The real story in the Gulf States, Wahhabist Suni’s V Iran

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Nothing of the real political scene in the Gulf states of Saudi Arabia which has pitted the Suni against Shia, is ever presented in a manner that can be understood by the general populations through the corporate media channels.

The public are deliberately left in a state of hypnosis so that politicians and think tanks can take full advantage of the hypnotic state, and peddle whatever garbage they can get away with to secure a paralysis in any moves against the agenda of the day.

The religio-political stage upon which the divide between the Suni and Shia is currently being dragged to war, is all about oil, or more correctly it is about the land in which some 80% of Saudi oil is sourced.

The land in question is Al Sharqiyya and is found in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia which is run by a Suni monarchy. The population of the area is around the 4 million people, the overwhelming majority of which are Shiites.

The heart of the action is the provincial capital Al Qatif, and this is where the story brings some sort of twisted sense to the recent murder of the Shi’ite cleric Nimr al-Nimr, he was born here.

In carrying out this murder the fear for the Saudi Wahhabist Suni’s is that the population of Al Qatif will secede to Iran, which is the largest Shi’ite nation, thus handing over 80% of the Arabian oil to Iran through the possible changes that may occur in Bahrain.

The strategic importance of neighbouring Bahrain, comes in the fact, all the lands from Basra in southern Iraq to the peninsula of Musandam, in Oman, both traditional trade posts between Europe and India, were known as Bahrain (between two seas).

Tehran it is feared by the saudis, could move to use Bahrain to infiltrate Al Sharqiyya, through the use of home grown rebels (such as seen in Libya and Syria) and remove 80% of the oil sourcing from the control currently had by Riyadh, creating a new Bahrain allied with Iran and the Shia.

To achieve such a revolutionary position would as in Libya and Syria, require the arming of a rebel revolution to takeover Al Sharqiyya. But the fact is not even Nimr al-Nimr was in favour of a secession of Al Sharqiyya to the iranian regime. 

With this state of play we can better understand why the neo-cons in the US and Israel moved to attack Iraq, to secure control in Al Qatif, more than that, the links to Wahhabism and the Zionists present a ‘tepicture of a strategy to divide Islam to secure the land and oil for those ultimately controlling the Zionist dream, meanwhile the global media focus on the secondary and parallel operation, which is to export demented Wahhabi/Salafi-jihadism from MENA (Middle East-Northern Africa) to Europe and from the Caucasus to East Asia.

This move has one intent, to secure the civil unrest required to shut down nations under martial law, as they swiftly plan terror attacks in other major cities and can now blame the mass movement of MENA immigrants.

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