The Poppy and the rise of opium, what is the real symbolism?

The Poppy and the rise of opium, what is the real symbolism?

Opium today is an epidemic that has grown in part, due to the huge expansion of growth in Afghanistan and other war torn nations that have then gone on to become the supply for the huge medical need as the basic foundation of over 50% of medication produced, becomes opiate based.

In essence the war our troops are fighting is about the growth of the opium Poppy that is sent around the world to undermine our nations.

We then have the street value of heroin, another opium derivative that undermines society by creating criminals in order the addiction be satisfied.

In the medical arena this agenda comes down from the pharmaceutical companies who persuade the doctors, by collusion or by bribery, to serve up their concoctions to all that enter, the hapless patient has no idea that a war of opium addiction is being raged within the health organisations they trust. The media cover this by focusing on the street dealers only

Health today is all about medicating.

NATO has been operating in Afghanistan as part of the war on terror for over 16 years, with opium production in the war-torn nation continuing to increase, year-over-year, coinciding with the rise of the opioid crisis.

According to a report by the Business Insider on the current state of opium production in Afghanistan, they say :

“The country has produced the majority of the world’s opium for some time, despite billions of dollars spent by the US to fight it during the 16-year-long war there. Afghan and Western officials now say that rather than getting smuggled out of Afghanistan in the form of opium syrup, at least half of the crop is getting processed domestically, before leaving the country as morphine or heroin.” Full Story

This article goes on to attribute the high production of opium, morphine and heroin on the Taliban, suggesting that the U.S. has been spending billions in taxpayer dollars directly fighting the drug war in Afghanistan.

“Those forms are easier to smuggle, and they are much more valuable for the Taliban, which reportedly draws at least 60% of its income from the drug trade. With it’s increasing focus on trafficking drugs, the Taliban has taken on more of the functions a drug cartel.” Full Story

On the ground in George Galloway’s Bradford in Yorkshire, Great Britain, the Muslim communities have witnessed a huge rise in the importation of Afghan people who have killed all dealers and took over. From this position they have begun to spread amongst the Muslim communities across the North of England.

The worrying trend in the expansion of opium based medications is that they are moving to flood health with opium before the privatisation of the National Health Service in Britain. When the health of the nation is in the hands of the same racketeers running opium and those dealing out the end product, medication, do you really believe you will be healed or turned into another addict of the opium train?

U.S. Facts about the opioid crisis :

  1. Opioids are now the leading cause of death for people under 50.
  2. The rate of overdoses for the teenage demographic surged 20% in 2015 alone, the vast majority of which were related to opioids.
  3. With a 10 day supply of opioid painkillers, one in five people will become long term users. This is how addictive these pills are.
  4. Doctors are getting paid by pharmaceutical companies to write prescriptions. Some 70,000 doctors have received an estimated $46 million in non-research opioid related payments.
  5. In 2015, more than a third of U.S. adults were prescribed prescription opioids.
  6. More than half of all opioid prescriptions are written for those with anxiety or depression.
  7. Dentists and oral surgeons are now major opioid prescribers.
  8. The crisis is being made worse by an international effort to rapidly develop stronger and more addictive synthetic opioids to be smuggled into the U.S.
  9. The United States consumes at least 85% of all the world’s natural and synthetic opiates.
  10. Members of the think tank community are quietly working to turn this epidemic into another foreign war, advocating the military invasion of Mexico.

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