Dutroux case and victim witnesses tells a dark story of power

EIM Group, ARK (Absolute Return for Kids) and the Dutroux Child Abuse Ring





When it comes to the politics of the new world order we have to realise that the power comes from within the secret society networks. Holding power over the entire political class we see blackmail as the protocol to ensure no one steps out of line. In the Dutroux scandal from the 1990’s we glimpse the networks and players that keep the political class in line with the banking takeover of the world.

The importance of the following testimonies comes in the fact, players mentioned in the testimonies became a part of the European Institute of Management (EIM). From this operation we find a connection to Absolute Return for Kids (ARK) through the protege of Fiat frontman Giovanni Agnelli and one Arpad Busson, close friend of Madonna and Elton John who is an honorary patron of ARK and wanted to adopt a child from the Ukraine. You have to connect the dots here.

If this was not bad enough we find two more representatives of the unclean in Bill and Melinda Gates who love ARK and despise children, you have to see the connection here.

ARK also ties to the Clinton Global Initiative which in 2007, attended and was represented by Paul Bernstein Managing Director ARK Absolute Return for Kids.




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