The first high-resolution image of Pluto’s surface

plutosurface 2


NASA just released the first frame of the high-resolution scans of Pluto after the successful flyby of the New Horizons spacecraft of Pluto yesterday.The new image is said to represent around one percent of Pluto’s surface. More scans will be released on Friday.

The high-resolution image of Pluto’s surface shows us a fraction of the lower left portion of yesterday’s image. John Spencer, a New Horizons science team member, said that the team has yet to find an impact crater in any of the scans, which means Pluto is very young relative to the rest of the solar system. Spencer also said that the mountains seen in the image stretch to over 11,000 feet (about 3,350 meters) high, and are likely made of a type of water-ice bedrock.

NASA will spend the next 16 months analysing that data, releasing both images and scientific observations along the way. This image ” and the images of the moons Charon and Hydra  is just the beginning.

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