UN dictatorship : Report of the Commission on Global Governance 1995












After Brexit do you really believe the insanity the media has blamed on the European Union is going to disappear? We have done very well indeed but Brexit is only the first move.

The United Nations is the real core mover when it comes to implementing the global corporate state, it is that platform that we all voted against in the June referendum to remove our nation from Europe. We are on the way out of Europe, which will make the journey to the unravelling of the contracts detrimental to the nation a lot straighter than otherwise.

The following information reveals a detailed plan, released in 1996, as to how the banking establishment will force the bankrupt incorporated world government upon the media drunk masses :

Among those recommendations are specific proposals to expand the authority of the United Nations to provide :

    •   Global taxation;
    •   A standing UN army;
    •   An Economic Security Council;
    •   UN authority over the global commons;
    •   An end to the veto power of permanent members of the SecurityCouncil;
    •   A new parliamentary body of “civil society” representatives (NGOs);
    •   A new “Petitions Council”;
    •   A new Court of Criminal Justice; (Accomplished in July, 1998 inRome)
    •   Binding verdicts of the International Court of Justice;
    •   Expanded authority for the Secretary General.

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