Epstein, Clinton Foundation, ARK, Absolute Return for Kids, Adam and Eve and Noah

Epstein, Clinton Foundation, ARK, Absolute Return for Kids, Adam and Eve and Noah










20 February 2022

On the back of the fantasy pandemic we can see the script writers moving the entire show into the hands of the well established HIV/AIDS machine.  It is also the case that as they end restrictions, they have moved to shift the fear raised from the cauldron under pandemic, onto Russia. Fear is a tangible and manipulatable energy,  it is imperative you realise that control by fear is the key to understanding what is going on. The current method being employed, enables the priestcraft to further divide the populations into fixed and opposing autistic feedback loops, from that position the media can control the thoughts and thus actions of the same, by fixing them even further into the perceived side of the left right paradigm. This autistic mechanic is known to the mind benders as Schismogenesis.

Consider it to be a fully established fact, that the highest expression of the elite paedophile ring is now embedded in the corporate ‘Academy’ schools. That within the last two years the influencers have successfully compromised the will of the populations by persuasion, leading to compliance of the nonsense coming out of Public Health England, via your elected representative. The latter achievement has to be seen as an addition to the behavioural change agenda in place through the last decade, today they have lockdown (House Arrest), distanced standing, the idea of a health passport, more tax handed to private Trusts with yet more of your money earmarked for big tech.

With such a huge task achieved, is it fair to suggest that a shift into an older network, specifically the well established HIV/AIDS machine, would be a natural progression, as an administrative essential for all they have formed in the last two years, to be handed to a ready made and operational industry formed in the late 1970s? By this method the real financial account of; “where is our money going and  gone,” can be hidden again from the glare of the people under the charitable Trusts system, especially when you get all the help in the world from the totally controlled and corporate media. In part this charade is about channeling money systems to a new and centralised machine without the public seeing the real game. Easy when you have their minds fixed on nonsense and illogical mantras because they spend their time thinking about whether it is nonsense or not.

But of course it is much more than that, we are witnessing the shift into the new world religion they call the Noahide Law, or Seven Laws of Noah, this they have achieved through the various international treaties, especially the wealth share under the United Nations, which means they invent a machine and the hapless taxpayers, globally pay for it.

The Noahide doctrine can be said to be a child of the Nephilim mind, owned by the Nephilim and administered by the Nephilim. The Nephilim, according to Enoch, are the offspring from the breeding between the fallen angels and earth women, that because of their destructive behaviour, they are cursed never to raise themselves to a frequency above the earth plain, thus they are earth bound in the unseen and can be understood to represent the demons presented in the Biblical theology, or maybe not. The Noahide system itself is real, of its origins we are still exploring, but we work with what we have in order to help diffuse confusion, in that spirit the data would strongly suggest what we are witnessing, is the method by which the fallen beings of light act, in order they take complete control of the earth by implementing over it, the world, possibly as revenge for the attempt of the flood to remove them off the face of the earth. This could well be the hidden meaning of both the Adam and Eve and also of Noah, Noah ensuring the Nephilim survived the deluge. [See image at the top of this paper.]

We must begin to correlate the symbolism in the game of the elite bloodlines, which in this case are symbolised in the stories of the Adam and Eve and also of Noah. Noah was Nephilim blood, he had the mark, seen in his drunkenness. In the first instant we have the ARK; symbolic of a ship, a vessel, [Maritime Law] we have the name Noah which is the basis for the 7 Laws of Noah, the new platform they are moving in as the one world religion. We have the Phoenician involvements in the moving around of the deposed cult of the Aten, formed by the Pharaoh, Akhenaton, ending up in many places, the importance of which, for this examination, would be the apparent idea that the elect of the Aten cult headed for the Levant, when Egypt left as the Bronze Age collapsed. This offers up the story of the creation of Israel and the kingdom of Judah. The story becomes far more interesting if we look at the symbols of the Middle Ages, symbols that are different from the symbolism used and accepted today by the three major religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, each born of the Adam and Eve – Noah narrative. But that is for another paper.

Brought Into The Modern day

Jeffrey Epstein and his sordid network are said to have been the driving force behind the birth of the Clinton Foundation when Bill was governor of ARK-ansas. This makes sense when you consider the amount of times ‘Billy boy Clinton’ took flight on the Lolita Express to satisfy his sexual perversions. Not forgetting the fact, the Venetian trick has always been to befriend, learn his or hers perversions and to then become the suppler of that perversion or wish. This gains access and thus the ability to have favours carried out as payment for the procurement of the victims needs, each time a favour is asked, carrying it out corrupts the victim until they have become as low on the morality scale as the handlers in the encouraged debauched actions. When you are dealing with personalities that hold power, be that in wealth or a political position, then these favours become the means of undermining a culture from those expected to uphold it.

Epstein, Clinton Foundation, ARK, Absolute Return for Kids, Adam and Eve and Noah

ARK and UK Politics

Insight into how ARK has managed to influence and maybe control UK politics:

Epstein, Clinton Foundation, ARK, Absolute Return for Kids, Adam and Eve and Noah









Boris Johnson:

Epstein, Clinton Foundation, ARK, Absolute Return for Kids, Adam and Eve and Noah








They Are Giants

According to Enoch, the Nephilim were giants. Are we witnessing the symbolic welcome for those elect and selected, that will promote ARK. If we go back to 2006 and the image below we see a female giant on the door sporting the Venetian baroque attire:

Epstein, Clinton Foundation, ARK, Absolute Return for Kids, Adam and Eve and Noah








Again, at the 2006 ARK gala fundraiser, we have more giant symbolism as a giant girl flees the Sultan’s elephant, after the elephant sprayed her in the morning, a parade that would have them headed straight down the Mall:

Epstein, Clinton Foundation, ARK, Absolute Return for Kids, Adam and Eve and Noah











Epstein, Clinton Foundation, ARK, Absolute Return for Kids, Adam and Eve and Noah







Epstein, Clinton Foundation, ARK, Absolute Return for Kids, Adam and Eve and Noah
LONDON – MAY 07: The giant marionette of the little girl licks her lollipop as she takes a walk through St.James Park on May 7, 2006, in central London. For three days the French Theatre company, Royal De Luxe, is performing street theatre set on the streets of London which features a 42-tonne mechanical elephant, a time-travelling Sultan, a 6-metre tall little girl and a crashing space ship. (Photo by Jim Dyson/Getty Images)

Lollipop Girl

Epstein, Clinton Foundation, ARK, Absolute Return for Kids, Adam and Eve and Noah
The gigantic mechanical elephant, and the Sultan, encounter the Little Girl of the play. The Sultan’s Elephant show, for the first time in London, on Friday, May 5, 2006, is a magical, and unique in the world, theatrical show across the streets, performed by an international French company – Royal De Luxe – specialised in constructing and giving ‘life’ to enormous mechanical puppets. The Sultan’s Elephant is the story of a Sultan dreaming of a little girl that travels through time. **ITALY OUT**













The year after all the giant/nephilim symbolism at the 2006 fundraiser, ARK offers up a  press release in 2007:

ARK Announces Strategic Partnership With The Clinton Foundation, London (2007)

ARK (Absolute Return for Kids), the international children’s charity, has announced that it is launching the Clinton-ARK Initiative for Mozambique, through a strategic partnership with the Clinton Foundation HIV/AIDS Initiative (CHAI). The partnership will support the delivery of rapid and high quality care and treatment for HIV/AIDS in Mozambique.

The Clinton-ARK Initiative for Mozambique will provide training and mentoring for health care workers, reaching over 300 clinicians in its first year. The five year partnership will be funded by ARK to a total of USD $8 million. Programmes will be  jointly designed and managed by ARK (led by ARK HIV/AIDS Director, Dr Ashraf Grimwood) and CHAI, working with the government of Mozambique.

The strategic partnership was announced at ARK’s 6th Annual Gala Dinner in London in a speech by former President Bill Clinton. Attended by 1,200 guests, predominantly from the financial services industry, the event raised an astonishing £26.6 million ($53 million) for the charity, exceeding the £18.5 million raised in 2006. Thanks to sponsorship by Bloomberg, Merrill Lynch, UBS, Blue Crest and two anonymous donors, all the money raised goes directly to support ARK’s programmes.

The Dinner also raised funds to support the expansion of ARK’s other programmes such as City Academies and the Future Leaders programme for future head teachers in the UK, enabling children to leave institutional care in Eastern Europe, and other HIV/AIDS projects in South Africa.

The Gala Dinner was held at the historic Marlborough House on Pall Mall, home of the Commonwealth Secretariat. The auction conducted by Lord Dalmeny, Deputy Chairman of Sotheby’s UK, included, amongst other items, dinner with ex-Soviet Union President Mikhail Gorbachev, a day on the set of the new Bond film with Daniel Craig, following the action in the America’s Cup with Team Alinghi, and a photograph by Andreas Gursky.

 The legendary musician, Prince, entertained guests with an amazing performance.

 The pledge appeal was delivered by Madonna.

The style and organisation of the Gala were finessed by the work of event producers, Starlight, Rhubarb Food Design and Rob van Helden Floral Design.

Arpad Busson, ARK’s Chairman, said:

“The Clinton-ARK Initiative for Mozambique is a remarkable landmark in ARK’s development. In the past three years, ARK’s work in South Africa has prevented nearly 30,000 children from being orphaned, and we are now poised to replicate our model in Mozambique. We are honoured to be working with the Clinton Foundation to save the lives of those infected with HIV/AIDS in Africa, helping the Mozambican government increase their medical training programmes to address the significant shortage of qualified personnel, training more than 300 this year alone. We are also rolling out ARV treatment and adherence programmes to both caregivers and children.”

Arpad Busson further commented:

“ARK’s Gala Dinner was a fantastic success in achieving what matters to us most — transforming children’s lives. After putting all the money raised at last year’s ARK Dinner to work, we now have ambitious plans to expand ARK’s work in education, both in the UK and internationally, in providing care for institutionalised children in Bulgaria and elsewhere in Eastern Europe, and HIV/AIDS in Southern Africa.”

President Clinton, said:

The ARK model’s tremendous success in treating HIV/AIDS in South Africa makes it a natural partner for the Clinton Foundation in Mozambique. Working with ARK, we can provide life saving medicine to children with AIDS, while also training people to diagnose, treat and care for them and follow-up with their treatment.” This partnership tackles the massive needs in Mozambique, where 78% of the population live on less than $2 per day and 1.8 million adults and children are infected with HIV/AIDS-the fourth largest number worldwide. The lack of skilled resources is apparent through the existence of only a little over 500 Mozambican doctors, serving a population of nearly 20 million. This Initiative will train and mentor existing health care workers, as well as increase the numbers able to enter the profession through medical schools, with a particular emphasis on HIV/AIDS.

Deeper Study of the Levant as the Bronze Age collapsed due to the introduction of iron:

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Insight in to the science peddled by the Epstein network:
Ben Goertzel,  Epstein and Coronavirus
An Interview with Dr. Deborah Duong, Director for AI Development at Rejuve and Director of Network Analytics at SingularityNET and Dr. Ben Goertzel, founder of SingularityNET.

Recently, Dr. Ben Goertzel, CEO of SingularityNET convened theCOVID-19 Summitto bring veterans in AI and Data Science researchers with epidemiologists, front-line doctors, and policymakers to look at how we handled the situation so far and what are the expectations going forward. 

OpenCog’s founder, Ben Goertzel, who has thanked Epstein
Opencog: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EEFYYAPU8AAxQIa.jpg 
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