Dr Andreas Noack, Graphene Hydroxide and it’s Function

Dr Andreas Noack, Graphene Hydroxide and it's Function











24 December 2021

In the following video, chemist  Dr Andreas Noack not only rectifies the mysticism surrounding the graphene found in the vials of medication currently being pushed on the populations, he also suggests the MRNA aspect of the controversial treatment to be a false script to divert attention from the real problem found in the first two doses of the shot.

He explains that graphene hydroxide is not biodegradable and will eventually kill those unfortunate to have taken it.
Not long after this video was released, Dr Noack was attacked and killed.

Below is a patent for a part of what is termed graphene technology from way back in 2009, upon reading parts of the description of the thing being patented, we can see how important the polymers of many differing compounds are to the manipulation of graphene. We are speaking of silicone dioxide, e number E551, used as a thickening agent in almost all processed food products, coffees and all you’re favourite food. But as the following paragraphs present, they have far more uses for this piece of kit than one would think :

[0080] Single GS electrical devices with as-made and annealed GS and Hummer’s GO were fabricated, as shown in FIG. 8, with a source, drain and GS in between bridging the channel. As shown in FIG. 8, a conventional gate has applied to it a layer of silicon dioxide upon which a graphene sheet was applied. Then, source and drain materials were layered on top of the graphene sheet (GS). As-made GO devices without annealing were all electrically insulating. This result strongly supported the proposed atomic structures of GS and GO, discussed above in connection with the schematic structures, and the idea that our GS are nearly pristine graphene. After thermal annealing to remove oxygen species, the present GS sheet retained high electrical conductivity with only slight increase in resistance at low temperatures (for both Pd and Ti/Au contacted devices), in strong contrast to annealed GO that were insulating at low temperatures (FIG. 10). Devices of as-made GS showed reduced metallic characteristics over annealed GS devices (but were still >1000 times more conducting than GO devices) with larger increase in resistance at low T (FIG. 10). This suggested that the as-made GS contained a small amount of disorder in the structures.

Below we have an excerpt from the patent describing another polymer based substance you will find inside all the cocktails that make up the electronic cigarettes :

[0053] The present PEG may also be modified PEG such as Polyp® (Warwick Effect Polymers, Ltd., Coventry, England), which is new range of materials suitable for the attachment of polyethylene glycol (PEG) to therapeutic proteins or small molecules. These are prepared using Warwick Effect Polymers’ polymerisation technology, (See U.S. Pat. No. 6,310,149) and contain terminal groups suitable for conjugation with, among other things, lysine, terminal amino and cysteine residues.

These substances are also interconnected with the use of lithium batteries.

Pristine and Functionalised Graphene Materials – Patent – US20100028681A1


H01L29/78684 Thin film transistors, i.e. transistors with a channel being at least partly a thin film having a semiconductor body comprising semiconductor materials of Group IV not being silicon, or alloys including an element of the group IV, e.g. Ge, SiN alloys, SiC alloys

B82Y30/00 Nanotechnology for materials or surface science, e.g. nanocomposites

B82Y40/00 Manufacture or treatment of nanostructures

C01B32/19 Preparation by exfoliation

C01B32/22 Intercalation

C01B32/225 Expansion; Exfoliation

H01L29/1606 Graphene

H01L29/778 Field effect transistors with two-dimensional charge carrier gas channel, e.g. HEMT ; with two-dimensional charge-carrier layer formed at a heterojunction interface

C01B2204/02 Single layer graphene

C01B2204/04 Specific amount of layers or specific thickness

Y10T428/30 Self-sustaining carbon mass or layer with impregnant or other layer
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Video Here : https://www.bitchute.com/video/TZiAFfxUgR0K/

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