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The Mystical Body Of Satan, What You Need To Know

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When you dig into the old theologies the basic premise is that because of the fall, the demonic realm has influence on our material bodies only. That from that position they aim to pull you closer to the creed as an individual. If you accept their call you become a possessed creature, you forsake your own soul or spirit from having access to you’re earthly existence. You therefore Curse your life.

Idolatry, What You Need To Know
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Idolatry literally means the worship of an “idol”, also known as the worship of a cult image, in the form of a physical image, such as a statue.
In the Abrahamic religions, namely Christianity and Judaism, idolatry denotes the worship of something or someone other than God as if it were God.
First point of note, Rome was a creation of Babylonian families.

Pharaoh And His Legions And The Marked Slaves

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The mark of the slave, the subversion of Christendom, Pharaohs legions and the Zionist new world order, what you need to know. The flag of Egypt is the ensign of the sect of Ali (the second Mohammedan head of religion), which is 'Mars, a Crescent, Luna; within the horns of which is displayed an estoile of the second'--abandoning the vert, or green, of the 'Hadgi', or of Mecca, the site of the apotheosis of Mohammed. The Mohammedan believers of the sect of Ali rely on the 'masculine principle'--more closely, in this respect, assimilating with the Jews; and therefore their distinctive heraldic and theological colour is red, which is male, to the exclusion of the other Mohammedan colour, green, which is female. The 'Hadgi', or Pilgrims to Mecca, wear green; the Turkish Mussulmans wear red and green, according to their various titles of honour, and to their various ranks.

Ancient Egyptian Arabic Order Of The Nobles Of The Mystic Shrine

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The Rabbis are very clear as it relates to the enforcement of the Noahide Laws over the world of the Gentiles, which is to be centred in Jerusalem and controlled by the Sanhedrin through a Rabbi led Supreme Court, with the intention of forming a new United Nations in Israel to enforce the will of the Sanhedrin over nations through the already achieved incorporation of the State. In previous reports I have presented the root of all subversive societies as having origin in the Egyptian mystery schools, in this report we shall explore the Islamic priesthood of Imams who are moving to install the Unwritten Laws of Islam over the Written laws compiled in the Koran. This presents the fact, as declared by many Rabbis, that political Islam, born of the secret Sufi sects, is the broom of Israel, the direct result of political Islam being subservient to the Rabbis.

How Christianity Became A Zionist Arm, Building The Fake Israel

Cyrus Scofield portrait- Internet Archive- from In Many Pulpits with Dr. C. I. Scofield 2


The Zionist fantasy is moving to subvert, kill and enslave both the United States and Britain as the supreme Masonic scapegoat so the world can herald in the anti-Christ system and be satisfied the evil has gone long enough for the remaining to be shackled by insurmountable debt and as gentiles, be killed. In essence the creed of the Mystical Jewish Messiah of the 17th century, Sabbatai (Shabbatai) Tzvi, which promised to depose the kings of the earth, unite the ten lost tribes and restore Israel, is laying out the script for exactly that.


History Of Freemasonry, Albert Gallatin Mackey, Vol II, The Prussian Knight, 21st Degree

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Albert Gallatin Mackey was a 33rd Degree Freemason who served as Grand Lecturer and Grand Secretary of The Grand Lodge of South Carolina, as well as Secretary General of the Supreme Council of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite for the Southern Jurisdiction of the United States. As a Christian, the original obligation of Masonry coming out of Britain, Mackey was very concerned how Masonry had been undermined by a cult transfixed on Noah, and a system they claimed, was set forth for Mankind by the same, to which all must submit if they are to enter this world to come.

In Profile : How And Why British Freemasonry Changed Allowing The Mafia Monarchy To Reign Over Us

The Bible
British Mafia Monarchy

The following is an example of the sort of intrigue one finds in historical accounts of kings and queens, it is set within the last two centuries involving the current German House holding the reigns of power, who by all definitions of British Law, appear to be ruling in a manner which sets itself against the British Constitution and realm as a master plan. A plan that would see the second Elizabeth undo all that the first Elizabeth, financed by the House of Pallavacini, had achieved. By the invention of the legal persona, banks have become owners of the land.

The Watchtower And The Masons, Fritz Springmeier

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Deep insight into the origins of the Jehovahs Witness organisation as a Freemasonic cult and a heresy, readying for submission of the Christian to the Jewish Noahide Laws.

In Profile : The Bee Hive Symbolism In Freemasonry
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As an introduction to this report it must be considered that when the world was broken up into nations, the idea of the beehive symbolism can be classed as an essential requirement to upkeep the realm.
Under the backdrop of religious war and power struggles, Freemasonry was formed to protect the bloodlines and the players that had broken from the yoke of the corrupted Roman system. Or at least that is what we are taught.
They were Reformers who cast aside the Medici way, continued through the usury of the bankers financing the Vatican system. This was the case at least in the minds of the Men that would join the fraternity in England under the Rite of York, of course when it comes to the real high end agenda, it was the move to support the incorporation of the nation, for that a King had to die.

Symbolism : Rosicrucianism And Freemasonry
The Bible
So if we examine the idea that the Templars after their meetings with the Hermetic Sufis the Brethren of Sincerity (sex magic) through the period in which Crusade was active, that after their own troubles in Europe would go onto to shift their esotericism into another Sufi based doctrine, Rosicrucianism, and became the physical military wing of the builders of the temple, then Freemasonry post Sabbatean and then Illuminati pyramidal infiltration, must be seen as another physical representation of the Templar network building the Temple of Solomon for the hubris, greed and avarice of the hidden Royalty.

What Was The Character Of King Solomon And Who Is Rebuilding His Temple?

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It is not a well known fact that there was a secret fraternity acting to rebuild the Temple of Solomon who wore the cross patte on their chests long before the Knight’s Templar had become militarised in the 11th century. The same agenda would again show itself in the public through the Converso rabbi, Menasseh Ben-Israel, co-conspirator with Oliver Cromwell for the murder of a British King.

What is the Crown Temple?
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The British monarch is not the Crown, the office of monarch is the head of state[1] and exists in the fiction. The Crown is the bankers and attorneys who are the priestcraft or wizards that administer the will of the Templar Crown which is commanded by the hidden bloodlines, or what we can call the Big Houses of old money. The heads of the Solomon Templars made base in Switzerland in 1291 from which European micro states were born as the system spread.

Oliver Cromwell A Mulatto Puritan And The Real Corporate Commonwealth
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1642 – 1685 : The period of the English Civil War in which the laws on Usury are removed and Compound Interest (Usury) replaces Fees, and a banking puppet monarchy established under Charles II Protected by the strange man and Royal Society member that was General George Monck. The East India Company charters were changed giving the company legal authority to invent and enforce its own statutes, in contradiction to the Realm, and therefore no longer of the British Realm. An empire is born in private hands in the sovereign state called the Inner City of London acting as the front empire to the Templar elite. Scotland held the Templar Navy which would become the East India Companies whereby Holland hosted the financial banking paradigm, through Cromwell they would move the financial and commercial to a revived Inner City of London until the Tudor Navy could transform to become the Royal Navy.

Walpole’s Whigs, Privatising The Crown, Takeover Of The East India Company And The Church Of England
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Sir Robert Walpole was born August 26, 1676, at Houghton Hall, Norfolk, England, he died March 18, 1745, in London. Robert Walpole became 1st earl of Orford in 1725. As a British statesman he held power from 1721–42, and is regarded as the first British prime minister establishing Downing Street as home of the Prime Minster. In 1705 he was made a member of Prince George of Denmark’s Council, which controlled the affairs of the navy during the War of the Spanish Succession of 1701–14.

Holy See

In Profile : The Aldobrandini, Lucifer And Its Servants

The Bible

The following body of information has to be understood in these terms; that the Holy See, is a distinct organisation to the Vatican. The Holy See controls the Vatican, the Templar Inner City of London and Washington DC. It has recreated this platform in the East through the House Breakspear. The Holy See is based in Switzerland, the Octagon.

Rome To Templars To Freemasonry, We Face The Same Enemy

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With much play on the idea that Freemasonry and the Knights Templar are one and the same entity, holding the same beliefs and the same morality, as did those wholesome societies of antiquity, raises a question… does this suggestion of morality play out in real time historical fact, and, if so, what happened to such a strong upstanding morality and why is it vacant in today’s world of finance given the entire order of Freemasonry, together with the Jesuit Order, stand charged as the protector of the corporate takeover?

In Profile : The Society Of Jesus
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The Jesuit Order or more correctly The Society of Jesus or ‘The Company’ was formed from the differing Monastic orders existent in the 1500s by Francis Borgia who was commissioned by Alessandro Farnese to create the Society of Jesus as the new Vatican Templar military force. Borgia was the great grandson of King Ferdinand II of Aragon and Ignatius Loyola was one of his puppets. Created at the time of the renaissance to support it, a council of ten families dictate terms to the order.

The Secret Instructions Of The Jesuits

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Secret Societies, you never really know what they are up to and who they serve. Like Freemasonry, the Society of Jesus is a tale of subversion and success. Here is what was written back in 1860.
This edition of the ” Monita Instructions of the Jesuits” mistranslation published in London in the year 1723 by John Walthoe. In addition the Four Oaths or Vows which must be taken by all Members of the Order. These form the third and fourth chapters of the fifth part of the Consti-tutions of the Jesuits, and are copied from a trans-lation published by Messrs. Rivingtons’, in 1838.

Let Notre Damn Burn

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We seek the truth. To be successful in this endeavour we cannot edit truths that are painful, even perhaps horrific. Unless you are of the mind Vatican II came about at a time when every Priest, Bishop, Arch Bishop and Cardinal, was pure Catholic, then you must consider that to achieve Vatican II, many centuries of soft massage and manipulation from an outside yet inside source, has been in play. We can form a demarcation line in the Carolingian reversal of the Benedictine Doctrine on the ownership of land and property, from which was born the feudal system that was swiftly implanted in England.

Vatican II, The Templar Secret Societies And The One World Religion
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The following thesis follows the accepted chronology held by academia. It must be understood that the information is what is taught to initiates and adepts of the secret orders, as it is the histories accepted by the three major religions. There is however a growing grasp to the fact that the elites, have changed historical fact and created a fantasy fake history, adding a full 1000 years they call the dark age, to remove the existence of the real play of empires before the amalgamation or combine of secret societies during the Crusades. It then follows that Egypt has also been shifted in historical time and that what was birthed in the Crusades, was a retrieval of the knowledge left by older cultures, upon which they formed a great work in order they could subvert the globe to the yoke of the will of the high elect.

Why St George? Has England’s History Been Faked Pre-14th Century?
The Bible
Today we exist in the midst of a battle for the minds of man. The internet has been key in the subversion of the old historical paradigm into which we have been cajoled, and yet it has also brought information and histories one would never seek under the normal run of the mill, or have access too.
Born and bred in the North West of England, I have wondered since learning the fact, our patron saint is in fact a character from Cappadocia in what is today Turkey, how this could be? A difficult endeavour it is in the construction of the bridge between Turkey and England, we have the Lombards and we have Constantine himself, but I never envisaged such a possible tale as that suggested by Anatoly Fomenko.

In Profile : The Esoteric Agenda
The Bible
In the book by Alice Anne Bailey, The Externalisation of the Hierarchy, we learn :
“That in place of Christianity the Mystery Religions will be restored by the Church (Vatican II) and Freemasonry.”
For this to be so either the Church and Freemasonry have always served those with the will to global domination, or they have been infiltrated and taken over by something other than that which created them. History presents the latter modus operandi as the reality of the situation, especially when it comes to the ‘supposedly’ Protestant network Freemasonry.


Historical Fact Shows That Judaism Is An Inversion Of The Hebrew Tradition

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If we are to understand why Judaism excepts only those born to a Jewish woman are to be seen as real Jews, we can gain insight from the Norse mythos as it relates to Loki. To the Hebrews one might accept that the Father is all things and thus patriarchs were born of the male god to an earthly woman, this fulfils itself in the story of the Virgin birth of Jesus. In the case of Loki, he was the result of an earthly man copulating with a goddess which opposes the accepted Hebrew tradition forming the distinction between the two families of Man. By this demarcation alone the Jew presents the real position they hold as it relates to Biblical tradition….that of opposition. But of course there is more.

In Profile : The Essenes Of Qumran

The Bible


The Essenes are a Qumran sect and controlled the priesthood at the time of the Temple destruction by Rome in 70AD. What this means is that they held all the knowledge housed within the Temple at the time destruction loomed, as such it was they who would remove and control the knowledge of the mystery schools. They were essentially celibates and aesthetics, preferring the solitary existence as a monastic priesthood. Two other priesthood’s, the Sadducees and the Pharisees had elders on the council, forming a trinity which together, were classed as the Aaronite Priests, each group claiming continuum from the antediluvian period, and more importantly, the secrets they held came not from Enoch born of Jared, the doctrines they held had origin in the works of Enoch son of Cain. It would be Cain’s bloodline pre-flood, that would work with the Nephilim to create the corruption of Atlantis, as such, when it comes to Gnosticism, we are dealing with the doctrines of the fallen angels.

Darda, Phrez, Zerah And The House Of Judah
The Bible
According to some scholars, it is claimed that Darda is in fact Dara with the claim of a scribal error omitting the Hebrew letter Dalet, or the English D, and based in the fact a double Resh as not possible in the Hebrew language. (The Hebrew letters Dalet and Resh are very similar and easily confused)
Darda was a real entity in the Bible narrative and was descended from Judah, one of the twelve sons of Jacob, the son of Isaac, the son of Abraham.

Shabbatai Tzvi & The Sabbatean-Frankist Chronology From 1492 To Israel

The Bible



In the latter decades of the 1700s established Jewry suffered a schism coming out of a strange Cabalistic cult that would herald its leader as the long awaited precursor or path maker messiah for the takeover of the entire globe. From this stream of anti-life theology would be born the two pronged path that is the Zionist religio-political dementia which initially aimed to recreate the State of Israel and the action packed and genocidal Marxist Bolshevism as the method by which Gentiles would be forced to the will of the Noahide Laws. This two armed attack has been successful in destroying the worlds idea of freedom in the destruction of the United States, from which they intend to enthrone the knights of hate who will work through China, the banking corporate construct, to rule over the earth through contract. Trump is overseeing this transformation.

How The Rothschild’s Use The Khazar To Subvert The Hebrew Communities In All Nations

The Bible

The Hebrew tribes known as the Israelites were commanded by God to assimilate in all nations in which they resided. The Jews, however, have taken upon themselves the title of Gods Chosen, and do not assimilate outside of pretence in order they can undermine the host nation.[3]
In the following body of information we can see how Hebrew assimilation has always been destroyed by the Talmudic Rabbis through the mechanic of mass migration of the Khazar into very well settled and harmonious Hebrew communities, who then become tarred with the same brush and are thus forced into a decision… Do we remain true to our assimilated position within a nation, or do we follow the fear of the Khazar and become their slaves so we also share in the Karma of the fake chosen?

In Profile : 6 Million Jews

The Bible
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If you seek out available census and other documentation from the period of WWII, figures from 250 to 300.000 Jews killed in all the concentration camps combined can be proven. The Jewish Chronicle of April 3rd 1992 reported the numbers killed at Auschwitz as being 1 1/2 million, not the 4 million originally claimed. The figure used in the sentencing of the camp officers and personnel, was 300.000 people of varying nationalities that had died at the hard labour camp that was Auschwitz.
Things are not correct in the Holocaust script.

Trump, King Cyrus, The Third Temple And The Mass Movement Of People
The Bible
American President Donald Trump has been placed on an Israeli coin, a half shekel (shakel), he is portrayed as today’s version of the Babylonian King Cyrus, the king that ordered the building of the second temple which as a fraud, was demolished by the Jews after being derided by Jesus.
It was a Scythian Empress Tomris Khatun who would eventually chop off the head off the Persian King Cyrus.
Before we enter that study we need to fully understand how Freemasonry plays into the deception, this shows itself at the level of the Royal Arch Masonry of the York Rite, 7th degree, at which the adepts take the oath to Israel and not the Church of England.

Iran’s Jewish Rulers, What You Need To Know

The Bible


Who really controls Iran?
The financiers never begin a war they do not completely control, this translates as controlling opposing sides through control of the money.

Seeking Ophir, The Phoenician Empire

The Bible




The complex was first discovered by Val Osborn in 1990. Almost a decade of research has indicated it to be a typical Phoenician Colony settlement of the ancient sea kings of around 1000BC. Such sites exist the World over and presently generate enormous controversy among historians and other academics.

Apollo And The Mouse

The Bible

Pussy cat pussy cat where have you been
I have been to London to see the Queen
pussy cat pussy cat what did you there
I frightened a little mouse under the chair

Is History A Big Lie? Understanding Tartaria

The Bible



From my many years of research a picture has formed, and I might add, a very palatable image in which a more likely reality offers up the idea that previous to the Crusades, Christendom was a huge realm with monarchs overseeing each nation under the authority of a Church that represented the message in the Gospels.

Tartaria, The Other Side Of The Equation

The Bible

Tartaria and the Tartars is the new script currently being researched and presented to the alternative media platform. It appears the narrative has taken over the Russian mind as they move to convince the world that Russia is the source of all greatness. I have presented a report on the subject matter available but within this report I expand the idea of Tartaria being the home to the Ten Tribes of Israel.

The Rise Of A New Power In The West
The Bible
Something is about to rise.
Whispers that we have the beginning of a new ‘will’ that claims to be the old ‘will’….. Is upon us.
What is being called a new power in the West, a power the mainstream media will have you believe to be Russia, or the Russian State, a power that is the cause of all the dementia in the United States over Russian collusion and interference, is moving to raise itself up in a ‘resurrection’ type ‘ACT’ and will parade itself as the opposition to all that will be laid at the feet of the Vatican system from the time before the Crusades.

The Geneva Bible, The Jewish Puritan Pilgrims And Vaccination Genocide
The Bible
Is it important that a distinction be made between what is a Jewish creation and what is a Christian creation? Because by their talents, the Jewish community have managed to present Christianity as the antagonist and evil doer to history, in many events that were nothing of the sort. This position must be made correct before the entire global Evangelical Zionist cult releases the anger of the Puritan across the European landmass, again.


Nostradamus Predictions About The Rise Of An Islamic Empire

The Bible






Shabbatai Tzvi & The Sabbatean-Frankist Chronology From 1492 To Israel

The Bible



In the latter decades of the 1700s established Jewry suffered a schism coming out of a strange Cabalistic cult that would herald its leader as the long awaited precursor or path maker messiah for the takeover of the entire globe. From this stream of anti-life theology would be born the two pronged path that is the Zionist religio-political dementia which initially aimed to recreate the State of Israel and the action packed and genocidal Marxist Bolshevism as the method by which Gentiles would be forced to the will of the Noahide Laws. This two armed attack has been successful in destroying the worlds idea of freedom in the destruction of the United States, from which they intend to enthrone the knights of hate who will work through China, the banking corporate construct, to rule over the earth through contract. Trump is overseeing this transformation.

How Islam Is Responsible For The War Against Islam To Secure Social Fraud
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If we look now at the last general election we find that 64% of British Muslims block voted for New Labour, this comes after every war against Islamic nations started by New Labour since 1997. A profound statistic indeed when you consider many of the native Brits have ceased to vote in the elections as it is clear non of the parties act in the interests of the nation, in fact they each move further into the hands of the U.N. E.U. the U.S. and Israel.

Proceeds Of Crime, The Rise Of Islam And The Kings Of Israel

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In appearing to have control over fuel across the nation, the Kings of Israel will use this to further form hatred between Christians and Muslims when Israel moves against Iran. All fuel will be blockaded and serious rations will commence. We saw how this will play out during the last fuel shortage when backward petrol station owners, more than likely connected to the Freemasonic front, The Muslim Brotherhood, had signs banning non Muslims from purchasing fuel.

Is Gnostic Tradition Controlling Islamic End Times Theory?
The Bible
The driving force of Sunni Islam and to a lesser extent, Shi’ite Islam today is not the Koran. Driving the mindset of Muslims today are the Hadith’s (tradition)
In the same way as the Talmud has taken precedent over the Torah for Zionist Jews and Christian Zionism, Islam is also heading for error as the end times scenario that Islam follows is based in the false gnostic Gospels. The Hadith written six centuries after the book of Revelations are a copy of the then existent end times scenarios of the Jews and Christians. The Hadith is an invented miss mash of what can only be described as questionable scripture.

The Difference Between The Shia Of Iran And Sunni Of Arabia In Islamic Terms

The Bible

Not unlike Christianity which began as an institution under the Catholic doctrine, Islam has removed itself from the original text and ignored the rules and warnings given by their prophet. In so doing like the Vatican which today operates under the Second Vatican Council or Vatican II, Islam has removed itself from the Laws of Moses.

The Real Story In The Gulf States, Wahhabist Suni’s V Iran
The Bible
Nothing of the real political scene in the Gulf states of Saudi Arabia which has pitted the Suni against Shia, is ever presented in a manner that can be understood by the general populations through the corporate media channels.
The public are deliberately left in a state of hypnosis so that politicians and think tanks can take full advantage of the hypnotic state, and peddle whatever garbage they can get away with to secure a paralysis in any moves against the agenda of the day.

Is Islam Being Set Up To Set Up The West With World War The Aim?
The Bible
I think an enquiry into the policies of western governments is required as the world enters into slow starvation. An enquiry in order we can better understand why seemingly demented ideas and statutes of division are forcing policies that will serve to channel only anger and blame, leading ultimately to hatred and violence. But first a little reminder of a not to distant history from which shining examples of what not to do, when a nation experiences a state of poverty and suffering with a serious overbalance to violent authority, but most important of all the examples present a clear case as to why we must cease listening to the whispers of diverted blame, especially from leaders and the media.

The Arab States And The Refugees

The Bible


“Kuwait and the other Gulf Cooperation Council countries are too valuable to accept any refugees. … It’s too costly to relocate them here. Kuwait is too expensive for them anyway, as opposed to Lebanon and Turkey, which are cheap. They are better suited for the Syrian refugees. … it is not right for us to accept a people that are different from us. We don’t want people that suffer from internal stress and trauma in our country.” — Kuwaiti official, Fahad al-Shalami.

Labour, Anti-Semitism And Islamophobia, What You Need To Know

The Bible




Today as an Islamic party, due entirely on the fact, it pumps out our money in benefits, the result of the previous party agenda of dismantling trade and industry forcing the move east for all enterprise to China, the Muslims block vote Labour to secure the benefits they have defrauded since they arrived. Now one may take that as a subtle attack, but what that is, is fact.

The Islamic Party Of Ontario, Whats It All About?

The Bible



As 2018 came to an end, a subtle threat appeared for the future of yet another nation under the Christian lamp, Canada was introduced to a declaration of war from the head of Canada’s newest aspiring political party, The Islamic Party of Ontario.

Modus Operandi Of A Rape Jihadist, The Quite Protocol Of Islamic Conversion

The Bible




An interesting insight into the mind of the Jihadi outside what we perceive as the theatre of war in which they are found, fighting as they claim for the cause of Islam. In India a report about a rape victims ordeal at the hands of a Muslim with conversion to Islam as his MO, is a story that rings true across Europe with the seemingly senseless lust for the rape of non Muslim girls by Islamic immigrants.

The Truth About The Rohingya Muslims In Myanmar Burma?

The Bible



Yet again the western corporate media spin you a lie. The reality in Myanmar Burma, is clear, the nation has had enough of the all conquering corporate hive mind called Islam, the lower Jihad.
Is it really the case?
The banking empire has sold Muslims a great big lie, a lie that they all hold in their hearts…
They believe they are our Judgment?
This is a prime example of what sane and moral people must never ever do… play with the Talmud.





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