Rome’s British East India Company

Rome’s British East India Company







23 January 2020

By izraelzeus

The British Crown operating as a branch of Rome’s modern empire controls much of the East through its former empire and East India Company. Jesuits established themselves in Asia in the 16th century. The British Crown and France made war on China forcing them to open their ports and allow their merchants to do business internally. Hong Kong was a British Colony until 1997 and the banks and merchant companies are still dominated by British bankers today. HSBC is a British-Hong Kong based bank with assets estimated at over 2.3 trillion.

HSBC was founded by Thomas Sutherland of Scottish Peerage who was also a British Crown knight. Countess Elizabeth Sutherland is the current head of this family along with her son Alastair Sutherland. Peter Sutherland was a relative of Thomas Sutherland and former Director of the Royal Bank of Scotland. Peter Sutherland founded the World Trade Organisation and Hong Kong is a member of the WTO. Peter Sutherland was Jesuit educated, a Vatican Knight of St Gregory, British Knight of the Order of St Michael and St George, French Knight of the Legion of Honour, Bilderberg member, and was a member of the Hong Kong Chief Executive’s Council of International Advisers. Lui Che-woo of Hong Kong is worth about 11 billion and is a Member of the British Empire. Ka-shing Li from Hong Kong is worth about 37 billion and is a Knight of the British Empire. Yang Huiyan is a Chinese billionaire worth about 28 billion and went to Ohio State University.

Hong Kong has economic leverage over the rest of China. Under the British Colony they set up Queens College in Hong Kong which is where Norman Chan was educated. Norman Chan is Executive Director of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority and former Regional Vice-Chairman of the London based Standard Chartered Bank. Joseph Yam was the first Executive Director of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority and a Knight of the British Empire as well as on the board of directors for UBS.

Chris Patten was the last Governor of Hong Kong under Queen Elizabeth II a position that existed until 1997. The position was replaced by the position of Chief Executive of Hong Kong with Tung Chee-hwa as the first head who was educated the University of Liverpool in England. Tung Chee-hwa is worth nearly a billion. Robin Li is a Chinese billionaire worth about 18 billion and he went to the University of Buffalo in New York. Jack Ma is worth over 40 billion and he owns Alibaba which was initially financed by Goldman Sachs with a 3-5 million start up investment before later receiving 20 million from Softbank. The Kwok brothers of Hong Kong are worth tens of billions and were born in Portuguese controlled Macau which was partly established by Jesuits. Raymond Kwok went to Harvard and Cambridge. Pansy Ho is worth about 5 billion and was Jesuit educated at Santa Clara University and also from Jesuit-Portuguese Macau. The Triads are an international crime syndicate mostly based out of Hong Kong and Macau.

Rome’s British East India Company





India was also part of the British Empire not long ago and has been “westernised” and Romanised. Jagatjit Singh was a Emperor in British India and a Vatican Knight of St. Sylvester and Knight of the British Empire. Jagatjit ruled until his death and then India was reformatted. India is a corporate government transformed out of the East India Company the same way that the United States is basically the continuation of the Virginia Company.

The Sassoon family are extremely wealthy bankers known as the “Rothschilds of the East” and set up banks in India and China under the British Crown and their East India Company. Michael Kadoorie is a Jewish billionaire in Hong Kong and Knight of the Legion of Honour. The Kadoorie family worked for the Sassoon family and helped manage their businesses in Mumbai and Hong Kong. The Sassoon family have intermarried with the Rothschild family several times. Albert Sassoon was a British Knight of the Order of the Bath and Knight of the Order of the Star of India. Albert Sassoon set up banks and merchant companies in India and Hong Kong like the David Sassoon & Company which built the Sassoon Docks for trading in Bombay. Baron James Sassoon is the current head of this family. Rahul Bajaj is an Indian billionaire worth over 4 billion and went to Harvard which was established by the British Crown. Sunil Vaswani is an Indian born billionaire that was educated in London and lives in Dubai.

Baron William Mackinnon established the British-India Steam Navigation Company which did business in India and Asia and eventually absorbed into DP World now owned by wealthy businessmen in Dubai like the Sulayem family who also own Dubai World. Dubai and the United Arab Emirates were also established by the British Crown after they set up oil and industrial businesses like the Anglo-Persian Oil Company before propping up Arab nobility to rule which still continue to serve the British Crown’s interests through business contracts.

Under British rule the Vatican Romanised much of India. There are many Jesuit universities all through out India today. Kalanithi Maran is worth about 5 billion and went to the Jesuit’s Loyla College in Chennai, India and was also Jesuit educated at the University of Scranton. Anil Agarwal is an Indian billionaire and his Vedanta Resources is headquartered in London. The British Crown attempted to take over China through by using opium to weaken the people and this caused the Chinese government to ban opium so the British Crown seized Hong Kong. Yusuff Ali M.A. is an Indian billionaire that does business in the UAE. Through the Convention of Peking the British Crown and Russia claimed lands and embassies in China. Joseph Lau of Hong Kong is worth about 15 billion and went to the University of Windsor in Ontario which is a continuation of the Jesuit’s Assumption University. The British Crown and London businessmen still have major influences over banks and companies operating in India and China.

The British Crown has been using their banks and corporate contracts as leverage over China for the purpose of human trafficking. Human trafficking is what their NWO agenda is all about. When their human trafficking networks get exposed they attempt to cause wars and stage false flags. They use their influence over China, India, and Japan as well to influence the rest of Asia. Unity Resource Group is a international private military and consultant firm with two offices in Asia with one being in Singapore. They use mercenaries and organized crime to carry out human trafficking. Mercenaries usually provide the protecting while organized crime like Triads, Yakuza, and other gangs traffic women and children. They use billionaires to pay off government officials and police. There appears to be a large human trafficking network from Asia into the West Coast. It is really going on everywhere. Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos which are both worth about 100 billion finance corruption to enable this on the West Coast. The Palin family in Alaska are also involved. The Triads and Yakuza have infiltrated the ports in California. The Mexican drug cartels are also involved in human trafficking and they attempt to conceal it under “illegal immigration” Hollywood is involved and work with the Armenian-Russian Mafia. The Italian Mafia oversee and advise it all. The Seattle crime family are deeply involved as overseers. They run prostitution rings. Bezos and Gates both have residences in Seattle. Recently Amazon and Microsoft employees were caught involved in a prostitution ring.


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