In 2012 Donald Trump attacked the vaccination program stating vaccines cause autism










Donald Trump chose the fifth annual World Autism Awareness Day in 2012, to reveal on Fox News that he strongly believes that autism is linked to childhood vaccines.

The United Nations designated April 2, 2012, as the fifth annual World Autism Awareness Day. Most people in the U.S. know someone with autism – a friend, neighbour, classmate or relative – because one in 88 American children (one in 54 American boys) is on the autism spectrum, according to the Center for Disease Control.

In an interview on Fox News, in 2012, Donald Trump said :

“You ever see the size of it? Its like they’re pumping in — you know, it’s terrible, the amount. And they pump this in to this little body and then all of the sudden the child is different a month later. I strongly believe that’s it.”

It has been almost a year since Donald Trump became the President of the United States of America, but as yet, I have not seen nor heard of any moves by this man, or his administration, to move against the vaccination programs of the banking cartel. Perhaps we can better understand that to be President, does not offer up the required power to stop the pharmaceutical corporations from destroying all the life it can get its dirty unclean hands upon.

There is always hope…

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