Is gnostic tradition controlling Islamic end times theory?













The following video is important not only for Islam but also for Christianity and Judaism.

The driving force of Sunni Islam and to a lesser extent, Shi’ite Islam today is not the Koran. Driving the mindset of Muslims today are the Hadith’s (tradition)

In the same way as the Talmud has taken precedent over the Torah for Zionist Jews and Christian Zionism, Islam is also heading for error as the end times scenario that Islam follows is based in the false gnostic Gospels. The Hadith written six centuries after the book of Revelations are a copy of the then existent end times scenarios of the Jews and Christians. The Hadith is an invented miss mash of what can only be described as questionable scripture.

Within the Hadiths we find Talmudic doctrine, this is important in relation to the Bible because it has superseded the Torah as the foundation of spiritual doctrine for both Jews and Zionist Christianity, therefore the end times format that the Muslims are being encouraged to follow has given rise to Radical Islam such as the Russian controlled Shi’ite Hezbollah, and the Arab controlled Sunni IS and Al Quada.

The Hadith are like the Talmud, said to be an oral tradition outside the Koran but claim to be the sayings of Mohamed compiled by his followers after his death in 862. Within Islam itself many of the contents of the Hadith are claimed to be spurious in the same way as the Talmud for many Orthodox Jews is a contrary collection of laws that contradict the Torah.

To my mind these Oral traditions are the cause of misrepresentation of the original doctrine in both Judaism and Islam, and today given the size of the Christian Zionist movement, the same can be said of todays Christianity, including the Vatican under Vatican II.

In this sense if we are to move away from false doctrine without the obligatory death and destruction, it is important that Jews, Christians and Muslims understand that we stand on the precipice of a global war of religion, a reality that the empire builders require to sicken mankind of religion, thus after the conflict they can instil the false and satanic one world religion under the guidance of the coming alien script. The aliens of course are the Theosophical masters beloved of the entire new age movement.

Therefore it is imperative that we grasp the agenda of the Illumined as they through false doctrine, move to the one world government and religious institution after the planned third world war. The Jesuits as the Praetorian Guard of the Illuminati, has achieved through Freemasonry, the cult of Zionism, as today throughout Europe the same networks are moving Arab rich Muslims into the scapegoat position in European nations. From this we must deduce that Freemasonry and the secret societies in general are the movers of the false doctrines on which todays end times scenarios are based.

Putin has declared he wants to create a Christian nation as he supports the Shi’ite of Iran and Syria, keep this in mind as you watch the very interesting video.

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