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When it comes to education today, things just ain’t what they used to be.

Bringing together all aspects of psychology, Wilhelm Wunt can be said to be the high priest of psychological programming of children in particular, but also able to programme those that would become programmers.

This report is aimed at helping you better understand that a systematic re-programming of the western psyche has been in play since the nineteenth century. An agenda working in synchronicity with the Three World War Strategy presented on behalf of the elite by Albert Pike, in order they can completely remove the Christian morality from western nations by removing it, as an idea, from the populations. Offering up Masonic Liberalism as materialism, drugs and porn.

For a classical take on the current situation we turn to the Cult of Dionysus, drop out tune in kind of attitude, no classical education just social engineering thrust on the children through a system of psychological programming that today has become what we term education. A task made easier after the First World War when the father figures in the families of Germany, Britain and Europe were wiped out, leaving widows and grandmas to take care of the children which meant giving full control to the expanding social state to mould the minds of their offspring.

Through the 20th Century the Soviet based Family Court was launched onto the West, criminalising the males and socialising the mothers, the destruction of the family unit is an essential part of subversion. The family unit is the strongest bond for any outside force to breach.

At the top of the tree saw debauchery thrust upon the aristocracy through the amalgamation of Blues and Swing forming Jazz, opening the path to party with all sorts of mystical concoctions, creating a smoke and mirrors reality, from which the confusion would be harvested by the secret societies, especially Freemasonry. With the launch of radio the musical arm of the subversive script would become a prime operation for the mass control of the minds of the lower classes.

Today this program has been perfected in the corporate Academies now in control of Western education, with ARK (Absolute Return for Kids) leading the parade to a common purpose, the destruction of the rational and reasoned thinking model, the Classical Trivium has replaced the Trivium Method, churning out what is best described as ‘corporate golem’ without any spirit or will of their own.

The following are excerpts from the book, The Leipzig Connection, The Systematic Destruction of American Education, with the complete book offered for your study.

Wundt made two major contributions to the transformation of education in the West. The first was theoretical and will be taken up here. The second is addressed in the next chapter, The Impress.”

Wundt asserted that man is devoid of spirit and self-determinism. He set out to prove that man is the summation of his experiences, of the stimuli which intrude upon his consciousness and uncon- sciousness. In directing the work of his students, he focused their energies on minute examinations of sensory perceptions, in an attempt to dissect and quantify every aspect of action and reaction. What determined the difference between one individual and another in reaction time to stimuli? Why do some individuals combine stimuli differently than do others? What are the “laws” of the associations that can be formed between words? Wundt and his students regarded such questions as paramount

If one assumes (as did Wundt) that there is nothing there to begin with but a body, a brain, and a nervous system, then one must try to educate by inducing sensations in that nervous system. Through these experiences, the individual will learn to respond to any given stimulus, with the “correct” response.

The child is not, for example, thought capable of volitional control over his actions, or of deciding whether he will act or not act in a certain way: his actions are thought to be preconditioned and beyond his control, because he is a stimulus-response mechanism. According to this thinking, he is his reactions.

Wundt’s thesis laid the philosophical basis for the principles of conditioning later developed by Pavlov (who studied physiology in Leipzig, in 1884, five years after Wundt had inaugurated his laboratory there) and American behavioural psychologists such as Watson and Skinner; for lobotomies and electroconvulsive therapy; for schools oriented more toward the socialisation of the child than toward the development of intellect; and for the emergence of a society more and more blatantly devoted to the gratification of sensory desires at the expense of responsibility and achievement.

Wundt attracted G. Stanley Hall, who became Wundt’s first American student, but perhaps more importantly Hall was John Dewey’s mentor. In his own words :

“Education consists either in the ability to use one’s powers in a social direction, or else in ability to share in the experiences of others and thus widen the individual consciousness to that of the race. The ultimate problem of all education is to coordinate the psychological and social factors… The coordination demands… that the child be capable of expressing himself, but in such a way as to realise social ends.”

Although today Dewey’s views are in practice in the great majority of American schools, before the turn of the century they were revolutionary. The Wundtian redefinition of “education” to mean feeding experiential data to a young brain and nervous system, rather than the teaching of mental skills, led to the abdication of the traditional role of the teacher as educator. Its place was taken by the concept of the teacher as a guide in the social- isation of the child, leading each youngster to adapt to the specific behaviour required of him in order for him to get along in his group. Dewey called for a levelling of individual differences into a common pool of students who are the object of learning technicians devising the social order of the future.

The Leipzig Connection – Systematic Destruction of American Education (1993)

The Leipzig Connection - Systematic Destruction of American Education (1993)


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