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Should we be concerned about the new obsession with martial arts?

The following report should help give energy to a re-evaluation of what is going on in every aspect of the new society being formulated without our informed consent, a global society as it is to be found all around the world.

The ancient art of programming humans through body manipulation

Modern technology has advanced and continues to enhance the abilities of the elite to affect the thoughts and thus actions of the human, to act in the manner demanded by the same elites.

Implants are a means to effect the thought processes of humans today as are the visual capabilities of the television networks and the increasingly relied upon mobile phone networks which operate at frequencies almost directly in tune with brain function.

The consequence of such technological wizardry was not however some accidental spin off from altruistic science in a different arena, science in and of itself has operated under one single premise

How can we ensure all life on the planet adheres to the doctrines we covet?

We therefore have before us a question; a question that if answered correctly would give us an insight as to why, given there are so many groups, brotherhoods, sisterhoods, cults, and block religions in the world today, preaching the path of the righteous, why is it that through history we find evil gain, hold, and expand its power to the point today they appear to have the whole world tied to their yoke?
The question to be answered would be; from what ancient knowledge did the basis for research into mind control over the populations of the world take origin?
Modern scientific knowledge

Cranial Blood Pressure
Dr. Yoshiaki Omura in New York, discovered that the blood pressure in the brain is vastly different than the rest of the body. The blood pressure in the brain has major consequences on one’s thinking (such as irritability, & insomnia) and also affects other things in the body, such as muscle tightness in the neck. High brain blood pressure is called cephalic hypotension syndrome. Yet, when this doctor went to see what the medical books/research institutions said about brain blood pressure, he found nothing. He has been making his discoveries known in speaking engagements. He recently addressed a large audience of Chinese doctors. Dr. Omura has been treating various illnesses by working with patients brain blood-pressure. Omura has done the diagnosis of other problems, such as the early stages of cancer, earlier by monitoring brain blood pressure levels than MRI tests results.

Shape of the skull
The shape of the skull and the movement of the bones of the skull determines how the brain functions. The name given to these specific bones are the craniectomies that are now being carried out to relieve infants from mental imbecility due to premature skull sutural closure and microcephalus. [1]
Some researchers believe that the ionic crystalline structure within the cranium’s 5 cranial bone plates: the occipital bone, the two Parietal bones and the two frontal skull bones which connect at fontanelles (fissures) called sutures, play an important role in the creation of thoughts. They believe that the ionic crystalline structures of the skull bones interact with incoming theta waves from the brain, and a resonance is created that causes electrons to be generated, which are then translated via a Fourier-type translation into a thought.

Such researchers have stated that they believe that the fontanellas (connections between the skull plates) allow subtle lateral motions and non-linear complex vibrations to occur, and that it is these vibrations that are part of the higher thinking process.

Based upon data that the natural resonant vibrational frequency of the skull bones (the cranium) ranges from 840 to 890 MHz in non-herzian waves has serious implications when we look at a little frequency data.

In America this range was reserved for VHF television, but is now reserved for the national mobile telephone network. When the 840 to 890 range was used for television, various neurologists noted that certain signals related to particular pitches and sounds would trigger reactions in people.
The creation of vibrations via cellular phone signals in the 840 to 890 MHz non-herzian wave range could conceivably implant thoughts into a people near the mobile phone. Given it appears the brains ability to creatively think is related to the vibrations that are subtly made in the skull, a second question naturally poses itself can cranial osteopathy disrupt or alter the natural abilities of the cranium’s plates to vibrate?

The key to manipulating the skull lies in the fact that the skull bones actually float on the Cerebrospinal fluid, while the brain floats in the fluid. In the booklet The Cranial Bowl by William G. Sutherland (1984), he writes about what he calls the moulding technic. The moulding technic is the reshaping of the skull. He writes on page 28, The moulding technic is especially adaptable to children, and even to the adult well along in the later period of life  In the booklet, he goes into details about the cerebrospinal fluid.[2]

Reflexology dates back to at least 2330 B.C. in Egypt. Shiatsu is a Japanese finger pressure deep massage of pressure points is over 1,000 years old. The skull & head bone manipulations that are being exposed for the first time in this report, were used in ancient Egypt and other parts of the ancient world. That Nov., 91 Time Magazine article did not mention that acupressure/acupuncture has been knowledge that the secret societies in China studied and often kept hidden for centuries, as a part of Wushu (martial arts) in China.
Ancient knowledge

Ancient Egypt
The ancient Egyptian priesthood, as well as trauma-based mind-control, astral projection, and hypnosis used skull manipulation. At least some of these secrets got passed on to later secret societies.

The Tibetan monks who hold their earthly leader as the man-god, the Dalai Lama, a man who is coveted as guest of many of the top elitist, Mishpucka, and other occult figures around the world are not as they are perceived by the world at large.

In 1966, the Dalai Lama wrote the book Opening of the Wisdom-Eye, which is typically referred to as the third-eye area. Many leading European occultists have gone to Tibet to learn from the black magicians of Tibet. Hitler imported hundreds of Tibetan monks for the Third Reich he would front, while Nazi expeditions would be sent to Tibet; and in 1942, Hitler, as an avid theosophical student held all the theosophy ideals about Asia & Tibet, to the point he was very happy to plant a Nazi flag on the highest peak of the Caucasus mountains, Mt. Elbrus, at the specific time of 11 a.m.

Insight to the dark side to the philosophy of and secrets of the Tibetan monks, can be ascertained from just a small sampling of books including; David-Neels Magic & Mystery in Tibet (1958), Bromage’s Tibetan Yoga, Beyer’s The Cult of Tara- -Magic & Ritual in Tibet (1978), the Tibetan Book of the Dead (and commentaries about it), Suzuki’s The Zen Doctrine of No Mind (1973), and Thomas Out of This World to Forbidden Tibet (1954).

Qigong is the Chinese word for the healing arts taught within the secret schools of Martial Arts. Tibetans go to the S.W. National University in China to learn Qigong. Dapang Qigong is a derivative of Qigong where both martial arts and healing are taught together. One of the secrets of the Tibetan monks, is the physical manipulation of the third eye. T. Lobsang Rampa, a Tibetan from one of the 10 elite families of Tibet, at the age of seven entered the Chakpori Lamasery, the Temple of Tibetan Medicine, where the Tibetan masters taught healing arts including astral projection, clairvoyance and levitation.

The ninjitsu people, best known as the ninja in the west were historically black magicians who hired out as assassins, and were feared and hated by all the Japanese people. The ninja learned how to dissociate pain. They learned martial arts and the art of stealth. According to the book The Karate Dojo by Peter Urban, They were the original practitioners of the art of [mind-control] programming. They were taught from the cradle that nothing was impossible. Not knowing that a thing could not be done, they proceeded to do it. It is possible that the Green Dragon Society of Japan passed on some of this mind-control training techniques to the German secret societies that were in cooperation with them prior to and during WWII In other words, Dr. Mengele, the Nazi Angel of Death who carried out mind-control experiments for the Nazi’s and those that controlled them during WWII may have attempted to incorporate Chinese, Tibetan, Japanese, Ancient Egyptian and Hindu mind-control techniques into their mind- control programming/research.

Chinese secret societies studied the pressure points on the skull completely. They learned how the skull could be manipulated and what it would do to a person. Of course this information was only revealed to the best Chinese kung-fu experts. It is sometimes referred to as the skill of bone setting. In China, bone-setters are a type of Chinese doctor which are popular to some Chinese. These bone-setters have kept their secrets within many generations of families who specialise in bone-setting and also within the secret Triad societies.

Interesting to remember the triad and Hong kong society networks operated with the East India companies as the elites of east and west began to break up China through the mass addiction to opium. Drugs of course being a major door to mind control, especially when linked to music.[3]
The restructuring of China would move forward in a short time after they implemented the Communist government, which admitted that it had failed to pry family bone-setting secrets from the families that have passed these secrets down strictly generational.[4] This is due in part to the strong Chinese belief in ancestor worship and strong families. A family’s secrets are considered one source of its strength. One communist Chinese tactic to pry the secrets loose was their folkart barefoot doctor system, which they hoped the bone- setters would join.

Junxie Li wrote in 1990 that a Chinese Kung Fu document shows that bone manipulation was practiced as early as 2700 B.C. The secrets have been passed down for many years. An American writer stated in 1983, Traditional Chinese medicine and chiropractic are remarkably alike in their underlying theories Through deep massage at the occiput [head bone], for example, (contemporary) Chinese practitioners find that they can bring down high blood pressure, a practice analogous to that of chiropractors.
A Buddhist monk Bodhidharma is credited to having brought the martial arts and healing arts associated with martial arts to China. He must have been a very strong individual to have made the 2,500 miles journey which back before there were paths or maps must have been more like an 8,000 miles of perilous journey on foot from India over the Himalayas to the Chinese interior. Bodhidharma had studied big cats, dogs, bears, insects and other animals to learn how they defend and attack. His physical, mental and spiritual teachings became known later as Zen Buddhism. His monastery became the famous Shaolin Monastery. A master of the Shaolin Monastery would have two dragons deeply branded into his flesh. It is said that the Red Dragon represented knowledge in ancient China.
In the Tang Dynasty (6 18-907 A.D.) some of the Kung Fu experts at that time were Li Bai and Twelfth Sister Li of the Li family. Madame Gong Sun and Twelfth Sister Li composed a famous Xihe Sword Dance combining martial arts and choreographic arts. The Li family kept some of their secret martial arts skills (including bone setting) secret for hundreds of years, and as a top Illuminised family is secretly proud of their occult knowledge and history.

To illustrate how the head has been studied are some quotes from 72 Consummate Arts Secrets of the Shaolin Temple :

Tajyang Acupoint (Sun Acupoint)
Located on both sides of the forehead, the left being Tai Yang and the right Tai Yin. Nowadays it is generally called Taiyang Acupoint being a vital part of the head. It is Dead Acupoint among the twenty-four Acupoints. One will be faint or even die if it is slightly seized.

Tainrong Acupoint
Located on the back of ears and is in parallel with the ear. It lies on the outer-side of Fen Yi Acupoint, and is above the Tian Chuang acupoint. It is a vital acupoint of the back of one’s head. It is also a Dead Acupoint among the twenty-four acupoints.

Fengfu Acupoint
Located in the centre of the low part of one’s back head and is below the Naohu Acupoint but above the Yamen Acupoint. It’s in parallel with the left and right FenYi Acupoint. It is a single Acupoint. It is a vital part of one’s back brain. It is a Dead Acupoint, too. If this acupoint is seized, one may faint or die immediately.

Washu (Chinese Martial Arts) went underground into the Chinese occult secret societies, because the rulers feared that it would make the common people too powerful, so they frequently banned the teaching of martial arts. The teachers of Kung fu teach their pupils that Kung-Fu has both an external work with the hands, feet and body and an internal work which refers to the occult spiritual work that provides the energy and spirit to do the martial arts that Kung fu masters do.

The Shaolin Temple masters have studied the human skeleton very closely for centuries. The books Shaolin Long Fist Kung-Fu by Yang Jwing-Ming & Jeff Bolt and The Way of the Sun Dragon Chinese Martial Art of Tai-Yang Lung Tao are other examples of books in English which also show points to hit on the head. The art of manipulating the skull and other bones has travelled from the secret societies to about 20% of China’s doctors. As mentioned, this skill is called bone setting.

Some Kung Fu experts and Chinese doctors learn bone setting, including how to work with the skull bones. In 1974, the U.S. Dept. of Health, Education and Welfare (which has been full of New Agers) along with the Fogarty International Center of the National Institutes of Health which works with WHO of the U.N. set up a conference in Seattle, WA which focused on Health Care in China. The U.S. Government Printing Office then printed up in 1975 edited versions of the papers presented at the conference. The resulting book on Medicine in Chinese Cultures has some very pertinent information to the ancient secret Chinese art of manipulating skull bones. After W.W. II, Chinese bone setters began to use X-rays. (p. 261)

· The Chinese bone setters had their own professional associations. (p. 261-262)
· Bone-setters societies have been interwoven with secret societies, the link being Chinese kung-fu (martial arts) which the secret societies control. Bone-setters get their knowledge of anatomy from practicing kung-fu, for part of the instruction is in how the bones and muscles work. (p. 262.)

· Bone-setters, in order to practice in Hong Kong, generally find it advantageous to get (buy) protection from the Triads (Chinese Secret Societies controlled by the Li Illuminati family, as well as other powerful Chinese families.) Doctors are licensed in Hong Kong according to British standards and bone-setters have not received much recognition from the British government. But someone connected with the CIA verbally let out that they have been very interested in studying Chinese bone setting.

T’ai Chi, is the philosophy associated in China with the yin-yang. It is incorporated into the name T’ai Chi Chuan (Great Origin Fist) which are the calisthenics which many Chinese practice on a daily basis. The advanced student learns 128 movements. Practitioners of the exercises can be seen exercising at dusk, especially in Kuala Lumpur. Instruction in Chinese medicine is considered a normal part of the training to become a T’ai Chi instructor, and many instructors are said to be skilled in bone setting and the treatment of sprains and strains.

One of the most famous T’ai Chi instructors in Kuala Lumpur, an elderly man who received his training in China many years ago, is indeed famous locally as a bone-setter. It is clear that it is difficult to draw a line between T’ai Chi Chuan and preventive or even curative medicine. (Medicine In Chinese Cultures, p.310 Bruce Lee, who came from a very wealthy branch of the Li family, was half Chinese and half American by blood. He grew up in Hong Kong, and was taught Chinese martial arts beginning at the age of 14. Bruce Lee came to America, and was very American in his thinking. Due to his American thinking, he thought radically different from the traditional Chinese martial arts mentality, and there is strong evidence to suggest it cost him his life. He not only exposed to the western world secrets of Chinese martial arts, but he mixed various types of moves from the various oriental schools of martial arts. For doing this, he made many of the Zen martial arts masters furious.

When Bruce Lee died at 32 in 1972, his body was like a teenager’s and it was in great shape. Bruce Lee had no equal in the martial arts. The Chinese/Hong Kong press felt that the Zen martial arts masters of China killed him. In fact, his student Abdul described Bruce Lee as a renegade Taoist Priest. Whether or not the Triads and/or the Secret Martial Arts Societies of China killed Bruce and his son Brandon, doesn’t change the fact that Bruce Lee angered them for exposing their martial arts to the western world.

From research in this area, it is clear that there are still secrets kept by Chinese martial arts, which only a few carefully chosen members of secret societies know. Bruce Lee did not make it to this inner circle. The inner groups of the secret societies trade favours. This is a standard method of payoff. Well-trained martial arts cults that know some of the secrets of cranial manipulation can be asked to assault a human target. What happens if the head injury is not fine-tuned?

Laurence Miller Ph.d. in the article Unusual Head Injury Syndromes (The Journal of Cognitive Rehabilitation 11-12/94, p. 13) states, Memory disorders are virtually universal in head injury and typically top the list of symptoms reported by patients. The standard pattern of post-traumatic memory disorder“ and indeed, for organic memory disorders generally consists of well-preserved old memories, patchy or impaired memory for events immediately preceding the injury (retrograde amnesia) and following the injury (anterograde amnesia), and subsequent difficulty learning and retaining new information.

This is exactly opposite of what the handlers want. They want the victim to forget the past abuse, but be able to remember a series of new commands for a new operation precisely. This underscores the reason why the person doing the assault needs to be skilled. There is no doubt that Chinese martial arts are being used to mug people in order to alter there thinking. The secret potential of Chinese Martial Arts to alter a person’s skull bones and thinking has been one secret worth killing to preserve. Miller also points out that frontal lobe injuries can weaken the subject’s hold over reality. Although Miller writes about accidental injuries, his article is extremely well researched about the wide variety of mental problems that develop from different injuries. The medical world has named many of these specific problems such as the Ganser Syndrome, the Capgras Syndrome, & Cotard’s Syndrome. While this kind of research is helpful to establish that different specific injuries to the head can create specific symptoms, the written material is not specific about how to intentionally create a symptom.

Usage of these methods today

Evidence of sinister experiments carried out upon children specifically orphans from Romania in recent years comes from Roele Post, a Dutch civil servant connected to the EU Commission in her book; For Export Only; the untold story of the Romanian orphans 2007 :

Children at orphanages in Romania have been used as subjects for brain research, which prevented the closure of Saint Ecaterina, the biggest Romanian baby home.

(p. 76) Towards the end of the meeting the Director proudly announced a future experimental brain research, to be done by some American Universities. A laboratory had already been installed at the premises. (Saint Ecaterina, the biggest Romanian baby home).

(p. 97, 98) This was indeed a state of the art project. The laboratory was in stark contrast with the rest of the leagan. Ultra modern, with high-tech equipment, almost surreal. Dr. Koga explained for this project, at random, three research groups had been created. Children who remained in the leagan, children who were placed in foster care and children who had always lived with their parents. The study would have to provide the scientific proof that institutionalisation had a negative effect on brain development. Therefore the brains of all children, referred to as subjects by Dr. Koga, would be scanned regularly during the three years the programme would run .He also explained one of the basic underlying ideas of the research; the assumption that moving children to another room in an orphanage, or to another family for national adoption, or international adoption, means the same for a child, as until the age of fourteen, language changes would be no problem for a child.

The brain would still be flexible and could easily adapt to new languages..But that was not all. We were then shown a room where children and their carers would be tested. Koga explained the child’s skull would be covered with a cap with electrodes registering brain activity. As a sort of affection detector it could scientifically show if a child had a positive attachment to an adult, or not. I asked if this was like a lie detector and indeed this was the case. According to Koga, this could be a useful tool when matching children with adoptive parents. Also, it could be used as evidence in legal proceedings to terminate parental rights. In the US this sort of tests were accepted as legal evidence. This knowledge/practice would now be transferred to Romania, which could keep the laboratories/equipment after finalisation of the research. 

(p. 102, 103) The Baroness was glad Saint Ecaterina would be closed, but she did want to see the brain research project for herself..Koga and an American researcher explained the project, but this time just about the effect of institutionalisation on the brain development. Not about measuring attachment.

(p. 132) Mariela had told he American doctors that no matter how ethical they considered their research methodology, the fact was their project had prevented the closure of Saint Ecaterina (children’s home)

In the schools the programming is more subtle, not as a programme but in its watering down and outright deception by the school staff in its presentation to the parents and the population as a whole. The following short video is an essential watch in gaining insight to the Academy agenda being forced on all schools in Britain through the current financial disaster pushed by the corporate realm as the only issuers of finance for education as a whole. In this manner the corporate realm is forcing all teaching staff formally lead by the civil system in Britain, to undergo serious mind programming courses in order they without fuss, implement the curriculum created and administered by the corporate realm while also ensuring the parents do not find out what is really going on to their children.
For insight into the corporate curriculum three short videos will suffice [5]

In the manner of such educational programming being successfully used under the Third Reich we must look at the work of Frederich Froebel, who’s methodology was tweaked at Tavistock to be sent back to Germany to prepare the children for the rise of Hitler.[6]

Through the RSA administered programming method known initially as Opening Minds, now splintered into many differing programmes to hide this fact, appears to be using a methodology based in the structure of the head and body :

UK The World-Learning Journey Science










For an insight to a sinister use of this science in the work programmes implemented by the current coalition government in Britain we find an alarming document :
Vocational assessment and rehabilitation after acquired brain injury
[1] The Journal of the American Medical Association JAMA, Jan. 8, 1992, p. 226.
The Cerebrum (brain) and the spine float in a fluid that surrounds them. This fluid is called cerebrospinal fluid and is referred to on page 1050 of the massive anatomical reference book Gray’s Anatomy 36th Brit. ed. (edited by Williams & Warwick, printed by W.B. Saunder Co., for Churchill Livingstone). In 1920 and 1938, Weed published research on the circulation of the cerebrospinal fluid. As just one example of many of the roles that the CS Fluid plays within the brain that has been discovered is that the carotid artery has a branch that passes upward through a water bed of cerebro-spinal fluid. The CS Fluid follows that internal carotid artery to the choroid plexus, so that it can perform the function of interchange with the arterial blood. The CS Fluid is in command of this exchange. (I mention this because see how this ties in with the 5th brain?)

In fact, a Fourth Ventricle Compression is the most valuable and powerful CSF technique for helping people. (It is mentioned simply to show people the effect that CSF has on some very important brain areas.) Because the brain and spinal cord float in a fluid, a brain weighing 1,500 grams in the air, only weighs 50 gr. in cerebrospinal fluid, which distributes the brain weight more evenly. The fluid itself is clear, slightly alkaline with a specific gravity of 1007. About l00 mls of CS Fluid will exist to float the brain and spinal cord. The spine rests in this cerebrospinal fluid, which has waves that approximate the breathing rhythm of the body. 50% of the cerebrospinal fluid is manufactured in one part of the head (choroid plexuses), and spends its time fluctuating. It is absorbed and replenished, as other body elements are. The plexuses, which are located in the lateral recesses of the fourth ventricle, also put cerebrospinal fluid into the subarachnoid space, and this supplies the cerebello- medullary cistern and the pontine cistern with fluid. The cerebrospinal fluid makes up a single fluctuating system of fluid within which the central nervous system/brain operate. As the brain coils and uncoils, waves of motion (energy) fluctuate in a spiral pattern through the cerebrospinal fluid in the skull, down the spinal column and up again, so that there is motion from front to back in the head and also laterally.

As the human brain develops the CSF seems to appear at the earliest stages. The brain goes through stages of development as the brain-spinal cord divide. The forebrain develops into several items, the midbrain into two parts, and the hindbrain into the first three brains. The cerebrospinal fluid is manufactured by the body, fluctuates in a single Head-spinal cord system and then is absorbed and replenished by the body. The fluid does not circulate like blood. The fluid and the skull bones continue to fluctuate even if a person holds his breath. As long as the CSF oscillates like it should, things are fine, but if something occurs to pervert the rhythms, the health of the person goes down. Loss of sleep can influence the rhythms adversely. If the occipital motion is restricted schizophrenia can result. When severe spheno-basilar symphysis locking occurs, there is frequently manic-depression. Most people are totally unaware that these mental problems may be resulting from a CSF problem.

Very little information is let out about the cerebrospinal fluid. Very little is released to the public about how over a period of time Cranial Osteopaths can develop the manipulative skill to control and change the fluctuations of these fluids. Only a few top people are allowed in on the secrets, and those people are handpicked members of the occult world. Some of the top Cranial Doctors are under Monarch-type mind control themselves. The osteopathic libraries are staffed with people loyal to keeping cranial osteopathic secrets within the occult world. Could other doctors teach themselves? The ability to manipulate the cerebral-spinal fluid is an art that has taken years to develop, and for practitioners to learn. As stated, the tests that doctors rely on such as x-rays and MRIs are too big and clumsy to be of any value in this area. The doctors would have to reinvent the wheel and then the automobile if they wanted to self-teach themselves. It often takes two to three years of study in this area, before a doctor is able to feel the movement of the fluid.

The cranial bones have sutures between them, that allow a skilled person to move them. The sutures have been proven to move as much as 1/20 of an inch. The trained finger can perceive the natural motion of these sutures even if the natural motions are only 1/40 of an inch. In McCatty’s excellent book Essentials of Cranio-Sacral Osteopathy, (Bath, Eng.: Ashgrove Press) p. 3 he states, Contrary to some schools of thought, all circumstances being normal, the cranial sutures (or joints of the head) do not fuse regardless of age, race, sex, or geographic location. They are perpetually motile, influencing the dynamics of fluid exchange and mebraneous tension within the cramo-sacral mechanism.
When early cranial osteopaths like Sutherland looked at the skull and its membranes and cartilage they realised that the 18 human bones that make up the head were actually designed to articulate (move slightly). In fact, researchers have discovered the cranium has 3 distinct oscillations. (Magoun, Harold Ives, D.O. Osteopathy in the Cranial Field, p.322).

Maud Nerman, D.O. presented the outline of an interesting lecture and lab class that she gave in 1992, entitled Visualising the brain under our hands in which she taught the techniques for feeling the bones of the brain move with CS Fluid fluctuations, as well as sensing what it was doing internally. Coordinating the movement of the skull bones with the movement of the CS Fluid was called directing the tide by W.G. Sutherland. His Journal of the Osteopathic Cranial Assoc. reported successes doing this. Ronald McCatty teaches that some heads are less pliant than other. The practitioner will rest his trained hands on the head, wait, and allow the cranial motion to teach the cranial osteopath what is happening or needs to happen. The client will usually be laying down, and the doctor will be relaxed and focused. The motion of the CS Fluid is called the Cranial Rhythmic Impulse (CR1). It will pulse about 10-14 times/mm. in normal adults and 12-16 times/mm in children. When a person is frightened the CR1 can stop for up to 20 seconds. (The mind is literally frozen.) Tranquillisers will slow the CR1 rate down, as well as poor health.

For someone who has been traumatised, such as with electroshock, the very mention of the traumatic event, will cause the CR1 to temporarily stop. The cranial osteopath does not really force any bones, but rather gently encourages a skull bone in the direction it should go. Lightness of touch is a necessity. An example of the health benefits of the trained osteopath is given by McCatty, That kink in the straight sinus can be, and often is, one of the primary causes of epilepsy and internal hydrocephalus By treating the kink the osteopath takes care of the problem, where the standard method is often to give the subject strong drugs.

To give an example of how the CS Fluid (CSF) can relate to our state of mind, consider the following by McCatty, And again, change of direction of C.S.F. from anterior-posterior to lateral is of paramount importance in the sleep-wake phenomenon. When you are standing there is parallel action of C.S.F. flow. When you lie down with your head on a pillow this alters, you impinge on one or other temporal bone, you decelerate C.S.F. activity. You, as it were, slow down the pendulum. You inhibit parallel action. By inhibiting this pendulum you automatically produce an anteroposterior swing which is parasympathetic; that is to say, the parts of the automatic nervous system that slow down the action of the heart when the body is not under stress, in order to conserve bodily energy. This author thought it was exciting to understand better how the mind/body relaxes and slows down when we lay our heads down.

Years ago, back in 1974, this author was a West Point cadet who was watching the U.S. Army introduce TM into the academy. It was presented as a scientific technique, and many officers, some friends and other cadets availed themselves of the chance to train themselves in TM’s mystical method of training. A fellow cadet who was already trained in martial arts quickly learned the techniques. After initially maintaining a safe distance, this author decided to investigate TM after I got out of the military. The U.S. government gave substantial grants to get TM introduced into this country. Fortunately, Christians didn’t sleep long, and exposed that TM is Hinduism. Everyone that is taught TM is initiated into it by the TM instructor singing a puja (worship) song in Sanskrit which is a Hindu devotional song while incense and candles burn.

Until the Christians exposed this, our national government went blithely along in promoting Hinduism into our public schools. For instance, the Dept. of Health, Education, & Welfare gave a $21,540 grant for 150 high school teachers to learn TM. TM has grown to be a powerful organisation, with many organisations set up attached to it. It has its international headquarters at Hotel Sonnenberg in the Swiss village of Seelisberg.

What then becomes doubly interesting is that after observing these things, we find that TM have a large interest in the cranial osteopathic techniques which can alter the mind and personality of a person. For instance, this author has obtained a list of TM instructors in Santa Monica, CA area who are also Doctors of Cranial Osteopathy. (But bear in mind, this whole thing is bigger than labels, when people are interested in the occult they study eclectically.) These TM Cranial Osteopaths are concentrated where TM has a secret MUM Mountain, CA training site. There are cranial doctors in the nearby towns of Aptos, Capitola, Cupertino, Hollister, Los Gatos, Salinas, Santa Cruz, Saratoga and Watsonville. It’s boggles the mind that 12 cranial doctors are needed for the rural area near MUM Mountain, while L.A. only has 10. Concentrations of cranial doctors occur in close proximity to TM centres, particularly around the Maharishi University in Fairfield, 10 as well as the secret MUM Mountain training centre. Other cranial DOs who are part of TM are scattered about the United States.

Another observation was that some of the people that got really big into TM are still searching for something to fill the voids and needs of their life. TM didn’t turn out to be as big of an answer as they expected. TM is not the final answer. However, the Maharishi who brought TM to America has a college in Fairfield, Iowa (the Maharishi International University) and 20 North American heavenly communities operating in the quest to create a heaven on earth. The Maharishi International University has been used for medical experimentation on people. The close connections between the leadership of TM and the Illuminati leadership suggests that TM is being used as another haven for the NWO’s mind-control to be perpetrated on unsuspecting victims. There are bone-setters in India also. Perhaps the Maharishi got his original interest in the potential for mind-control via skull manipulation in India. Wherever the interest came from, it is evident that TM in America is involved in skull manipulation for its mind-control results.

The 3-in-One school Connection
If one wants to surrender oneself to a cult, and allow one’s mind to be control, in order to learn, the 3-in-1 school will be happy to teach you about what others would call phrenology and manipulation of the skull to control thinking. The school has a number of courses. They do not call their principles phrenology. Nor do they call their instruction mind-control. They identify to the student areas of the head and what type of thinking that area of the head is involved with. They also provide information so that their students can evaluate how people will act based on the shape of their heads and how that shape will interact with other shapes. The school is located at 2001 West Magnolia Blvd., Burbank, CA 91506, ph. no. 818-841-4786. They teach Ericksonian Hypnosis (good for programmers to know), Bodywork (incl. cranial osteopathy, which is good for programmers to know), and they teach NLP, Mind-controlled relationships (along with scripts), Mind-controlled adolescent problems, and a pantheistic religious philosophy/religion.

When the 3-in-1 school got started they were teaching muscle-testing and other important skills to their students (who can become facilitators in teaching others). The muscle-manipulation they have taught is extremely gentle and way beyond what the chiropractors knew. The school in California began about 10 years ago and then a few years later they began to tighten their hold on all their graduates and their students. The school has been drawing students from Europe, Japan, China, Russia, and South America (incl. Brazil). They have moved more and more toward being an occult cult or perhaps an Illuminati front.

When given information that their muscle techniques could be used to help multiples, they have made it clear (according to one school administrator) that they are not interested in helping multiple personalities. One school administrator named Gordon Stokes said, We’re off in another direction. In fact, Gordon Stokes is the founder of 3-In-1. (Technically, a co-founder, Daniel Whiteside and Candace Callaway helped. Some speculate that the Three-in-One name refers to this triumvirate, and perhaps to their relationship together.)

Gordon Stokes has been reported to be a member of the BOTA which is an international Mystery School of the Hierarchy. BOTA stands for Builders of the Adytum. It is a Qabalistic-Hermetic Order of adepts founded in the 1920s by Dr. Paul Foster Case reportedly on direction by the hierarchy. The BOTA teaches higher states of consciousness to its adepts. It is located at 5105 No. Figueroa St., Los Angeles, CA 90042. Daniel Whiteside’s parents are deeply involved in personology. And Candace Calloway’s mother, their book keeper, has also been a major figure at the 3-in-1 school. This 3-in-1 school in Burbank seems to be a finishing school for Illuminati programmers. The school ridicules people who want to examine their life or have a conscience. Christianity is considered to be an obnoxious tyrannical religion by the school. The information that they teach would be very helpful for mind-control programmers, and their occult philosophy would scare off moral people from participating.

The 3-In-1 research has been geared into how the brain works. Their research shows that if a person has more brain cells in a particular region of the brain, they are more developed in that intellectual area. For instance, if the Action-based-on-feeling area (the parietal lobe) has lots of cells, the person will be more active than thoughtful. If the person has more cells in the brain’s Conscious-associational thinking area (frontal lobes) they will think more than act. They call their system based upon this research comparative cell proportion. There were many ancient works that noticed personality traits in relationship to head shapes.

Three-In-One article The Background of Structure/Function states, You can read about the basis of Structure/Function in the Hebrew CABALA’S book of ZOHAR (which is literally Aristotle’s PHYSIOGNOMONICA) as well as in the writings of Maimonides and those of almost every famous Arabian philosopher during Medieval times. (Stokes, Daniel. The Background of Structure/Function, 1991, p. 2) The Cranial Academy’s The Cranial Letter also picked up on the connection between the Cabala and cranial manipulation.

A class on the Cabala and Osteopathy is advertised in the May 95 issue, p. 9. Until Freud captured the interest of students of the mind, phrenology was psychology. Phrenology studied what could be measured, Freud got people looking for the hidden. In 1938, Dr. Edward Vincent Jones improved upon Phrenology and classic Physiognomy and developed Personology. His system was an instant hit and he was given the go ahead and conduct research on inmates at San Quentin Prison, and what is now LA’s giant USC County Hospital.

The occult world has maintained a dogged resolve to keep the deeper cranial knowledge and skills secret. Dr. Sutherland’s wife wrote his story With Thinking Fingers. She states on pg. 62, It was Dr. Sutherland’s cherished dream that a day would come when the benefits to the mentally ill through the cranial component in osteopathy would be investigated If that was his dream, it is being hijacked today by those who see it as a tool for power over their fellow men.
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