What Is The Crown Temple?
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The British monarch is not the Crown, the office of monarch is the head of state and exists in the fiction. The Crown is the bankers and attorneys who are the priestcraft or wizards that administer the will of the Templar Crown which is commanded by the hidden bloodlines, or what we can call the Big Houses of old money. The heads of the Solomon Templars made base in Switzerland in 1291 from which European micro states were born as the system spread.

Rome Controls The New Order : UNIDROIT The Legal Deception
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Below is a list of governments signed into the Roman Imperial entrapment which has one forego the rights of Dominion under god, which are given to Man, to allow a false, a fictitious entity to become who and what you are, as you traverse this life in wonderment of it all.
The ever expanding world government ties itself together through UNIDROIT, it is this that is cause of wars of invasion today, they are forcing this Legal system upon the world

Who Owns Your Soul? Welcome To Cestui Que Vic Trusts
History : Finance
AD 325 – Constantine in the spurious written donation to Pope Sylvester, today proven to be an invention, is basically presenting a case that St Peter as the Apostle of Jesus, and the one to whom Jesus gave the earthly kingdom, is reason enough for Rome to continue to Claim taxes for Christ. Hence was born the Corporation of the Apostle Peter

The Legal Person : What Is Its Nature?
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So, if we are not in reality, unless we claim to be so, a legal person, then how would we best describe our relationship to it?
Title is the means by which you are recognised by the land based government which has the role of securing all the inherent rights to those born on the land. The original Title from which all others are formed, is the Record formed at the Registration of the Live Birth. This belongs to your mother and father because they created it, the state recorded it and held it in Trust. The Government since the early 1800s, has played a deception, they withheld your Title, split it into two, forming a Title they own, the certificate of which, they send to you and that is called a Birth Certificate, which up until recently made it very clear that it must not be used as a form of ID.

In Profile : The John Adam Street Gang
History : Finance
If you are seeking the head of the corporate empire on these Isles then look no further than Adelphi House, off the Strand in London.
But before we enter into this quagmire it is essential we realise that since the acclamation of Queen Elizabeth II, from the invention of the TV, according to Greg Hallet, this Royal House has moved to undermine Britain as a sovereign nation through the extortion of the Office of Monarch by the German operation that is the Deutsches Verteidigungs Dienst, or, the German Defence Service. Known in the intelligence arena as the DVD.

Walpole’s Whigs, Privatising The Crown, Takeover Of The East India Company And The Church Of England
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In January 1712 Robert Walpole was impeached for corruption as secretary at war and subsequently found guilty, expelled from the Commons, and sent to the Tower of London. Living a lavish lifestyle with many friends, his expenses were so high that he fell heavily in debt. Just the way the bankers like it.

Trade V Commerce
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A trade between two people is just that, an exchange of goods and or services between two people.
A trade in Commerce has the original exchange but with added fees and costs accrued by the parasite who has persuaded you to include all its costs into your trade with another.
We can better see this division if we take stock of the fact, a Man carries out Trade, as one jurisdiction and the fiction carries out Commerce, again as its own jurisdiction, or :
Trade is business between unincorporated businesses and people.
Commerce is business between incorporated businesses.

When A Government Becomes A Corporation, What You Need To Know
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There no longer exists any form of representative government under the framework that is the United Nations Charter. The U.N. platform is offered as a contract and is then enforced via the Bilderberg Steering Committee’s influence upon all signatory governments. Today what presents itself as your council or government, or more correctly, the men and women working within the same, defraud you by pretending they represent you and operate according to the parameters of the office they hold after you gave them your vote to hold that office.

Is The Bail-In Principle A Vatican Concordat?
History : Finance
As the 2013 Cyprus bail-in began I frantically searched to see if any such legal system existed in Britain. To my horror I found that December 2012 saw the introduction of the G-SIFI system to be directed today by Canadian governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney.
I then contemplated from what authority could the bankers get the idea that just because they needed cash, that to raid the populations bank accounts was not only a great idea, but morally acceptable.
A document from the Second Vatican Council; The Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern World paragraph 69 has this to say :
“If one is in extreme necessity, he has the right to procure for himself what he needs out of the riches of others.”

In Profile : The Corporate Beast
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Three systems theorists at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich have taken a database listing 37 million companies and investors worldwide and analysed all 43,060 transnational corporations and share ownerships linking them. They built a model of who owns what and what their revenues are and mapped the whole edifice of economic power.
They discovered that global corporate control has a distinct bow-tie shape, with a dominant core of 147 firms radiating out from the middle. Each of these 147 own interlocking stakes of one another and together they control 40% of the wealth in the network. A total of 737 control 80% of it all. The top 20 are at the bottom of the post. This is, say the paper’s authors, the first map of the structure of global corporate control dominated by banks, institutional investors and mutual funds.

Home Office ‘Oracle’ Financial System, The Adelphi
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This is a rather strange situation, launched in 2004, which just happens to be the same year as the UK Contingency Act became a real ‘Act’ for the corporate state, we find the Home Office went live with the Oracle Financial System. Then consider the fact this allowed the controllers of the Oracle system a full four years of banking control before the 2008 financial crash, I say it is essential we give the Home Office Oracle program a bit of publicity.

How To Rule The World, Efimov Victor Alekseyevich
History : Finance
Lecture by Efimov Victor Alekseyevich on how to rule the world. To overturn the natural world order, sovereignty has to be demolished, at the individual level, first, in order the level of nationhood can also be removed. From this position one can create a false idea of equality and enforce a global paradigm to which all nations will relinquish their sovereignty.

The International Banking Cartel, Committee Of 300 And The Star Group
History : Finance
The Committee’s structure is as follows :
The Tavistock Institute at Sussex University and London sites is owned and controlled by the Royal Institute for International Affairs whose man in America is Henry Kissinger. The EAGLE STAR GROUP, which changed its name to the STAR GROUP after the close of the Second World War, is composed of a group of major international companies involved in overlapping and interfaced areas Insurance, Banking, Real Estate, Entertainment, High technology, including cybernetics, electronic communications, etc.

G-SIFI Total Corporate Dictatorship Directed By The Bank Of England
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By now most are aware of what took place in Cyprus as the banks turned to bail-in in order to bailout the Cypriot banking system with the full support of the respective corporate government.
Bail-in of course is when the central bank demands a levy on the depositor accounts held in the banks, or if you have money in a bank account then it will be taxed at a level up to 82% of the total as carried out against Cypriots.
Welcome to a summary of the powers of the US and UK’s equivalent of the Cyprus Bail-in under the mechanism that is Resolving Globally Active, Systemically Important, Financial Institutions

What Is The Federal Reserve?
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The Federal Reserve in the United States is a sort of subsidiary of the House of Rothschild through the control of the Bank of England, which Rothschild enjoys. The Central Banks are controlled by the regulations coming out of the Credit stream fund called the Bank for International Settlements. The banking cartel enjoys immunities governed by the Financial Stability Board, this in turn keeps the cartel in motion untouched by the idea of justice.
The Legal system in the United States (the judiciary) is directly controlled by the Templar Crown Temple from within the independent and sovereign City of London.
The Federal Reserve, however, is financially owned and controlled by the Templar Crown of Switzerland which also controls the Bank of England and the global Central Banking network.

In Profile : Basel III
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Socialising the Losses
The arena in which the shadows of finance operates presents itself best in the seriously shadowy cabal of globalist groups who would call themselves the Basel Committee, and the Financial Stability Board (FSB), both housed within the mighty Bank for International Settlements (BIS), acting for the fund currently through Basel III.

HSBC And The BIS Expose The Banking Cartel In Action
History : Finance
In 2012 HSBC admitted to funding terrorism and laundering drug money for criminal networks. Why with an admittance of the above crimes has not one person gone to jail?
The answer comes in the form of immunity given out to banking cartel members.

Basel Committee On Banking Supervision : Dictating Credit Rating Agency Guidelines
History : Finance
The following document explains how the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) is also in control of the Credit Rating Agencies (CRAs) such as Moody’s, through the issuance of guidelines. Moody’s and other CRAs are very busy dismantling the high street banking system based entirely on their ability to downgrade, upgrade or affirm banks and company financial ratings.

1933 Bankruptcy Declarations And The Debt Slave, What You Need To Know
History : Finance
In 1933, all nations involved in the First World War declared bankruptcy.
This included the United States of America which was brought into the First World War as a payback to the British incorporated Government, from the Zionist movement.
This was the point at which a shift occurred leading to the incorporation of governments and councils, from the original or de-jure entity that represented you, into a defacto entity, that did not, this took place in all nations not already operating in that position. The States within the United States moved into this banking trap in 1933 with the Federal Reserve calling it the New Deal. From this shift, babies would be given Birth Certificates and Social Security numbers and the names would be presented in the upper case or CAPITAL LETTERS.

Comparisons between Bank for International Settlements, (BIS) guidelines pre WWII, with those of today
bis@0 copy 2It would seem all so called banking commentators, financial experts and even those claiming to be the good guys busy exposing the naughtiness of the Federal Reserve in the US have one thing in common. They appear never speak of the frameworks under which the entire global banking system has operated, launching two financial crashes and decimating the economies of all nations tied to its guidelines. The Bank for International Settlements began the current foundation framework under which all banks, dictated by each respective central bank, have operated, since 1988, followed by a series of amendments as the years moved on until the big one in 2007 sparked by Alan Greenspan.

Stabilisation Programmes And Lax Regulations In The City : Echoes Of 1939
History : Finance
It would appear all nations were tied in one respect or another to the will of the Bank for International Settlements, each nation building a stability fund or Fondi for survival.
Today we see the European Stability Mechanism at play not dissimilar to the position in 1939 when all nations were running hand over foot for a Bank for International Settlements hand out of credit, at an interest rate high enough to ensure governments spend more time building the fund than administrating the nation, leading to a position domestically, whereby all nations are left at the mercy of the corporate network that issues forth austerity for the beleaguered creditor/taxpayer also known as ‘You’.

The Real Cost Of Barack Obama
History : Finance
John F. Kennedy 1961 – 1963 — 1.0%
Lyndon B. Johnson 1963 – 1969 — 0.9%
Richard Nixon 1969 – 1974 — 1.6%
Gerald Ford 1974 – 1977 — 3.5%
George Carter 1977 – 1981 — 2.4%
Ronald Reagan 1981 – 1989 — 4.3%
George H. Bush 1989 – 1993 — 4.3%
Bill Clinton 1993 1993 – 2001 — 0.1%
George W. Bush 2001 – 2009 — 3.2%
Barack H. Obama 2009 – 2017 — 8.3%

Considerations On The Role Of Special Drawing Rights (SDRs), IMF
History : Finance
On March 30, 2018, the Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) discussed a staff paper entitled Considerations on the Role of the SDR. The paper explores whether a broader role of the SDR could contribute to the smooth functioning and stability of the international monetary system (IMS). It provides an updated assessment of the IMS, highlighting its considerable resilience but also some weaknesses—a weak external adjustment mechanism, gaps in international liquidity provision, and large-scale reserve accumulation— and explores whether the SDR could play a broader role in mitigating these weaknesses.

Bitcoin, Fiat Currency, Central Banks And The Final Deception From The Banking Cartel
History : Finance
Before the rise of the Central Bank, Monarchs created their own coins. The coins would be valued according to purity and weight of either gold or silver. The availability of such coinage would be based on the extent of trade going on in each respective country. As slavery became unpopular a more covert method of control was employed to ensure the old money families lost nothing, this would see the rise of Nations as a system that would centralise power without the hard core physical shackles being employed. It was a game of language that would satisfy the conscious mind by shutting down the subconscious self. The system required the minting of coins within a demarcated border, the result would become a sort of chivalric coat of arms for the whole, the coins of a nation or a king.

Robert Mercer, Renaissance Technologies, Club For Growth
History : Finance
Moving to capitalise on the global wakeup and the alternative media that has been born, Robert Mercer is the tech billionaire you have never heard of.
Tied to the very secretive Medallion Fund which is described as a Quantitative Hedge Fund open only to 300. This is very similar to the high level tier of corporate power called the Committee of 300.

In Profile : Austrian Auspitz Jewish bankers, the hidden banned nobility
History : FinanceThe House of Auspitz the hidden power of the Diaspora after Adelsaufhebungsgesetz of 1919. A few very wealthy Jewish families were ennobled after the Toleranzedikt vom 1782 (“1782 Edict of Tolerance”) decreed by Emperor Joseph II. Under this Edict, very wealthy Jewish bankers, and later entrepreneurs and industrialists—some of them court Jews—could also be ennobled for their services. Jews had been ennobled mostly with no title or lower-ranking titles, such as Freiherr (Baron) or Ritter (Knight). The few Jewish families elevated into the nobility were not required to forswear their faith, but some of these families converted to Christianity in order to become more accepted.

Oil As A Fossil Fuel Is Fake Science

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In 1892 a convention meeting was held in Geneva by a group of scientists to determine what an organic substance actually is. The outcome was that an organic thing is made up of hydrogen, oxygen and carbon, or a living thing either dead or alive. Rockefeller in his deviousness sent over an entourage of scientists who persuaded the convention to accept oil as an organic substance. From this deception the oil cartel could present oil as a scarce resource to inflate and control the price of oil.

Robert Welch In 1958 : A Warning To America That Stands Today

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Robert Welch founder of the John Birch Society speaks to America in 1958 with a warning, and again in 1974 with a solution, a solution that still stands as a way out of the trap of the New World Order today.