Is history a big lie? understanding Tartaria

Is history a big lie? understanding Tartaria







Often over the years have I found myself staring at the world map and the huge expanse that is Siberia and wondered….why has this place been left alone by the sickness that is the financier?

At no point during my days under education was Siberia mentioned, and I took geography as a course.

Then you find Tartaria or more commonly known as Tartary. Dipping your nose inside the idea that is Tartary, many things that are taken as sacrosanct are thrown into total and complete disarray.

The first paradigm to be challenged would be what academia offers up as chronology. Not a new concept at all which Isaac Newton presented to his Queen when he supplied a chronology of ancient kingdoms. However, that is the only point on which the two histories have affinity, because if Tartaria is indeed a point of fact, then Newton was cementing the history offered by the Biblical tradition as the only history post Crusades. Newton was said to be the last of the great Magi which presents the same as in control of the entire Hebrew Tradition.

The second would be to contemplate the fact, everything your entire experience has forced fed you to accept as the real, both in a historical context and in the moment or in the now, is perhaps the biggest deception ever to have been accepted as fact by a global population in which a future they are coerced to vote in, will cancel them out.

The third is to confront the idea that there once was a global empire, not that long ago, which broke up when certain members of the trade agreement wanted more and moved into a role that they called the parasite, what the Hebrew tradition would call Judas, and demolished the long held acceptance of each others cultures within their own boundaries, which had served to allow for a peaceful existence by all the nations in agreement, without everything having to be uniform. The remnants of the empire are thought to have been completely demolished by about 1733, and not until the ability of flight, was there any signs of the empire and its buildings in Siberia to modern man.

We must also consider that the book burning frenzy that took place across Europe, said to be burning there works of Luther, were in fact removing the books that gave the real truth about what Rome was, in order a new Rome, the one we have today, could be birthed to bedazzle the populations through a false heritage. 

The main narrative of this story presents the idea that a huge and highly technologically advanced northern hemisphere empire existed, that after some dubious internal decisions were enacted, the consequences triggered a series of catastrophic events that saw many of the inhabitants flee. That since at least the Middle Ages, all evidence of the empire was systematically deconstructed until another force finally killed off all the survivors by the mid 1700s, from which all references to the empire Tartaria, would be omitted from all future academic works.

My thoughts steer towards the Mongol invasion being a cover for a much larger attack on the entire landmass. Then you find research, backed by Google Earth, that suggests a massive nuclear conflagration and a series of cataclysms was also in play, but the historians tell us we are on a linear timeline of technological advancement. Things are not correct.

The world that has been offered as history, since at least the Crusades, is but a fraction of the truth, and moreover, what we today accept as our foundation, is a fiction created by the parasitic factions that would build upon the remnants of a greater global civilisation and claim it as its own.

On the back of the revelations of this empire, the out-there brigade are making their move upon it, the first I came across was the flat earth division, an immediate red flag, and then it was the obligatory claims of extraterrestrial technologies that came out as the second.

I then learned of a growing idea of a mud flood event not that long ago which lead to a concept they are calling the restart.[1] If the giant pyramid and other huge complex buildings were in fact a part of one global empire, then we could indeed be speaking of technologies such as how to use sonics to move huge blocks of stone. The miss-use of this technology, we are told, took place in Atlantis, which was an agreement between 10 empires, that moved to takeover the world for itself. If sonics were employed and the earth began to vibrate, then Egypt and all other buried archeology would have sunk into the liquified soil and sand, thus offering explanation for the many buried cities and complexes around the world. Then there is the idea of a great flood which could create the same mud fill we can see in many cities around the world, but the line being covered with the mud flood idea places the event only centuries ago and not millennia. Either way the truth is being hidden.

5G Could well be the means to creating an earth liquefaction through sonic vibration…

The idea itself does have teeth but from my browsing of it so far, appear to miss out the fact, when wondering why there are so many orphans during the last two centuries in Europe, do not connect the war dots, which from the late 1700s through up to the present, was war. They then commenced the three World War strategy into the 1900s. Children and the movement of, has been a constant through the centuries of war. They kill off the adults and are left to do as they please with the remaining children. In Germany towards the end of the Second World War as the Bolshevik Russians entered Germany, over 1.5 million German women were gang raped to death, leaving only children.[2][3]

Heading the charge for a Russian controlled empire called Tartaria is Alexander Fomenko, but the old books I have read so far show clearly that the main enemies of Tartaria are the Muscovites, the Mohammedans and the Rothschild British East India. His credentials come from a Russia under the Soviet Bolsheviks regime which presents a big red flag, this is especially important when contemplating the real motives behind the rise of the new power in the West, the Russian Orthodox Church. Could Fomenko be the rallying call to push Russia up the slippery devils pole as we transcend the West and head into the prison from the East?

Russia Controls Israel

With all that in mind we will enter this topic through the eyes of centuries gone by as they speak of Tartaria as we would today speak of Europe.


I spent many years seeking out information about Atlantis as a constant study, but around ten years ago I ceased, not being able to find new inspiration to move the concept further.

With the idea of Tartaria, and having seen the Inuit statement that the Earth had shifted on its axis a couple of years ago, an image of the Earth from above over the North Pole, launched an idea that Tartaria supports.

Was the old age we call Atlantis the pivotal landmass point that today is the North Pole, surrounded as it remains today, by Europe, Scandinavia, Asia, and the Americas, but in its days of glory was positioned in what today is the West? Lemuria would then be what is said to be being un-iced in Antarctica.

The idea would cancel out the historical programme as we have been led to believe, that to sail between the Continents beyond the Middle Ages required a huge undertaking from Men way above the normal in intelligence and tenacity, and more to the point, in keeping historical chronology in tune with Scaliger’s fraud of a historical devolved humanity evolving to the expression we suffer today.

Is history a big lie? understanding Tartaria




Is history a big lie? understanding Tartaria

References to Tartaria from old sources

Evidence of highly advanced scientific methods employed within Tartaria from the 1600s :
Lexicon technical, or, a universal English dictionary of arts and sciences : explaining not only the terms of art, but the arts themselves, by Harris, John, 1667? – 1719, p 294 :

Is history a big lie? understanding Tartaria

Source for download : Internet Archive

Taken as a screenshot we have here a map of North America said to be from 1570 clearly showing a huge city and area named nation :

Is history a big lie? understanding Tartaria

Claes Janszoon Visscher ‘s rare Twelve Caesars world map. He clearly uses a specific colour to denote boundaries for each empire and shows North America and Mexico to be within the same colour as Tartaria :

Is history a big lie? understanding Tartaria

CJ Visscher’s world maps are among the most spectacular world maps published in the 17th Century. The present map is one of four world maps with decorative panels issued by Visscher between 1614 and 1652. In 1639, Visscher prepared this exquisite world map on Mercator’s projection in the style of Blaeu and Jansson. This example is the final state of that map from 1652, determined by the date engraved in the lower right image, next to the small southern hemispheric map.

Embellished with scenes of twelve Roman emperors mounted on horses in full battle gear – thus often called the “Twelve Caesars Map” – along with representations of the four continents, six costumed figures showing the mode of dress in each of the regions (Europeans, Asiatici, Africani, North Americans, South Americans and Magellanici), and including eight city views (Rome, Amsterdam, Jerusalem, Tunis, Mexico City, Havana, Parnambuco and Bahio Todos Santos).

Report on His Journey to Ilchí, the Capital of Khotan, in Chinese Tartary in 1867

chinese tartary

In 1983 the CIA released this document

Is history a big lie? understanding Tartaria

If the above document is a real CIA written work, then I suggest it is further evidence that the Russian Orthodox Church is the Church of Zion, and, in forming the huge deception for the Mohammedans to absorb, suggests that this new energised political Islam is but a front for the new world order to be used as the subverter of Gods creation. Or, they are destroying the creation and replacing it with Islam the sword.

In essence we can clearly see that in the Northern Hemisphere there once was a great empire held together under a trade agreement. That something happened within the empire that caused a schism, the perpetrators being called the parasites, or Judah/Judas. Hence, there is Israel the nation and then there are Jews and the fake and un-holy Templar Israel.

Once there were the Israelites who became imprisoned by Judah that became known collectively as Judaism. Judah would reform behind the Khazar and birth Sabbateanism that would move to create a new prison for the tribes in a place called Palestine. Today they call that prison Israel and hope to slaughter at least two thirds of those living in Israel to activate the slaughter in Europe.

458 BC-One day in this year the petty Palestinian tribe of Judah (earlier disowned by the Israelites) produced a racial creed, the disruptive effect of which on subsequent human affairs may have exceeded that of explosives or epidemics. This was the day on which the theory of the master-race was set up as “the Law”.

The Controversy of Zion Douglas Reed 1951

It is also said that the returning Levites after the Babylonian captivity were in fact full fledged black magician’s who took root within the tribes of Judah and Benjamin who had been outcast by the Israelites.

So we have a bit of a puzzle to be solved… did those tribes imprisoned by the Temple break free? If this is the case it would then follow that from within those tribes imprisoned by Judah, many fled West, they made home in Europe and Britain and showed themselves in the following heraldry, and that the fake Israel in Palestine is the means to re-group the tribes back into the yoke of the subversive tribe of Judas  :

Is history a big lie? understanding Tartaria







Is history a big lie? understanding Tartaria







Is history a big lie? understanding Tartaria







Is history a big lie? understanding Tartaria







Is history a big lie? understanding Tartaria







Is history a big lie? understanding Tartaria







Is history a big lie? understanding Tartaria







Is history a big lie? understanding Tartaria







Is history a big lie? understanding Tartaria







That my good friends is the question to be answered in 2019?

[1] Foundlings and the Orphan Trains

[2]Full introduction of the main subject matter relating to the mud flood idea.

[3] Betrayal of those Russians who fought against Stalin were returned to Stalin after WWII. You can see the many tribes amongst those about to be returned to Russia, tribes that would fit the narrative of the destruction of Tartaria and complete takeover of the same for itself and ally in communism, the China of Mao.

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