How the Rothschild’s use the Khazar to subvert the Hebrew communities in all nations

How the Rothschild's use the Khazar to subvert the Hebrew communities in all nations









While seeking out the origin of the evil mind that was Sir Paul Gordon Fildes[1] I came across a gem of Hebrew history as it relates to the subversion of the Hebrew communities in Britain as the gates opened from Russia and the influx of the fake religion under the Non-Semitic Khazar.[2]

The Hebrew tribes known as the Israelites were commanded by God to assimilate in all nations in which they resided. The Jews, however, have taken upon themselves the title of Gods Chosen, and do not assimilate outside of pretence in order they can undermine the host nation.[3]

In the following body of information we can see how Hebrew assimilation has always been destroyed by the Talmudic Rabbis through the mechanic of mass migration of the Khazar into very well settled and harmonious Hebrew communities, who then become tarred with the same brush and are thus forced into a decision… Do we remain true to our assimilated position within a nation, or do we follow the fear of the Khazar and become their slaves so we also share in the Karma of the fake chosen?

Evidence : What Will Britain Be Under Charles III?

From the below document :

“The immigrant waves of the late 19th century and very early 20th century, severely tested the dominance of this ideology within the Jewish community.”

“They also created circumstances within the host community that upset the carefully constructed balance of acceptance and gave rise to outbreaks of anti-semitism. Nevertheless I would posit that the ideology retained its dominance and that the broad measure of acceptance of the position of Jews within the host community remained unaltered — despite these localised and sporadic problems.

The arrival after 1880, of a very different kind of Jew (the eastern European immigrant), who outnumbered the native Jewish (Hebrew) population, threatened the ability of Anglo-Jewry to retain its position of belonging in English society.”

“Their efforts to anglicise the immigrants were simultaneously coupled with a distancing from them. Jews who had struggled to shake off the brand of the other were faced with identifying within their own ranks a new other. This other not only challenged Anglo-Jewry’s comfortable perceptions of its own identity, but raised the very real possibility that the host community would come to equate all Jews with this new underclass rather than making any distinctions between the quasi indigenous Anglo-Jews and they’re newly arrived co-religionists. These immigrant Jews had to be labelled I some way as to distinguish them from the quasi-indigenous Jewish community, until they could be changed,concealed or moved on.”




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