What is the obsession with ancient Egypt by the priesthood? Seeking the reptile

What is the obsession with ancient Egypt by the priesthood? Seeking the reptile










28 November 2019

Judaism holds an obsession with Egypt still, over 3000 years after their time in Middle Egypt, specifically the Nile Delta, after Abram forced his way onto the nation with the Ark as a weapon powerful enough to prevent Egypt and her allies from removing them. We also have the Exodus under Moses, not dissimilar to the fabricated Babylonian captivity and Holocaust under Hitler as the last memory to be held by those who offer up their life to the creed, and are thus manipulated to a mindset of continuously escaping from bondage as decreed by the Rabbis. Never do they contemplate that the actual bondage they suffer to be the yoke of the Rabbis themselves and the preistcraft they represent. The escape from Egypt is perhaps the program remembered from which the Rabbis are able to control all heroism within the Jewish soul enabling the upkeep and obsession with all things Egypt, yet the Jews remember only the Exodus when it is a fact that today they are moving always to take the Jews back to the platform that demands they offer ritual behaviour afforded to the captivity in Egypt. This could be described as a form of generational Stockholm Syndrome, which the Jewish religion has failed to unfetter itself as it is the case also for those who choose to follow the Rabbis and the constant scriptural fabrications to suit the present fabrications.

Jews re-live the story of exodus every year, they put it on the mezuza of every door in the home, they put it on the tefillin they wear first thing in the morning. They say it in Shema, the most important prayer, and they will not eat a meal without mentioning the leaving of Egypt. Why?

Do we have a case of an inner circle doctrine constructing an outpouring of deception forming the outer circle theology for the flock?. meaning the inner core remembrance of the success of Abram, militarily, that pans down to the faithful as a form of bondage, not under Abram himself, but in the same manner the priesthood achieves today, by twisting the victim into the perpetrator to prevent any and all debate of the facts? Such a deception allows the priesthood to live free over a people in fear based servitude to a false jailer, never questioning the narrative which would lead to excommunication and an end to the money train, keeping all those trapped in the deception under a false theology of the time spent in Middle Egypt as unquestioning initiates, that the remembrance of the Exodus from Egyptian captivity being the outer portico theology to keep the faithful under a spell of fear when considering their place within the global populations?

Hmmm, intrigue…. Let us do a triple twist double somersault and dive in.


Napoleon chose to invade Egypt instead of as requested that he invade England in 1798, this decision was made after the Italian campaign. Napoleon is quoted as stating that he wanted to follow Alexander the Great and understood that all great works begin in Egypt.
While in Egypt Lord Nelson destroyed Bonaparte’s navy in a night battle, the flagship holding all the gun powder being blown up with what was described as the loudest noise made by man.

After his battle with the Mamaluks Napoleon’s main aim was to set loose the 155 artists, architects, botanists and engineers to draw and document Egypt, Nelson assured such in the destruction of his Navy cutting off Napoleon leaving him stranded. In 1801 they returned to France with all the data collected and artefacts drawn and catalogued, including mummies. This started a great obsession in Europe in all matters concerning Egypt as the secret societies energised the hidden knowledge to the masses leaving them begging for more. If you want to fill your secret society with the Christian flock, you have to present yourself as an essential master in all things hidden.

The idea for what became the Statue of Liberty in the United States was originally to be a statue given to Egypt as a huge edifice to stand at the mouth of the Suez Canal to mark its completion, but Egypt was bankrupt and therefore could not take up the accolade. Freemasonry looked then to America.

The last hieroglyphs to be carved in Egypt are found at the Temple of Phele from 394AD, from this point on, Egyptian hieroglyphs became a dead language.

During the 1800s Egypt gave away three obelisks (from the Greek, Needle in Arabic), the first in 1832 from the Temple at Luxor was given to France, there was a second needle at the entrance to the temple but it was cracked.

Two others would come from Alexandria, one was already fallen said to be the result of earthquake in the 13th century, this fallen obelisk would go to London in 1877, towed in a casket. During a storm 6 men from the steamer towing the obelisk would die rescuing the men stationed on the casket itself. After rescuing those on the casket, they unshackled the obelisk and let it float away with the intention of seeking the payload after the storm, this failed because they could not locate it after the storm. It was found and claimed as salvage by others and was sold back to Britain for £5000. It was finally erected on the embankment in front of Adelphi House and Shell Mex House. And exactly as had transpired in Europe after the first obelisk was taken from Egypt, England, like Europe, went crazy for all things Egypt. The secret societies once again cemented the narrative to gain interest in all things hidden to raise their own profile amongst the Christian public.

Let us not forget the fact, Napoleon was busy demolishing the Christian Monarchies which were to be replaced by the almighty masters of secrets, the secret societies.

Vanderbilt financed the removal of the Cleopatra needle from Heliopolis, the city of the sun to New York, and contrary to popular belief the obelisk was given to the city of New York, it was not as is perceived by American’s  a gift to America. It is positioned in Central Park and was celebrated in a ceremony attended by 5000 Freemasons. If you take note in and around the Bronx area of New York, you find the cemetery filled with expensive crypts for the wealthy who have copied many Egyptian temples, though not to scale. Families such as Woolworth, Fox, Ciminello. America became obsessed with Egypt and so too the kings of commerce who claimed ancestry in their architecture of death. And once again the secret societies would launch themselves as the holders of many secrets to raise they’re standing in America against the Church theology.

With all that said, we must not forget the fact the place with the largest collection of Egyptian obelisks is Rome, she has 13 needles. From this reality we must consider which Houses are behind the secret societies.

Within each nation or city that the obelisks were sent would experience a plethora of consumables manufactured with the sole purpose of embedding the contrary script into Christendom to excite the populations to all things Egypt. If nothing else, we can see that on the ether a spiritual mist followed these artefacts into nations and through mass production of Egyptian dressed products, that spirit would spread to the common people and embed itself into the culture. A duel theology was birthed into nations which as history proves well, has been the means to procure division that the unseen hands have manipulated to their advantage in the removal of the foundation of culture and race for the western masses. The confusion achieved, the same have opened the flood gates to foreign cultures with the natives unable to come together having lost all points of reference as to who they are and what they are not.


In his book, The History of Herodotus,1862, P.20, George Rawlinson M.A. wrote of Egypt :

There is no appearance of the name Egypt on the ancient monuments, where the country is called Chemi, represented in hieroglyphics by the tail of a crocodile. Chemi, the black land, the land of Ham, or of Kheni (the Egyp- tian god Pan, or the Generative principle of nature) is said by Plutarch to have been so called from the blackness of the soil.
Kheni is singularly like the Greek xa.fj.ai. Ham (Kham), the Hebrew name of the patriarch, signifies also soot, and is like the Arabic hem, hand, hot and the Hebrew horn (or klwm), signifying brown (or black), as in Gen. xxx. 32, 40, is also burnt up. Egyptus was in old times the name of the Nile, which was so called by Homer (Odys. iv. 477 ; xiv. 257); and Strabo (xvii. P. 691) says the same was the opinion of Nearchus.

The original and oldest gods of Chemi, are : Tahuti, (Thoth, the first god and honoured until 30BC when the dynasties ended) Amun, Horus, Ra, (replaced after second dynasty, seen only as a patron of the Pharaohs by the time of the fifth dynasty), Hathor and Anubis. Anubis would go on to be replaced with Osiris as Isis would take over many of the roles of Hathor. As the pantheon crossed over to Greece many of the attributes afforded to Ra were given to Zeus, as Thoth would become Hermes. In Rome, Zeus would become Jupiter and Thoth would become Mercury.


The Lord of the Waters, the Crocodile

The cult of Sobek first appeared on a sealing from the reign of King Narmer, the first king of the first dynasty. The sealing shows crocodiles facing a distinctively shaped shrine that later became the symbol for the city of Shedet (modern-day Fayum). In the Old Kingdom, Sobek was established as one of the significant gods of Egyptian religion and was frequently mentioned in the funerary Pyramid Texts. Despite the occasional literary references to Sobek, his prominence at that time was focused on his cult centre at Shedet.

At the end of the Old Kingdom, Sobek appeared as a prominent local god at Sumenu in the Theban province. His cult had been present in Sumenu since the Heracleopolitan period when the ninth and tenth dynasties ruled Egypt from the Delta, or the Middle Kingdom, the place of residence of the Hebrew Tribes. In essence Sobek was prominent in the Nile Delta, the very area the followers of Abram would inhabit in the future. This period came to an end when the Theban kings of dynasty eleven took control of Upper and Lower Egypt, beginning what is known as the Middle Kingdom. The cult of Sobek at Sumenu became the second most important after that of Shedet, especially during the reign of Amenemhat II. Thus Egyptian power had shifted from the Delta to Upper and Lower Egypt leaving the Delta vacant of the royal courts.

Sobek’s prominence was fixed in the reign of Montuhotep II, the first king of the Middle Kingdom, when Sobek was merged with the sun god, Re. Sobek-Re’s name first appeared at the entrance to the Theban tomb of Daga, an official during Montuhotep II’s reign. Even the Coffin Texts, the funerary texts used primarily during the Middle Kingdom, address Sobek as “he who rises in the East and sets in the West.”

Here we can see the crocodile God merging with the Sun god, the theology the priesthood used to cement this merge came in the fact, the crocodile was said to be fireproof and thus indestructible by fire, as such must be of or equal to the Sun.

Sobek thus became a creator God being raised from the level of a local god of inundation and fertility. This merging also conjoined two priesthoods to the top of Egyptian religion, those of Re and Sobek. 

What is the obsession with ancient Egypt by the priesthood? Seeking the reptile


Image, Relief of the God Sobek from Kom Ombo temple Photo: Hedwig Storch.

Sobek Re would undergo another shape shift at Shedet, the new administrative capital of the twelfth dynasty. Amenemhat II began to evoke an earlier dynastic, this would merge Sobek and Horus. From this marriage Horus of Shedet would be shown as a crocodile on a seal from the reign of Khasekhmwy of the second dynasty. Amenmhat II was the first to see this merge of Sobek and Horus of Shedet as the perfect syncretism to affirm the king’s divinity. But it was Amenemhat III who brought the role of “Sobek of Shedet-Horus residing in Shedet” to the highest significance.

Sobek-Horus of Shedet became associated with epithets like Lord of the wrrt (White) Crown, he who resides in the great palace and lord of the great palace. All of these epithets were related to the king rather than associated with any god.

Sobek would rise from a local deity with limited significance to a creator god as Sobek-Re and a kingship divinity as Sobek-Horus.

By the late Middle Kingdom, Sobek became known as “Sobek of Shedet-Re-Horus, the powerful god.” His cult spread to 52 towns across Egypt. The kings of the 13th dynasty moved to present Sobek’s name within their own, as seen with the common royal name of Sobekhotep.

What is the obsession with ancient Egypt by the priesthood? Seeking the reptile

The Second Intermediate Period saw the end to Sobek’s fame. His cult within several towns would remain, but he was no longer one of the State gods. Sobek’s importance to divine kingship would be resumed in the New Kingdom. Temples for him and Horus were built within the same precinct at Kom Ombo. Amenhotep III sponsored Sobek’s cult at Gebel el-Silsila, as well as at Dahamsha, Armant, where he established a divine crocodile breeding centre.

Ancient Races

Before the deluge, which today is an event accepted as the result of the melt of a thirteen hundred year ice age, a theory negating the idea of a water firmament over the atmosphere, the Maritime empire known as Atlantis would be destroyed. The Swiderian culture flourished in central Russia as the ice expanded which forced a move ever southward into the lands of what appear to be a lesser cultured peoples. If we go back even further to before the mini ice age known as the Younger Dryas event there are stories of a hybrid race who would carry out evil things amongst men corrupting the earth and many of her inhabitants. Before the Swiderian came the Denisovan and Neanderthals. The Swiderian’s are thus suggested to be a hybrid race between the Watchers (the Egrēgoroi) and the Neanderthal race and are said to have formed the hierarchical system of the north and western hemisphere civilisations thrusting it upon the Homo sapiens, that the bloodlines thereof are the offspring of the immortal gods of Egypt and on through the Greeks and onto the Romans. The Swiderian’s held many attributes afforded to the Nephilim as the men of renown, and are thus seen as a later and diluted expression of this hybrid race, but have always remained the overlords of races up to today.

The Greeks wrote copiously of the Scythian’s being the foundation of civilisation who could well be another name for the Swiderian’s.

According to current genetic data achieved by Meyer and his Max Planck colleagues, successfully extracted DNA from all four Denisovan fossils and determined that the specimens came from different individuals. Based on accumulated genetic differences among them, two of the individuals lived roughly 65,000 years before the others; meaning the Denisovan lineage was around for quite some time.

Denisovans, Neanderthals and modern humans descend from the same population of ancestors, who most likely lived between 550,000 and 765,000 years ago. Some of these early humans spread to Eurasia, where they split into Neanderthals in Europe and Denisovans in Asia.

Swiderian  is also published in English literature as Sviderian and Swederian, it is the name of an Upper Palaeolithic/Mesolithic cultural complex, centred on the area of modern Poland.

Homo heidelbergensis
Homo heidelbergensis (“Heidelberg Man”) is an extinct, potentially distinct species of the genus Homo and may be the direct ancestor of Homo neanderthalensis in Europe.

According to the “Recent Out of Africa” theory, similar “Archaic Homo sapiens” found in Africa (i.e.. Homo rhodesiensis and Homo sapiens idaltu), existed in Africa as a part of the operation of the Saharan pump, and not the European forms of Homo heidelbergensis, are thought to be direct ancestors of modern Homo sapiens.

Homo antecessor is likely a direct ancestor living 750,000 years ago evolving into Homo heidelbergensis appearing in the fossil record living roughly 600,000 to 250,000 years ago through various areas of Europe.

Homo heidelbergensis remains were found in Mauer near Heidelberg, Germany and then later in Arago, France and Petralona, Greece. The best evidence found for these hominids date between 400,000 and 500,000 years ago. H. heidelbergensis stone tool technology was considerably close to that of the Acheulean tools used by Homo Erectus. Most current experts believe Rhodesian Man, found in Africa, to be within the group Homo heidelbergensis. This would make African heidelbergensis the ancestor of humans while the European variety would be the ancestor of the Neanderthals.

From archeological finds the Denisovian appears to be giant size with red or blonde hair and were known for keeping their secrets. This was not some genetic mutation such as gigantism but a distinct race of giant hominids. Teeth archeologist’s claim as belonging to the Denisovian’s are twice the size of current Homo sapien sapien. This suggests the Denisovian’s are also descended from the watchers and also hybrids but not from the Neanderthal race predominant in the northern and western hemispheres, these people were found mainly in the eastern and southern races known as the serpent people, Nagas in India and Quetzalcoatl in the Americas, and like the Swiderian’s, held all the attributes afforded to the Nephilim as the men of renown, at least at the elite level. This suggests they were an exceptionally advanced race that descended upon the southern hemisphere as the ice sheets took hold and expanded south, that they began to breed with the southern hominids but remained the elect of those they subdued. The Watchers appear to be connected to the empire that built the step pyramids found across the globe, suggesting it is the watchers that have hidden behind various races throughout the history of the earth and her inhabitants as the hidden royalty.

From that period would be born Atlantis and Lemuria, the latter destroyed by the Atlantean’s with the former activating the deluge due to the miss use of technology. From the Essenes of Qumran we can follow the priesthoods both pre and post flood. Study.

Gobekli Tepe is claimed by author Andrew Collins, a Stonehenge type monument, to be a Temple of the watchers. Found in Ur of the Chaldeans, the birthplace of Abram, it appears to be a centre for all things hybrid creatures, the product of which became the historical men of renown. Abram being no exception to that rule. Collins suggests the area to be the Garden of Eden and birthplace of the Adam which would further support the idea of Ur being a place of race breeding. The alternative site for Ur is Iraq. The Adamic race therefore is the result of a breeding program that was doomed due to Eve acting upon the advice offered by Sobek the serpent. Both Adam and Eve as a race had fallen. To trace this obelisk attached fallen cult into today, look here.

I Digress
When I apply myself to scriptural doctrine I utilise three methods. First I read the text and pen the immediate comprehension of it. Second, I read it again with the true definitions of the words used and pen those results also.

The third is to apply the context as a mechanic operational, to my own life as it would be in reality, or, how would I react to the instigation to action or as a cautionary tale myself?

This process brings to the fore a serious quandary as relates to who Abram served, especially when you apply the Gospel narrative of the tempting of Christ to the story of Abram. The format I applied went thus : that I was sat meandering through the mind when a voice entered my space, claimed itself to be god and suggested I kill my son. 

My immediate and instant reaction was “fu@k off you demonic twat.” Can you feel that instinctual response to the experiment yourself as it pertains to applying what is before you as a text to your present reality, and not being encouraged to operate from an ordained programme of how to comprehend the context of the event?

Therefore it has always disturbed me when great things are spoken of Abram, for I do wonder which God he actually served from the moment he determined to kill his own flesh and blood. That Yeshua was the return to the righteous god which required his own blood sacrifice to free humanity from the penalty of sin, especially the Hebrews fast in the grip of Sobek, which I would suggest is the dark Sun God so exposed by many secret societies, especially during the 1700s, to have invaded and subverted many Orders.

The real symbolism of Akhenaton’s Aten, could well be the re-birth of Sobek into Egyptian life, but I have yet to research this topic and so it is pure conjecture on my part.

Everything about spiritual doctrine presents itself in a twin form, one is apt to find inspiring prose and verse that compels a change of self to the better, just as one is apt to find fire and brimstone, judgment and war. The scriptures speak a duality because there is duality in man, for each man there is a reasoned argument to support either of these dualities, be you an expression of the dark or light, each set of twin pillars shall procure for you a god to hold the position in between the two pillars to serve your chosen path on your journey to life, and of course you are that god in the flesh as the rider of the chariot. You are the representation and image of the god you choose to offer you’re efforts, the choice will determine you’re interrelations with others and the world as it will determine the kind of characters you attract. More on this symbolism later.

The Native Americans have a great symbology to describe the twin aspect of physical existence and how it plays out from the unseen, that we each have a wolf to the left and a wolf to the right, to the right  we have a character representing love, respect, honour and a sense of morality to offer your experience, to the left a character that harbours hate, jealousy, blame and that its will has the right to might which it forces over others using fear as its weapon. 

Man is the battleground, it is within each and every one of us, no matter the genetic makeup, that the choice is being made as to which energy we bring into the physical world defined by which wolf we feed.

Following the Trail

During the 1700s the Church of Rome broke from the Masonic builders annulling all commissions given them to build Churches and Cathedrals, The Church then moved against Freemasonry.

Pope Leo XIII had this to say :

“The purpose and aim of the Masonic sect, having discovered from plain evidence…is easy to understand… to try and revive after 18 centuries, the manners and institutions of Paganism. We intend to turn our attention to the Masonic Society… to illustrate more and more this wicked force and to stop the spread of this contagious disease.”

Victor Hugo in his book, The Hunchback of Notre Damn, 1829, had this to say :

“From remotest antiquity, the human race has employed architecture as its chief means of writing.

Sometimes an entrance, a front, or even an entire church presents a symbolic meaning wholly foreign to religion, or even hostile to the church. Only the initiated can decipher these mysterious books.”

Claud Bragdon in his book of 1910, The Beautiful Necessity said : 

“In medieval Europe, fragments of the secret doctrine, transmitted in the symbols and secrets of the Cathedral builders, determined much of Gothic architecture.”

Michael Howard in his book, The Occult Conspiracy 1989, said :

“It is generally believed in occult circles that these medieval Masons had inherited esoteric knowledge from their pagan antecedents and that this knowledge was incorporated into the sacred architecture of the cathedrals.”

What is the obsession with ancient Egypt by the priesthood? Seeking the reptile


The above image presents the trinity in two pillars, left and right either side of a commanding deity each religion would call its Grantor of Dominion. (God).

In the case of Christianity we have the trinity presented as Jesus and Mary either side of the Father. The symbolism is exactly the same as most other religious deities. The idea that onlyChristianity hold the trinity as sacred is absolute wizardry, and we know from whom that comes from?

But of course it is the meaning as to what trinity is being symbolised at any given time that is the secret to be determined from the architecture in question, when the church realised the Masonic deception built into the Cathedrals, it was too late to change the buildings and so they ensured they built no more for the church. Whether this panned out as a reality or was just another feigned acknowledgement of the facts as a telegraph, so the secret deities could be worshipped without the acknowledgement or opposition of the flock, is open to debate.

I presented another paper on just this subject which from the title alone caused controversy amongst the faithful, but these are the issues we need to address if we are to find remedy to the current position of the church as an institution fast becoming entangled in the Noahide platform.

What is the obsession with ancient Egypt by the priesthood? Seeking the reptile


If you note the above image you can see the triptych symbolism, yet in the architecture of the Cathedrals the centre deity is lower than both pillars. This symbolises Jachin and Boaz as above the god worshipped inside the building.

You can see another format in the entrances to the step pyramids (below and above) and yet only the Americas present the three at the same height, Africa and Asia show the centre deity above the pillars. Is it a coincidence that the pyramids in the Americas were rife with blood sacrifice?

What is the obsession with ancient Egypt by the priesthood? Seeking the reptile


What is the obsession with ancient Egypt by the priesthood? Seeking the reptile


A clever trick indeed has been played out on the above Cathedrals, the entrances follow the expected symmetry as relates to hierarchy which has one miss the overall front end architecture, and the real symbolism in the belittling of the Christian Trinity shown in the huge twin pillar front hierarchy.

The Middle Ages saw a new Christianity emerge for the powerful, a Christianity that placed Usury at the top of the tree. I would cite this architecture to be the symbolism showing that before the 10th Century, the moneylenders had full control of the Holy See, the tier of control that could mask the deception without the church itself realising the absurdity of the architecture. When they did see the reality during the 1700s, the hierarchy had to recognise the deception publicly to satisfy the flock and priesthood that remedy had been activated. Yet still these buildings continued to hold power over the European kingdoms of Christendom. Hmmm…

When looking for remedy in today’s all out debauchment of spiritual doctrine, we must be ever watchful that we do not try to raise again to the top of the pyramid, institutions that have failed in the upkeep of the doctrine on which they were built. To fail in this regard would be to offer yourself up the your enemy, the antagonist, on belief.

Something of a serpentine nature has overcome religions and has them hoodwinked and pulled by a rope at the neck into darkness. Don’t let this be you…

I will end this paper with the words of Walter Wilmshurst in his book, The Meaning of Masonry 1922 :

“The [twin] pillars [Jachin and Boaz]… have been incorporated into Christian architecture. If you recall the construction of York Minster or Westminster Abbey, you will recognise there pillars in the two great towers flanking the main entrance.”

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