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Great Britain

King Edward VII And His Court
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Possibly the most evil monarch ever to sit on the throne of England just happens to be a Rothschild sired puppet who took the tile of Edward VII.
He was one of the main facilitators for the slaughter of the white race in what is known as World War One. According to Greg Hallet, he was responsible for the change of mandate for Freemasonry shifting from the upkeep of the Church of England and the British realm to a position of full and complete subservience, at Aristocratic level, for the coming fantasy of a new Israel built from a fake and invented idea of the Third Temple.

Winston Churchill : Zionism Verses Bolshevism 1920
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Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill, whom according to Greg Hallet, is the illegitimate child of Edward VII, was an ardent Zionist with the role of berating Bolshevism to form the fantasy of division within the Jewish Messianic cult so they could offer up their speciality of opposing sides they control allowing a theology for the Bolshevik, Karl Marx and his action, and the theology for the political division in which God said subversion and ordered his faithful to birth Zionism.
Churchill was tasked, on behalf of the Crown to secure of the British Government that it make good on its deal to recognise and support the theft of Palestine for the House Rothschild.
Not forgetting this entire script is the newly formed mandate for Freemasonry after Edward VII had Lord Kitchener change it from the upkeep of the realm and Church of England to the coming fake Jerusalem to be installed on the land of another.
What we have in this script is a clear attack upon England by the Talmud which exposes the division between the nation and her military and the Zionised aristocracy Churchill represented.

In Profile : Charles Dreyfus, Winston Churchill And A Letter To Nathan Laski
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In the first instance their appears to be an anomaly relating to the introduction of Charles Dreyfus to Chaim Weizmann from information available between the wiki page for Charles Dreyfus and a document account by his family. The family account states :
The following was written by Dr. Charles Dreyfus in Paris in memory of his father, Dr. Yvan Dreyfus, who was originally responsible for the meeting between Charles Dreyfus his uncle, and Chaim Weitzman.

What Will Britain Be Under Charles III?
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The man on the end of the finger is the future King of Great Britain Charles Philip Arthur George Windsor. The man pointing the finger at the future King of these Isles is a Jew and has the surname of Rothschild.
In truth, one can forget the following verbiage if one wishes to understand the essence of this report, everything you need to know is in the image above.

The Royal Lineage Of Our Noble And Gentle Families
History : People
Obscurity is not synonymous with lack of power
An interesting fact in family history is mentioned by the editor M Walery of Our Celebrities, who publishes a portrait of Major-General Sir Owen Burne in his last number. He says :
“Some few years ago the Morning Post cited the family of Sir Owen Burne as a remarkable instance of illustrious descent in families which have no specially prominent position in the world.”

Oliver Cromwell A Mulatto Puritan And The Real Corporate Commonwealth
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1642 – 1685 : The period of the English Civil War in which the laws on Usury are removed and Compound Interest (Usury) replaces Fees, and a banking puppet monarchy established under Charles II Protected by the strange man and Royal Society member that was General George Monck. The East India Company charters were changed giving the company legal authority to invent and enforce its own statutes, in contradiction to the Realm, and therefore no longer of the British Realm. An empire is born in private hands in the sovereign state called the Inner City of London acting as the front empire to the Templar elite. Scotland held the Templar Navy which would become the East India Companies whereby Holland hosted the financial banking paradigm, through Cromwell they would move the financial and commercial to a revived Inner City of London until the Tudor Navy could transform to become the Royal Navy.

Walpole’s Whigs, Privatising The Crown, Takeover Of The East India Company And The Church Of England

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He became a leading member of the Kit Cat Club which was a meeting place for Whig men of letters.The members of the Kit-Cat Club were writers of various kinds, politicians and aristocrats. Their names include a litany of famous authors – William Congreve, John Vanbrugh, Matthew Prior, Joseph Addison and Richard Steele – but they also included Jacob Tonson, the most important publisher in London, Robert Walpole and a shoal of peers. The unifying factor was Whiggery. In 1700, Whigs, as opposed to Tories, stood for constitutional government against royal absolutism; they were pro-parliament, progressive and hungry for cultural change.

In Profile : The Lord Bowland
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The Duke of Westminster is a member of the Order of the Garter,[a] and employed a strategy of a sinister nature in order he secure the deeds and lands for the estate of the late Earl of Peel.
Having achieved a base within the Forest of Bowland in securing the Peel Estate, and, after destroying his immediate neighbour, Owen Oysten, he set about a scheme in which as a stakeholder through Grosvenor Estates, the Duke has moved to monopolise consumerism in order he can achieve the position of big stakeholder in areas in which Grosvenor Estates has a big stake, Liverpool One being the strategy employed in the City of Liverpool. He has Liverpool, he wants Preston, he used BAE Systems to blackmail Blackburn… What a mess Lancashire has become since this leaping lord leapt from the Cheshire woods to defecate in the woods of Lancashire.

Cecil Rhodes Last Will and Confession of Faith
Cecil Rhodes@0
It often strikes a man to enquire what is the chief goal in life; to one the thought comes that it is a happy marriage, to another great wealth, and as each seizes on his idea, for that he more or less works for the rest of his existence. To myself thinking over the same question the wish came to render myself useful to my country. I then asked myself how could I and after reviewing the various methods I have felt that at the present day we are actually limiting our children and perhaps bringing into the world half the human beings we might owing to the lack of country for them to inhabit that if we had retained America there would at this moment be millions more of English living.

In Profile : House Of Gray, The Wakefields
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Origin of the Name
In the savage state there were no surnames, and woman was the head of the family. The race was divided into gens, and the children belonged to the gens of the mother. Children did not always receive personal, or given names even, but were numbered and were later named or characterised by some act or circumstance of the individual’s life. Population was sparse and intercourse limited, and such designation was all that was required. When man advanced to barbarism and by force united independent tribes into states and kingdoms, he also assumed the head.ship of the family in the same way. With the advance from the life of hunters to that of herdsmen, tillers of the soil, and builders of cities, population increased and commerce began, and there was need of a better designation of the individual than that of the simple name given to him at birth or acquired by him at a later date. So men were naturally first designated by mention of their fathers as Joshua, the son of Nun and Simon Bar Jonas, Simon the son of Jonas. Thus the patronymic is found in use among the Greeks and Romans and the various races and tribes of Europe.

In Profile : Edward Gibbon Wakefield, expert in colonialism
Wakefield,Edward @0 copy 2
Assessments of Edward Wakefield boil down to two questions his integrity and intellectual profundity, either way he was a serious colonialist. The driving force in Edward Gibbon Wakefield’s life was his appetite for power and influence. As a child he was brought up under extreme habits of liberty. This lax environment fostered a love and an aptitude for bending the will of others through obstinacy, charm and fast talking. Although admitted to Gray’s Inn in October 1813, Wakefield did not practise law. Instead, in 1814 he became a messenger for William Hill, an employee in the diplomatic service, and travelled extensively on the Continent.

In Profile : Sir Paul Gordon Fildes, Expert In Biological Warfare

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When it comes to the invention of industry, which of course means creating something out of nothing and making sure it’s a constant, addiction is the prime factor. When it came to the physical body, which is a near perfect system, they realised that to make an industry out of that they first had to break it and then create the industry around eternally mending the damage. Welcome to the new age trinity that is Pharmaceutical, Psychological and the one we shall explore in this report, the Airborne Biological.

In Profile : Margaret Thatcher A Legacy Of Domestic Destruction, Corporatism, And War

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Hitler loved corporatism, Thatcher incorporated Great Britain with hubby Dennis making billions on land deals from MOD land and property sell off. Dennis Thatcher had shares in Coalite which owned Port Stanley in the Falklands and charged around £150 per ship to dock, after the War the cost was over £3000 per ship to dock. Coalite was corporate Intelligence and appears to have metamorphosed as Travis Perkins, the company supplying all U.K. building merchants nationally.

In Profile : David Cameron, Missing Nuclear Weapons And The Iran Script
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With Israel and the Iran situation playing an important narrative on the world stage presently, with Trump having pulled the U.S. from the Iran Nuclear agreement set up by his predecessor, Obama, who handed the green light for Iran to go nuclear, and therefore handed a trump card to the Committee of 300 to release a nuclear strike upon the U.S. itself, and hold the ability to thrust the blame squarely on Iran. This same group has also announced that Isis have the capacity for biological capabilities as Europe is swamped with migrants from the war torn Middle East, but more importantly, while all eyes are on Syria, the major thrust of immigration into Europe comes out of Africa. This again sets up a scapegoat for the Zionists to loose biological attacks and blame the immigrant.

United States of America

JFK Faked His Death, Vatican II And The 1960s Counterculture, Fake News?
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Whilst it is known of the million conspiracy theories relating to the murder of John F. Kennedy. Ryan Dawson has it well covered indeed, John F Kennedy and his brother had fully understood what the enemy of the free world was, Zionist Israel. From the minute they moved against the CIA and it’s commanding authority, Israel, the interconnecting Mafia that is the Italian and Khazarian combine received the order…. two brothers were marked for removal.

Donald Trump, H.J.Heinz, Himmler who connects to Goring to Braun and onto Hitler?

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So Donald Trump is Jewish, his line from Frankfurt, he has more Zionist’s in his cabinet than would be expected from the right. We have Theresa May, unelected, yet running my beloved Isle, Germany being destroyed by Merkel. Funny thing is the elites to which all of the above represent also control Russia, China, India ad infinitum, or should I remind that we do have around four nations in North West Africa not tied to the IMF, but who cares?

Trump, King Cyrus, The Third Temple And The Mass Movement Of People
History : People
American President Donald Trump has been placed on an Israeli coin, a half shekel (shakel), he is portrayed as today’s version of the Babylonian King Cyrus, the king that ordered the building of the second temple which as a fraud, was demolished by the Jews after being derided by Jesus.
It was a Scythian Empress Tomris Khatun who would eventually chop off the head off the Persian King Cyrus.
Before we enter that study we need to fully understand how Freemasonry plays into the deception, this shows itself at the level of the Royal Arch Masonry of the York Rite, 7th degree, at which the adepts take the oath to Israel and not the Church of England.

Official Statement From New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani
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In Profile : Robert Mercer, Renaissance Technologies, Club for Growth
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When all seemed to be falling apart for Trump this summer, one shadowy billionaire, Robert Mercer, offered up his own massive political infrastructure, which included Steve Bannon and Kellyanne Conway, and saved Trump’s campaign from demise.

Aldous Huxley Interviewed By Mike Wallace (1958)
History : People
Insight into the mind of the Sabbatean purveyor of Sin, Aldous Huxley.
The underlying narrative to this interview shows clear the insanity that such as Huxley suffer, “we are Gods because we declare it so…”
You do not have to believe them!


In Profile : Richard Nikolas Eijiro Graf Coudenhove-Kalergi (1894-1972)
History : People
Mass immigration is a real problem today, we now know the coudenhove Kalergi plan to genocide Europe, but who is Richard Coudenhove Kalergi? When your friends include Winston Churchill, Bernard Baruch and a host of Rothschilds, you know the plan is all bad.

The Demonisation Of Milosevic For The Destruction Of The Balkans 1991-99

History : People

Today Kosovo is the fiefdom of NATO and perhaps could be said to be the first colony of the European Union. Rich in minerals but also the pivotal point for the running of opium coming out of Afghanistan. Kosovo was determined a prize to conquer for the money masters well before the conflict would ensue, a conflict Francois Mitterrand was overheard at a European conference laying the manipulation of the Yugoslavian conflict at the feet of Henry Kissinger.
It was through Kissinger Associates that Muslims were armed and encouraged to attack their neighbours, with the CIA in the role of mere lapdogs, such is the power of Henry Kissinger, the diplomat for the Illumined. I do remember the cries coming out of Europe as everything changed overnight, Why?

In Profile : The Froebel Education Method And The Third Reich
History : People
Friedrich Wilhelm August Froebel
As with most great ideas, we find they emanate from the wealthier class. Friedrich Wilhelm August
Froeble is no exception to this rule, from Wikipedia :
Friedrich Wilhelm August Froebel (or Froebel) April 21, 1782, June 21, 1852), was a German pedagogue, a student of Pestalozzi who laid the foundation for modern education based on the recognition that children have unique needs and capabilities. He developed the concept of the kindergarten, and also coined the word now used in German and English.

In Profile : Wilhelm Wundt, Psychological Programming Of Children
History : People
When it comes to education today, things just ain’t what they used to be.
Bringing together all aspects of psychology, Wilhelm Wunt can be said to be the high priest of psychological programming of children in particular, but also able to programme those that would become programmers.

In Profile : György Lukács and the Frankfurt School
History : People
From the Frankfurt School would be launched an agenda to subvert European culture through psychological programs thrust upon the populations. One of the thinkers to whom the soul of the Frankfurt School is attributed is a man called György Lukács. He was a Hungarian Marxist philosopher and a philosopher of Leninist strategy but shifted the Marxist method to focus on the cultural attributes. He formed and agitated for the formation of subversive programs to be operated after the success of the military principle of Marxist revolution.

Ancient World

Pharaoh And His Legions And The Marked Slaves

History : People

The mark of the slave, the subversion of Christendom, Pharaohs legions and the Zionist new world order, what you need to know. The flag of Egypt is the ensign of the sect of Ali (the second Mohammedan head of religion), which is ‘Mars, a Crescent, Luna; within the horns of which is displayed an estoile of the second’–abandoning the vert, or green, of the ‘Hadgi’, or of Mecca, the site of the apotheosis of Mohammed. The Mohammedan believers of the sect of Ali rely on the ‘masculine principle’–more closely, in this respect, assimilating with the Jews; and therefore their distinctive heraldic and theological colour is red, which is male, to the exclusion of the other Mohammedan colour, green, which is female. The ‘Hadgi’, or Pilgrims to Mecca, wear green; the Turkish Mussulmans wear red and green, according to their various titles of honour, and to their various ranks.

Brennius King Of Northumberland And Allobroges
History : People
In an effort to win the crown of Britain, Brennius and Belinus waged war between each other to determine who should succeed their father. Many battles were fought between the two brothers until a time came when their friends intervened and a compromise was decided upon. Belinus became the King of the Britons with Brennius as King of Northumberland. The story is a variation on the light and dark aspect of man the twin duality represented as brothers, yet being the sons of Dunvallo Molmutius.

In Profile : Darda, Phrez, Zerah And The House Of Judah
History : People
According to some scholars, it is claimed that Darda is in fact Dara with the claim of a scribal error omitting the Hebrew letter Dalet, or the English D, and based in the fact a double Resh as not possible in the Hebrew language. (The Hebrew letters Dalet and Resh are very similar and easily confused)
Darda was a real entity in the Bible narrative and was descended from Judah, one of the twelve sons of Jacob, the son of Isaac, the son of Abraham.

A Letter to Caesar
Julius-Caesar-bust@0 copy 2
Every British schoolboy knew by heart the letter British king Caractacus sent to Claudius Caesar. But not many know about the letter, written about a century earlier, from King Cassibellaunus] to Julius Caesar. This letter is quoted in full by Geoffrey of Monmouth, who possessed an ancient manuscript from Brittany that evidently contained the letter. Geoffrey quotes widely from this manuscript in his historical work. The letter reads as follows

What was the character of King Solomon and who is rebuilding his temple?
History : People
What is really behind the banking system? Are we speaking of the hidden narrative in the real nature of King Solomon over his fake persona? In Britain before the Civil War a Templar based theology was being pushed by the Puritans in direct contradiction to the power of Canon Law. More in tune with Jewish tradition the Puritans wanted nothing less than a departure from the restrictive Canons and the ever watchful priesthood of the Catholic tradition. Scotland by this time was already a solid Templar stronghold having pushed the original Christian theology up into the Hebrides, therefore much had been achieved in Scotland as a whole, especially after the mass influx of Belgian families under David I.