The European Union is a London Creation












What is the European Union really all about?

Is it some European families acting out their own hubris over the entire landmass that is Europe, with the added takeover of Great Britain too?

What if I said that the European super dream was in fact created under the guise of Winston Churchill and far from some dark room in Europe, the idea was formed in London. Would this be news to you?

From the document below :

The first meeting of The Other Club, a private dining club founded by Sir Winston Churchill, took place at The Savoy in London in 1911. The club, which still exists today, holds dinners with prominent leaders and thinkers from all across the political spectrum to engage in camaraderie and civilised debate of current affairs.

In March 1943, the finance and foreign affairs ministers of Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg gathered at The Savoy in London to discuss the notion of a post-war”customs union” that might one day allow people, goods and commerce to travel freely between the three countries. The economic union of Benelux was created, laying the groundwork for the free trade, free passage and single currency of the European Union today.

423. Savoy Place; EU Founded by the John Adam St Gang by John Adam St Gang: Crown Control

This mimic of our sovereign realm we today know as the corporate empire, in private hands and administered to serve the same, has deceived the entire European population. Winston Churchill wanted a European Union, so too did Adolph Hitler. Two sides of the same coin that costs the average man and women their children, homes and the legacy of our ancestors.

Winston Churchill – Calling for a United States of Europe by John Adam St Gang: Crown Control

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