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Not unlike Christianity which began as an institution under the Catholic doctrine, Islam has removed itself from the original text and ignored the rules and warnings given by their prophet. In so doing like the Vatican which today operates under the Second Vatican Council or Vatican II, Islam has removed itself from the Laws of Moses.

With the Reformation of the Catholic doctrine, hitherto Christian nations moved to imperial empire and all that goes with it, Britain as the main aim of the reformers became the pinnacle of empire after the 1066 invasion by the Carolingian warlords who had reversed the Benedictine doctrine from 909 AD, enabling the ownership of land and property by Bishop and Cardinal. This expressed itself in the medieval feudalism of the Middle Ages. The final reform of doctrine in Britain came in the destruction brought by the Civil War in the 17th century when usury was abolished after the death of the king.
The empire moved from Hamburg-Holland to London.

Islam is no different in this regard with a reform in choice of Imam which originally held that only those from the bloodline of Mohammed could be Imam.

Shia Muslims also feel animosity towards some of the companions of the Prophet Muhammad, based on their positions and actions during the early years of discord about leadership in the community. Companions such as Abu Bakr the warlord and Umar ibn Al Khattab the warlord, titles by which definition show they are perceived to belong to the House of War. When it comes to the former it is also because of the fact Mohamed consummated his marriage to Aisha, the daughter of Abu Bakr when she was only nine years old. This comes from those who have narrated traditions about the Prophet’s life and spiritual practice.

Shia Muslims reject these traditions which the Sunni call the hadith as not conducive to Islam being a religion of peace, when the two men above made war upon their neighbours, as such they do not base any of their religious practices on the testimony of these individuals. This naturally gives rise to some differences in religious practice between the two groups. These differences touch all detailed aspects of religious life, prayer, fasting, pilgrimage, etc.

In that sense from the perspective of the Shia after the death of Mohamed, his work was hijacked by warlords and men of politics and trade in the first three minutes of the prophets death, as such took precedence over that of the spiritual and peaceful edicts of the prophet.

Today the original doctrine of peace in Islam has been helped along the way in the fact the Shia have continued the original doctrinal edict that only bloodline of the prophet can be Imam, but the reformed Islam, the Sunni, today under the umbrella of the Saudi’s Wahhabism, are moving to destroy the Shia in Syria in readiness for an attack on Iran, in league with the Zionist elite of Israel. Iran is the largest Shia country and by far the most civilised expression of Islam today. But more than that, it has not been the aim of the Shia to promote the faith through armed conflict leading to oppression of the conquered, with the Sunni it has been a history of invasion and war like behaviour in the nation they find themselves in outside their homeland. They are becoming the sword of Iblis and the House of war as a mindset.

The Sunni however allow anyone to be Imam, hence the fall from the grace of the Koran by acting in the fanatical manner they have since they enslaved North Africa, moving into India which created the partition and Pakistan.

Controlling the Sunni today we find the Wahhabi Arabs, backed with endless oil money and armed by the western allies of the Arabs after the serious deception played through Laurence of Arabia during the First World War. For his trouble Laurence, who could not live with his part in the game, was killed before he could expose the fact.

In today’s Sunni Muslim we have the Talmud doctrines reign supreme from which we get Sharia law, which is based and understood in a manner to maim another in retribution in the idea of an eye for an eye, and as such is a complete misunderstanding of the Old Testament commentaries on law which aim to move man always to a gentler form of human relations.

In the Code of Hammurabi and Hebrew Law, the eye for eye was to restrict compensation to the value of the loss. Thus, it might be better read ‘only one eye for one eye’. The biblical phrase “an eye for an eye” in Exodus and Leviticus (, ayin tachat ayin) literally means ‘an eye in place of an eye’ while a slightly different phrase ( literally “eye for an eye; tooth for a tooth”) is used another passage (in Deuteronomy) of the Jewish Bible, specifically, in the first of its three subdivisions, the Torah. For example, a passage in Leviticus states, “And a man who injures his countryman — as he has done, so it shall be done to him [namely], fracture for fracture, eye for eye, tooth for tooth. Just as he has injured a person, so it shall be done to him.” (Lev. 24:1921)

What we must consider here if we are to keep in sync with the Israelite tradition and the Law of Moses, further expanded upon by the Christian writers who brought forgiveness as a valid response to past grievance, then we must also understand it was the Sadducees interpretation to whom the Bible verses refer when it presents the commentary to physical retaliation in kind as presented above.

Since the Torah is based on the premise, “Do unto others as you would have done to you,” and, requires that penalties be universally applicable, the phrase cannot be interpreted in the manner of a literal translation as was by the Sadducees which we can see is also followed by Sunni Islam.

It could well be said to be that Wahhabism is Zionism for the Arabs.

Zionism must be seen as the Jewish Temple that refused to accept the New Testament, and has managed to intrude upon the other great religions by division through mistranslation.

Since 1962 the same reform was achieved in the Catholic Church with the false doctrine that is Vatican II, and today this has been continued through Pope John Paul II, through Pope Benedict XIII and on to the final Pope in the current Pope Francis. 

iran-syria-mapIn the aim to destroy the Shia of Syria and the slow move to intervene in Iran, we must conclude that the Talmud has complete control over the Sunni, and is moving to destroy the peaceful doctrine of Islam held by the Shia. This is a script for the Third World War in action. Today the fear of those with eyes to see, when it comes to Syria, are concerned at the fact the West is supporting rebels clearly tied to Al Quada, the same took place in Libya. The fear today is that to support the rebels in Syria will launch Al Quada into Turkey which is moving to join the European Union.
Nostradamus was very clear in his warnings of how the empire of evil will enter Europe. it will come through Turkey.[1]

Today it is clear, the demons of Talmud are moving to instil fanaticism across the western world, and like it or not it comes through the Sunni expression of Islam. I have followed the rise of certain Muslim families in the north of England and one thing is absolute, those of Islam today with wealth in the West are so because they operate under the Masonic Muslim Brotherhood allied with the Jesuits and Freemasonry.

[1] Nostradamus : He described present Turkey as a no man’s land. Fire will come from the skies and burn many cities.The glorious armies of many nations will land in the North, West and South of the no mans land and divide its territory in four pieces.
The invading forces of justice will prevail. Thousands of its citizens will celebrate their freedom.The famous Christian church in the emperors city that became a mosque and then a museum will get restored with bells and icons and celebrate Christmas again.
The saviour is coming.
The glorious armies of many nations will land in the North, West and South of the no mans land and divide its territory in four pieces. This happened in 1919 The invading forces of justice will prevail. Thousands of its citizens will celebrate their freedom.
In 1923. The famous Christian church in the emperors city that became a mosque and then a museum will get restored with bells and icons and celebrate Christmas again. Hagia Sophia museum in Istanbul
1. In the year 2013 the mountain Turks will have a new country combined the territories of Northern IRAQ and the Southeast territory of the No mans land.
2. The Northeast of the NO mans land will become the homeland of the Armenians.
3. The occupied territory of the island of Cyprus will be liberated from its occupation forces.
4. A new country with a different name and different make up will replace the west of the No mans land

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