Tartaria, the other side of the equation

Tartaria, the other side of the equation










29 July 2019

Tartaria and the Tartars is the new script currently being researched and presented to the alternative media platform. It appears the narrative has taken over the Russian mind as they move to convince the world that Russia is the source of all greatness. I have presented a report on some of the subject matter available but within this report I will expand the idea of Tartaria being the home to the Ten Tribes of Israel.

But of course nothing is simple when trying to uncover what has been hidden, so the question to be answered, is, do we indeed have a great awakening at our fingertips or is this narrative just another rouse to place Bolshevik Russia as the greatest thing since the invention of the wheel and that the West is nothing but a cesspit of evil?

At this stage of the Tartaria research it would fair to claim that far from being a Russian enterprise, Tartaria is the remnants of the Christian era under the format brought by Yeshua. He enforced the law which means he shifted the Cabalistic Tree back in its correct order and the matrix followed suit. It was this shift that created the global architecture being laid at the feet at what is Bolshevic Russia and the rise of the Eastern Orthodoxy, or, Byzantium.

Allow my good self to introduce to you a man named Giles Fletcher, he was the Queens Ambassador to the Russian Empress, as such Giles was a man perfectly positioned to have been the source of the discourse on the Tartarian lands being the home of the Ten Tribes of Israel.

This insight occurred during the reign of Elizabeth I, 1558-1603, the Queen who formed a strong England with a big help from the House Pallavacini of the Holy See, the same financiers of the House Stanley who enthroned Henry VII, the Grandfather to Elizabeth I, after the end to the War of the Roses, which was basically a Templar war of attack to remove the existent Viking/Saxon/Irish bloodlines in England.

I contest that the Holy See, being of Jewish extraction, could not have achieved the financing of an opponent to Spain through the Catholic Mary Queen of Scots, to do so would out the real heads of power over Christendom which of course are the Jewish financial Houses that make up the Holy See. In Elizabeth, as the daughter of Henry VIII, the King who created the Church of England, yet still within the Roman canon law, Europe saw only a rebel House, ergo, building another military of the Holy See without any connection to the same, was an achievable aim under Elizabeth, from which building empire could expand without the endeavour being seen as another Roman impulse.

In Elizabeth’s 44 year reign stability and a sense of national identity was formed, albeit still religiously divided between Catholic and Protestant, with the Tartaria/Israelite inclusion into the then accomplished academia of wizardry, the stage was being set for the act of the 1600s, during which, a new Bible would be translated, incorporating Dog Latin and some 36000 translation errors under the Scottish King James I, and a Civil War that would destroy the monarchy with the murder of James’s son, Charles I, allowing for the re-introduction of Jewry and the money lenders under Oliver Cromwell and the Commissioning of a central bank, the Bank of England under the puppet King and son of Charles I, Charles II.

Those deeds done, and a continuation of the magical works of John Dee, Queen Elizabeth I spy master, moved forward through a man of whom John Maynard Keynes said :

“Newton was not the first of the age of reason. He was the last of the magicians.”

We are of course speaking of Sir Isaac Newton, the sorcerer responsible for paving the way for the destruction of physics to be replaced by Cabalistic gematria, opening the door for the Royal Society to become the new religion of gobbledygook called mathematics which created a hierarchical priesthood outside both Vatican and the Church of England’s theology. Einstein would save this agenda again with his mathematical babble shifting science away from the explanations gained from the fundamentals of the physics of a thing, to the description of a thing by equation. A new language was created leaving everyone outside of the club and dependant on the wizards of numbers, which of course we all know to be the master race Cabalistic Jews.

A disciple of Newton, William Whiston presented himself as a supporter of Arianism as opposed to that of the Roman Nicene Creed.

William Whiston (1667-1752), the third Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at Cambridge University, succeeded Isaac Newton. He entered Clare Hall in 1686 as a sizar, and was elected fellow in 1691. He became MA and was ordained deacon in 1693.

He used his Cabalistic geometry, today called scientific skill, to research, ponder and draw conclusions in the world of religion, this means he was looking for ways to invert doctrine to make it subordinate to the Talmud. His beliefs against Trinitarianism and his belief in Primitive Christianity came from extensive reading and thinking. Although he published his work mostly in Latin, enough was available in English to permit the authorities at Cambridge to conclude he was a heretic.

Arianism is a nontrinitarian Christological doctrine which asserts the belief that Jesus Christ is the Son of God who was begotten by God the Father at a point in time, a creature distinct from the Father and is therefore subordinate to him, but the Son is also God (i.e., God the Son). Arian teachings were first attributed to Arius (c. AD 256–336), a Christian presbyter in Alexandria in Egypt. Basically his ideas were formed to directly oppose the Nicene Creed from which the already formed divisions could expand.

Whiston presented in his memoirs the discourse on the subject of Tartary, had by Giles Fletcher in a book titled, Memoirs of the Life of William Whiston, 1749,[1] which was recovered from Sir Frances Nethersole’s[2] study after his death. Giles Fletcher, as already stated, was an Ambassador for Queen Elizabeth I to Russia, as such, there is no reason to dispute the idea that such a body of information could be in his possession.

Let us not forget, we are speaking of the days just before the Civil War, such information would have been a prize indeed in the move to drive the takeover of Christian England by the priesthood and armies of the Temple.

The discourse describes how captured by the Assyrians under Shalmaneser V, 727-722BC,  all Ten Tribes, minus Judah and Benjamin, who were held in captivity in Babylon and then sent by King Cyrus to Judaea to rebuild the Temple of Solomon, where carried to a far off land called Media and placed in many colonies of the Assyrians in that area.[3] Eventually the ten Tribes would move ever northward to the lands were no one lived due to the disdain of the Medians who attacked them always. We are speaking of Media in the area around the Caspian Sea with them moving over time into Siberia and Asia up to the Great Wall at China that was not in those days constructed. It is worth noting that the Mongols at this time lived in the far north east of the great landmass of Siberia. This brings up a question, who were the Mongols, because it is written that the power of the Mongols came in their expertise in bowman ship on horseback, yet those called Tartars are depicted as expert in bow, on foot and on horseback, thus opening another question, if the Ten Tribes had formed their nation under the doctrine of the Gospels, then Genghis Khan as a red headed Christian leader, was more than likely not a Mongol at all. If it is the case that Khan was of the ten tribes we can better understand why western and eastern Christendom formed in the Empire, shat itself and moved to destroy it.

The invasion of the Manchus (or Eastern Tartars as the Jesuits called them at the time) and consolidation of the Qing dynasty from 1644 was well covered by Jesuit eye-witnesses who wrote accounts of these events which are also histories of the activities and experiences of the missionaries themselves in those troubled times. These have been largely neglected by general historians of China for the obvious reason that they are in Latin. The Tartars are clearly a military force.

Tartaria, the other side of the equation

It is said that King Cyrus some 240 years after the Israelite deportation to Media, did invade the Tartar lands, who it is said, had become a great and mighty people having regrouped once again as one nation, that they defeated Cyrus which destroys the current narrative offered up by the Rabbis that they are the Israelites moving to reunite the lost tribes in the fake Israel. King Cyrus freed the Jews from Babylon and sent them into Judea to rebuild the Temple. He did not free the Israelites he sought to recapture them.

The Ten Tribes lived as one nation but did not interbreed to keep the tribe’s individual identities, this also kept their aggregor/kindred or ancestor realms intact. The Tartars also perform the ritual of circumcision, as do the Jews, which they would having suffered captivity as the slaves of Pharaoh in Egypt. If it is the case that the ten tribes did form under the Gospels, they would have ceased in the ritual of circumcision, suggesting the Scythian mass movements did indeed form the backdrop to white western Christian peoples who do not ritually circumcise their offspring.

King Artaxerxes I having completed the Cyprian war, led an army of 300.000 foot and 10000 horse to attack what is said to be two of the tribes who were known as the Holy People, this event is attested by Plutarch, but such a huge army would suggest he was bent on reclaiming the entire Ten Tribes perhaps looking to retrieve the once slaves of his ancestors. Artaxerxes I placed the Egyptian God Amun-Min in front of his cartouche on his tomb, also known as Amun-Ra, in this character Amun-Ra became the chief of the Egyptian pantheon in the 21st CenturyBC and the point at which monotheism began to take form, with all other Gods being manifestations of him, not unlike the Greek Zeus and Olympus. Artaxerxes was clearly presenting his ancestral connection to Egypt and the bloodlines of the Pharaohs which offers insight as to who controlled the Persians. Akhenaton would then be classed as a heretic for mimicking the original monotheism of Egypt as Amun-Ra.

Tartaria, the other side of the equation

In describing the Ten Tribes settled in Scythia/Siberia he describes them as a savage peoples who forge all diplomatic and trade relations amongst themselves, they do not open trade with the outside world. He dissects each hoard in accordance to his own observations as to degree of savagery and civility. Generally the tribes nearest the borders remained savage and cruel, which they would require to keep out invaders, but one or two he claims to be of a gentle nature, which could well be the tribes who are known as the Hyperborean who settled in the North west bridging Siberia with Scandinavia. We do know that the Griffin was the emblem of the Hyperborean Apollo[4] which opens up the Britain as Atlantis idea. By that train of thought the Hyperboreans were already in place when the Ten Tribes pushed into Siberia.[5] In so doing Giles Fletcher in his works parallels the same label thrown against the Hyksos, also said to have been Israelites, who invaded Egypt in two incursions, the first wave around 2500BC and are said to have assimilated with the Egyptians, which according to Biblical doctrine makes sense in that fact the tribes were ordered to assimilate by their God, the second wave of 1720BC were called a savage race. From the first incursion was formed the Imperial Court of the Royal Dragon and Order by the priests of Mendes, an order the Templars claim as their own, thus we can deduce that the first wave was the priesthood, the second wave the warrior class.

We can shift that information into a completely different narrative from the book, Britain, The Key To World History. In this book, Abraham, Ab-Ram, is presented as being the Secretary of Saturn, giving him firearms in the days when they were not widely available. From this advantage did he invade nations including Egypt. This would synchronise with the Hyksos if you consider that the accepted chronology has been deliberately altered.

Upon such observations we can parallel this with the method employed in Britain, first the Jewish, not Israelite, preistcraft of the Holy See enter under Dunstan, scuppering the works of the Saxons Offa and Alfred, then in the 1066 Jewish financed invasion of England came a fearsome warrior class, the Normans, destroying all that could prevent the installation of the new bloodlines and their preistcraft who could then take root after slaughtering the North. That achievement secured the game it would appear, but then took a turn for the worst with the expulsion by Edward I of the Jews, this going on as the Templars were invited into Scotland by Robert the Bruce. As a direct result of the works of the Templars and their Whiggamores, a King would be murdered allowing for a return of the Jews in the 17th century under Oliver Cromwell, a man who operated for the Sephardic elites, financed from Holland. The next wave of the warrior class can be said to be the installation of the Hanoverian kings leading to war after war, subjugation after subjugation and on to two world wars and the introduction into Britain of their branch of warrior slaves, the Mohammedans.

William Whiston, as a pupil of the magician Sir Isaac Newton was a big supporter of the return of the Jews, I would suggest his reason for including the work of Giles Fletcher would be to secure an open door to the outpouring of the remnants of the Tartar warrior tribes across Europe and into England to undermine Christendom to support the Hanoverian script.

This would explain how the Russian old guard came to be the controllers of the pogroms filled with the Tartarian’s, and yet for the clever bit, it is claimed by history to have been the Jews in the pogroms. That makes no sense when to the east of Russia was the Tartarian’s who had been captured in the war to the complete destruction of the entire Ten Tribes from the Middle Ages, said to have been completed by 1733.

In these pogroms would be collected all the prisoners of the war who would be promptly turned into the favoured title of the financiers as indentured servants, that would be launched across the Americas and Europe by the old guard as the financiers gained hold of western nations with the sole intent of setting up the banking corporate networks of Commerce. From 1888 until an Act of Parliament in 1915, these slaves poured into England and became the Masonic Lodges, not forgetting the fact from 1914-18, Britain lost almost all its men in WWI, ergo, post WWI became a breeding ground for the Khazar with the remaining British women.

Let us also not forget, Stalin fought against Germany with an eastern hoard they called the Mongols, yet it makes much more sense to accept that due to the Bolshevik slaughter of the Russian stock from 1917, Soviet Russia was in fact the cover for the genocide of the majority of the Russian people allowing the remaining Tartar slaves full and complete resettlement of Russia as servants to the old guard, and, after the Second World War, to expand that territory into the heart of Europe pulling down an Iron curtain across a huge part of Europe to facilities the subversion of Europe, Britain and into the Americas by this slave race to the elite Phaoronic bloodlines out of Egypt. The United States financed the Russian Revolution from 1923 until 1989.

As to the question of savagery, do not forget that Stalins hoards raped to death over 1.5 million German girls and women after the war was won. Germany was demolished, this is what they are setting up in Europe, Britain and America, and throughout the Commonwealth.

If we are to recognise the validity of this information, we can better understand two points :

The programs in Russia were the concentration camps for the Tartars, or Israelites, to be disposed of by the priesthood under Jewish rule (Judah and Benjamin) on behalf of the Phaoronic bloodlines.

That the term Khazar is a cover.

I have also raised questions with this essay, was the coming together of the Templars and other Knightly Orders in Crusade the point at which an army great enough was formed to go after Tartaria?

As a Jewish led and financed operation was this the only way the two tribes that call themselves Jew, could subvert the Tribes they held a hatred from the days when they were shunned by the Ten?

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