not Russia or the separatists.

To further make a point, it has been the Ukrainian forces that have been committing war crimes against the civilians of East Ukraine by bombing homes, residential buildings, hospitals, and public buildings. They have caused a humanitarian disaster in that region with half a million refugees fleeing into Russia. These people committed the terrible crime of voting (by over a 90% margin) to separate themselves from what they considered an illegitimate government in Kiev and create their own government.

Kiev is not allowing them to live in peace, is branding them terrorists and is militarily trying to force them back into the Kiev government with their hypocritical anti-terrorist operation.¬Ě It is pretty obvious to the informed who the real terrorists are. So, we see that for the Kiev government to shoot down a commercial airliner would be quite in character for them. And it is obvious to those following the events in Ukraine that the US placed the present government in power and is backing them to the hilt. The Vice president’s son is on the board of directors of a Ukrainian gas company.

The attempt to blame Russia for the events in the Ukraine just doesn’t hold water. In Crimea, the Russians were leasing a military base there. The lease allowed them to have up to 25,000 military troops there. At no time did Russia do anything illegal. The people of Crimea felt the same way about the illegitimate government in Kiev and voted by over 90% to separate from Kiev and join Russia. There was no invasion of Crimea by Russia and not a life was lost in this totally legal event, despite what the western powers might claim.

When the separatist in Donbas were preparing their initiative to vote on a separate government, Putin tried to talk them out of it because he was already getting so much flak from the West over Crimea. When they voted to separate anyway, Russia would not allow them to join Russia, basically abandoning the separatists to fend for themselves. I think that Russia made a bad mistake with that decision because of all the bloodshed that has followed. When the Kiev government claims that Russia is helping the separatists, Russia replies show us the proof, we are not helping the separatists. UN officials have stated that there is no evidence that Russia is arming the separatists. In fact, Putin has been bending over backwards to find a diplomatic way of stopping the violence in East Ukraine.

So again, the anti-Russian propaganda by the western media is totally unbelievable to informed people and predictably will backfire on them when the whole truth comes out.

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