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In UK TV media circles Carlton has been expanding their grip on television to censor output in order the television promotes only the corporate line. The takeover of ITV saw a total removal of the Granada team who from the outset of the Blairite propaganda, saw many members react courageously in opposition to the new raft of broadcasting etiquette specific to how the news is delivered. Many times one witnessed presenters expressing their own opinions, either outright or through bemused expressions to what they read on the autoque. Such intimate and personnel relationships with the public from the media personalities just had to go.

As part of this agenda of media censorship, and perhaps a glimpse into the end game of the corporate empire, they have used a robot for the first time to present the weather to the populations in China.

“I’m happy to start my new work on the winter solstice,” robot XiaoIce said during her debut on 22 December in the morning broadcast.

A Chinese news channel has employed an artificial intelligence robot as a weather reporter on its live breakfast show, raising concerns among the country’s journalists as they foresee a threat their jobs.

More worryingly for local Chinese reporters, the threat to their careers may dwarf the one faced by their peers in other countries like US where robots are employed to write the news, because China has only state controlled media.

Chinese Reporter based in Guangzhou was quoted by the Hong Kong-based South China Morning Post in September, quote :

“You know, many reporters working for government-run newspapers across the country usually copy and paste the statements and news press. They are not allowed to express doubt or really investigate reports against the authorities,” so robot reporters could easily replace a lot of Chinese reporters like this nationwide,” the Reporter said.

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