Smart meters and the smart network, a dangerous game

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Smart Meters do not in any way at all save energy, they do not reduce energy consumption.

In creating a seriously high radiation field the meter itself uses more energy than the old analogue meters.

The meters communicate with all other smart meters in the area, they also communicate with all other smart devices in the radiation field.

As smart meters are fitted to more and more properties, like the wi-fi, they create their own radiation field to huge proportions.

Smart meters and the smart network, a dangerous game
Smart meter and a Cedar tree











The radiation field can affect the genetic formation in humans and the creation of proteins, leading to new cells becoming deformed and replicated. This can cause cancers and tumours.

Studies show not everyone is sensitive to microwave radiation but when it comes to children, all are at risk as the body and its systems are still growing.

When studying the data presented by the industry itself about the technology they use spin to cover the fact radiation given off by smart devices is linked to cancer.


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