Moves in the U.S. to stop forced human microchipping

Moves in the U.S. to stop forced human microchipping










With over 10.000 do it yourself human microchip implants sold in Australia since June 2016 with Belgium and Sweden insisting employees are chipped for security, human microchip implants are on the rise as a corporate agenda.

Who owns the chips, who holds the databanks, how easy are they to clone?

The list of negatives with this agenda are well documented in the alternative media, a chip with a 16 digit identity tag holding medical and financial information about you, a chip that will be scanned if you wish to exist within the global corporate system for all purchases and services you require, it will track your every move just like your smart phone does today.

As an implant of course there is no switching it off by you, so unlike the smart phone, which you can leave at home and be free from the global technocratic web at your choice, once the implant is inserted into your body you are in the big brother house.

Connected to the world wide web which the microchip will require, the masters of the system can switch your chip off at will, they can remove any debt they claim you owe from your chip they can scam you at their convenience or just switch it off completely. You eat no more by your own self reliance.


State Sen. Becky Harris said a bill to prohibit forced microchipping of people is not as far-fetched as it might seem, because it happens in some places around the world.

Senate Bill 109 would make it a Class C felony to require someone to be implanted with a radio frequency identifier, such as microchips placed in pets.

The idea for the bill came from a constituent, the Las Vegas Republican said.

“As I began to look into the issue, I was surprised with the merit that I believe the issue warrants,” Harris told the Senate Judiciary Committee on Monday.

She said sales of radio frequency identifiers are escalating around the world.

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