JFK faked his death, Vatican II and the 1960s counterculture, fake news?

JFK faked his death, Vatican II and the 1960s counterculture, fake news?












First the trauma then comes the Lie (The official story)

Whilst it is known of the million conspiracy theories relating to the murder of John F. Kennedy. Ryan Dawson has it well covered indeed, John F Kennedy and his brother had fully understood what the enemy of the free world was, Zionist Israel. From the minute they moved against the CIA and it’s commanding authority, Israel, the interconnecting Mafia that is the Italian and Khazarian combine received the order…. two brothers were marked for removal.

We have seen the official story and images thereof, but much has been missed, specific to the very low turnout at the arrival of a well loved president. The following thesis is an interesting study, if not to seek the ultimate answers as to who and the why, there are many things missed when you follow the accepted format of investigation when it comes to the brothers Kennedy, at a time when Vatican II was in full swing and the launch of the counter culture revolution had become the world of media and sound.

Vatican II, was the supplanting of a theology born of the Illumined and spread through the Society of Jesus and the secret society networks as a whole, to become the new foundation of the Vatican system. Since the implementation of Vatican II the Church of Rome has become its own nemesis, it preaches against the morality of the Gospels, positioning  a new idea of God as the oversoul to Christendom.

It has removed a deity governed by the ethics of love and replaced it with what came before the Gospels; absolute dictatorship under a deity that is omnipotent. Quigley calls the latter form of system the Providential Monarchy, from which the head of such as the representative of an omnipotent God, is also omnipotent and can do whatever it wills, good or bad. And who are you to question the all-powerful leader? To do so is to question God. Could we be speaking of Zionism?

John F. Kennedy as a Catholic would have been expected to show opposition to Vatican II as it clearly opposes Catholicism. The Kennedy’s have never acted according to Catholicism, seen in the actions of the clan, actions which brought them to the heights of power. We can therefore deduce as a clan, they are far more in tune with the theology and methodology of the secret societies. This flaw would have been exposed had JFK continued as President through the 1960s as Vatican II was unleashed.

We then have the 1960s counterculture and the introduction of LSD, the script of which was, and remains to be, all about the destruction of the family unit, the promotion of homosexuality, free love, and if you look closely at the poetry of Allen Ginsberg, which became the backdrop for the entire extravaganza, he is all about Paedophilia and sex magic, the latter heavily veiled unless you have a good grasp on Theosophy.

JFK Hoax

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We must also include the efforts of Col Fletcher Prouty who presents a bigger picture than that allowed by the ‘Official Story’ as it relates to the politics going on at the time. John F. Kennedy was clear in his decision making as it relates to foreign policy, The CIA, having been in Vietnam since 1945 were incompetent as it relates to engaging in war, he was very clear in his decision to hand all such matters back to the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

The CIA is the intelligence organisation for the Federal Reserve, it is not an American institution in the same manner as the Inner City of London is not a British institution. President or not, the Federal Reserve is far more powerful than the President and if you are going to destroy the CIA…you open the road to the destruction of the Federal Reserve also.

That ladies and gentlemen is motive.

Ryan Dawson : Zionism killed the Kennedy’s

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