Chronology of the HIV-Aids catastrophe

Chronology of the HIV-Aids catastrophe










When you actually study the ‘unofficial science’ and conclusions of many operatives in the field of medicine and operatives directly involved in the Aids anomaly from its beginnings, one is surprised in the extreme.. Today the growing consensus concludes that a lifestyle involving the intake of a lot of ani-biotics and other medications, along with non medical concoctions, does indeed lead to an ‘acquired immune deficiency’ in the experiencer of such. 

HIV is a condition invented for two big operations, to raise money and to thrust sexual imagery and sexual rhetoric into the minds of the children through education. Aids is a condition never to have been isolated, has no test, no objective findings and the definition changes every year. It is a means to focus your attention on sexual behaviour which will lead to the corporate state controlling sexual behaviour.

HIV was officially ‘discovered’ in 1983.
Those expert in the data relating to virus’s and the human body have made astonishing discoveries that have lead them to understand that HIV was and is, a pure Laboratory invention, and not as is claimed, the discovery of an already existing virus. HIV does not exist as it has never been isolated as a virus and that AIDS is in fact a immune deficiency formed in the overuse of antibiotics and throat sprays which depletes the immune system.

You might want to read that again.

In 1982, Robert Harris and Jeremy Paxman published a book entitled ‘A Higher Form of Killing, he wrote : The Secret story of Chemical and Biological Warfare’ which exposed the secrets of chemical and biological warfare. They denounced secret experiments carried out on humans by the Army and the CIA during the 1950s. They also reveal the work done by the Army’s Department of Biological Warfare at Fort Detrick USA.[2]

In 1985, Robert Strecker, a doctor in gastro-enterology and doctor of pharmacology, concluded that Aids had been deliberately provoked, as a result of testing the vaccination against hepatitis B on homosexuals. He was also convinced that the African continent had been contaminated in the same way, at the time of the vaccination campaigns against smallpox to study certain effects of bacteria and viruses at the request of the World Health Organisation. He explains that HIV cannot come from nature, as it is so radically different from all other known viruses. He states it is the result of a cloning of animal viruses, inoculated into humans, which thus provoked a new illness.

In 1987, Alan Cantwell Jr, doctor of dermatology and researcher, reached the same conclusions as Strecker, in his book ‘Aids and the Doctors of Death’.

In 1987, The World Health Organisation officially declared that :
“HIV is a natural virus of unknown geographical origin”.

In 1992, Eva Lee Snead, holistic doctor and researcher, wrote two books, ‘Some Call It AIDS : I Call It Murder,’ and ‘The Connection Between Cancer, AIDS, Immunisation, And Genocide’.

She stresses the similarity of clinical syndromes between HIV and SV40, which is present in African green monkeys. The only way that a human can catch SV40 from a monkey is through physical contact, eating its body meat, or by receiving it via inoculation via a vaccine. It is the same SV 40 that one found in the vaccine Sabin used to combat against Polio (‘monkey soup’ Sabin), which was used to vaccinate millions of children over the years. Indeed it has been found that SV40 causes congenital anomalies, leukaemia, cancers, and serious immuno-suppression. Which just happen to be similar to those of AIDS? She establishes the relationships which exist between leukaemia, SV40, and AIDS. In her opinion AIDS is another form of leukaemia. She demonstrates the responsibility of vaccines and the appearance of AIDS and in the increase of forms of leukaemia and cancers.

6 July 2007 it was announced that 1.5 million people have been miss-diagnosed with heart disease, in the UK, that’s a lot of miss-prescribed drugs causing untold medical conditions in 1.5 million people in the UK, ensuring constant need of medical attention for the future for 1.5 million people, to be passed off as ‘a mistake’. Expand Study

Chronology of the ‘story’ of AIDS

1952 : Meeting behind closed doors in Ottawa, Canada, of Canadian, American, and British researchers studying retroviruses.

1959 : The World Health Organisation warns of the dangers of using vaccines derived from monkeys.

1960 : The World Health Organisation announces the presence in vaccines of unexpected and undesirable viruses.

1960 : The presence of the virus SV40[1] is found in the cell cultures of the African green monkey and one learns that SV40 was present in the majority of anti polio vaccines manufactured from living viruses before this date.

1961: Vaccination by living viruses begins. (1959 W.H.O warn of dangers…1961 they order vaccination programmes)?

1963 : The world learns of a tumoregenic virus, which causes tumours, originating from a monkey

1963 : It is reported that the number of cases of leukaemia has increased in States where the anti polio vaccine containing SV40 was administered.[1]

1963 : A biological research programme is launched under the auspices of the CIA and the US Army at Fort Detrick, in Maryland USA. It is attached to the National Cancer Institute.[1]

1964 : The presence of the virus SV40 is discovered in children vaccinated against polio with Sabin vaccine.[1]

1964 : It is found that viruses of vaccines (living viruses) give malignant illnesses. The following problems occur more and more frequently among the general population :

Deficiencies in the immune system
Congenital anomalies
Different forms of leukaemia
Malignant illnesses among young children

1968 : American virologists set up their sophisticated equipment in Zaire.

1969 : President Nixon announces his intention to suspend the manufacture of biological weapons and to destroy existing stockpiles. [Take this as the reverse speak (which is the means of communication between the Illuminati and their initiates), and you have the announcement they are ready to explode the biological attack on the populace].

1969 : The beginning of another strong push on cancer research. Retroviruses are in the spotlight because it is known that they cause cancer in animals. So why not also in humans? They quickly succeed in cultivating these retroviruses on the human cell, they now know how to cancerise human cells, in other words they have learnt how to manufacture cancer.

1970 : The World Health Organisation and the National Institute of Health decide to inject the virus and the bacteria into children during vaccination campaigns, to conduct a study.

1971: It is proven that SV40 cancerises the cells of mice.

1972 : The World Health Organisation transforms the 1970 study into the study focussing on viruses which weaken the immune function.

1973 : Berg and other leaders in biochemistry reveal the general principles of a ‘new’ science… Genetic Engineering is born.

1973 : A new retrovirus is isolated, BVV (bovine visna virus).

1974 : The hereditary transmission of a foreign gene is a success.

1975 : Gallo, an American researcher, announces the discovery of HTLV and states that this virus gives leukaemia to certain population groups.

1977 : First case of immunodeficiency, acquired by a young African woman doctor. Followed by many cases among Blacks, drug users and haemophiliacs.

1978 : Vaccination against hepatitis B of homosexuals in New York.

1980 : Vaccinations against hepatitis B of homosexuals in five American cities.

1980 : The appearance of more and more cases of immunodeficiency which fall into no formerly known categories.

1981 : The official debut of the AIDS epidemic.

1983 : Official discovery of a retrovirus, which is held responsible for AIDS, it is given the same name as the illness HIV.

1992 : The following is the conclusion by Robert Root-Bernstein, a biochemist and immunologist, Professor of physiology at the University of Michigan :

“Despite ten years of the most intensive and costly research ever conducted on the same illness, we are only beginning to realise how little we know about AIDS. The most disturbing aspect of this observation is the possibility that our ignorance results in large part from the great faith that we placed in the HIV theory. As well as the little confidence shown in this theory’s critics. Moreover, every year has served to reinforce the cause of those who proclaim that there is more to AIDS than HIV, and that, as a result, there are better ways of controlling AIDS than vaccines, medications and public policies regarding HIV.”

[1] Cancer Epidemic Due To The Introduction Of Viruses Through Vaccinations, SV-40 On Trial
[2] In Profile : Sir Paul Gordon Fildes, Expert In Biological Warfare

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