Why the elites want your children

Why the elites want your children





Today the hight of global corporatism run a platform that has an unsavoury and sinister interest in your children. Everything they offer as contract for benefits and other such handouts, is moving to ‘Intervention Orders’ within the contracts to remove the children at their whim. We first found this hidden format as the endgame for the food banks, the intention is to contract for three handouts after which you are classed as unable to support your children and away they go.

The following video presents the fact, your children are the main interest for the elite when they wish to stop the clock and start again. The huge and empty cities built across China come to mind as an agenda going live as I write.

The Soviet created Family Courts have removed the male from the family unit of the white european public, leaving the mother and offspring at the mercy of the almighty corporate state of bankrupt government. Something is afoot for the next level of the degenerate agenda of the parasite, and when we look for the common denominator for this commercial enterprise, we find there to be more than one, It comes on the back of poverty, famine, catastrophe and war.

Austerity is the middle man for the shift, we need to fold the bankrupt government and go back to the realm.



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