Cannabis pill, pharmaceuticals moving in on cannabis addiction with fatal results

Cannabis oil, pharmaceuticals moving in on cannabis addiction with fatal results

As the Western world falls into the cannabis trap which serves the corporate state through ‘none action,’ regardless of what the state carries out against their nation, their law, their ability to earn a living, how the children are programmed in the schools, not forgetting of course via the media and the world of X. Box and Playstation, still the populations do nothing.

So widespread today is the use of cannabis that the pharmaceutical corporations want in on the action, not unlike the same industry muscling in on the terror laid against tobacco and the introduction of the medical nicotine machine they call the electronic cigarette.

If we look at a little simple chemistry we are told that our bodies are able to synthesise endocannabinoids naturally.

Endocannabinoids are the chemical compounds that activate the same receptors as delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the active component of marijuana which has been genetically engineered by growers over the last 20 years creating skunk, today called green.

The all things synthetic pharmaceutical industry have attempted to patent this natural herb via a chemical alternative pill in order to cash in on the market and to allow their own mad hatter chemists to present yet more toxins into a major addiction of the masses.

Like tea, alcohol, coffee, tobacco and sugar the corporate empire manufactures, introduces, markets and distributes all things addiction to ensure a constant return enough to create an empire, getting in on the cannabis explosion is no different to their command of the technology addiction.

Trying to synthesis cannabis has been attempted more than once, as evidenced by Solvay Pharmaceuticals with its Marinol drug, the results of which have proved fatal.

Pharmaceutical company Bial tested its cannabis pill Biotrial a synthetic ECS stimulant that replicated the effects of cannabis and had to halt testing due to the death of one of the participants in the University Hospital of Rennes in France.

Create a subculture based in substance abuse then own it and make it legal, clever these bankers.

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