Mystery: Babylon the Great,’ Pagan, Papal, Semi Papal, C Cowan M.D (1886)

Mystery: Babylon the Great,’ Pagan, Papal, Semi Papal, C Cowan M.D (1886)











11 April 2022

The principal Text Book, which has been closely followed, and most unsparingly used, is “The Two Babylons,” by the Rev. Alexander Hislop, (Edin., 3rd Edit., 1862). It is a work of profound research, able scholarship, and most sagacious induction. Protestants are deeply indebted to the learned author for his clear and masterly identification of a past with a present apostasy.

We have derived much valuable assistance from Mr. George Smith’s admirable volumes, entitled “THE PATRIARCHAL AGE,” and the “GENTILE NATIONS.” Like the preceding, they teem with evidences of the wonderful accuracy and truth of the “Written Word.”

Deane’s ‘“ WORSHIP OF THE SERPENT,” Fabers “ GENTILE IDOLATRY,” and Dr. Wordsworth’s excellent treatise on “ BABYLON,” may be advantageously con-sulted by those who are desirous of following up so interesting and important an inquiry.

Terms Discussed in the Book
Adonis, Antichrist, Ashtoreth/Ashtarot, Astarte, Babylon, Bacchus, Chaldea, Christmas, Crucifixion, Cybele, Dagan/Dagon, Dragon, Easter, Eleusinian Mysteries, Exorcism, Hislop, Alexander, Holy Spirit, Horus, Idolatry, Ishtar, Janus, Jehovah, Jesuits, Jupiter, Mother of Harlots, Mystery Babylon (The Great), Mysticism, Mythology, New Testament, Nimrod, Nineveh, Noah, Old Testament, Osiris, Paganism, Papacy (Pope), Passover, Philistines, Prophecy, Purgatory, Queen Of Heaven, Romanism, Satan (Satanism), Semiramis, Sun God, Supernatural, Tammuz, The Devil.



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