Lee Smolin and Jeffrey Epstein

Lee Smolin and Jeffrey Epstein








24 November 2021

Lee Smolin, Friend of Jeffrey Epstein and another Harvard subversive pushing the pandemic pseudo science, received a Phd in theoretical physics back in 1979 from the same, is big on vaccinating everyone in the world using bluetooth and all things tech to ensure this program is fulfilled….

In a statement coming out of Medrxiv, a website claiming to be an internet site publishing unpublished e-prints we find the following statement from a team including Lee Smolin :  

“Here we show that the technology underlying Bluetooth exposure notification applications, such as used for digital contact tracing, can be leveraged to prioritise vaccination based on individual contact data. Our approach is based on the insight that these apps also act as local sensing devices measuring each user’s total exposure time to other users, thereby enabling the implementation of a previously impossible strategy that prioritises potential super spreaders. Furthermore, by generalising percolation theory and introducing a novel measure of vaccination efficiency, we demonstrate that this “hot-spotting” strategy can achieve herd immunity with up to half as many vaccines as a non targeted strategy, and is attractive even for relatively low rates of app usage….”


The members of the team include :
Mark Penney
Yijit Yargic
Lee Smolin
Edward Thommes
Madhur Anand
Chris Bauch


Lee Smolin and Jeffrey Epstein

From an article way back in 2009, titled Why Lee Smolin is Deceiving You, we find the following :

“Every competent high-energy physicist who knows Lee Smolin may confirm that Smolin is the ultimate symbol of the complete absence of the scientific integrity and, indeed, the very basic human ethical values. “David Gross discusses some experience with a double-faced Lee Smolin – concerning AdS/CFT and background independence – in their discussion with journalist George Johnson. It was the very first public video from which the laymen could learn that the top physicists consider Lee Smolin to be a (now I quote George Johnson) “crackpot” – a fact that would be completely hidden if the information only depended on the journalists.

“But what Smolin is doing is brutally influencing the laymen, including those who are behind various funding agencies and similar bodies. I urge everyone who has some responsibility for these matters to go after Smolin’s neck.”

Smolin was supported by The Jeffrey Epstein VI Foundation which in turn supports the likes of:

Stephen Hawkins
Martin Nowak
Gregory Benford
Seth Lloyd
Lawrence Krauss
A.I. scientist Marvin Minsky 
Nobel Laureates Gerald’t Hooft
David Gross
Fred Wilczek.


“Hot-spotting” … A mantra pushed by Lee Smolin has been picked up by governments around the world. 


Lee Smolin and Jeffrey Epstein









Having watched the film Venom I was inclined to see a clear move to have one accept possession of ones life by an entity, with part 2 furthering the acceptance and trust. One can only wonder why Lee Smolin would be transfixed to such a script presented on a now non existent Twitter account. Here is a screen shot acquired earlier :


Lee Smolin and Jeffrey Epstein












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