The U.N. sanctions the dumbing down of education for sustainable development

The U.N. sanctions the dumbing down of education for sustainable development









Most people do not understand that the United Nations is becoming a corporation. It is a private structure owned by the banking cartel which has its corporations lobbying legislation into being. It is the banking government machine they intend to install as the legislative body to rule over the globe. Governments today are also corporations, as such they all must contract and adhere to the legislation coming out of the rectum of the United Nations Inc, which ultimately are banking statutes for the benefit of the cartel of families behind the Bank for International Settlements.

In the future financial catastrophe, the end game will be to transfer the banking cartel and its networks we have presented in the alternative media for around 15 years, and supplant it under the new regime that is China, the banking construct in the East. China as a giant corporation, will become the perfect middle man between the bankers and all past and future enterprise.

The United Nations is an organisation to which sovereign nations, through its command of the corporate governments, are forced by austerity, war, terrorism and all other banking schemes, to bypass the sovereignty of law and nation states, to then forcibly contract governments to the web of the U.N. It carries out this agenda under the false idiom of humanitarian intervention and aid.

We are also speaking of governments that are bankrupt, it has been so since 1933 when all nations involved in the First World War went cap in hand to the Bank for International Settlements for the credit to re-build the war torn nations. In order to win the credit, a Templar mechanic, governments had to offer the people as the collateral for the credit, they also had to install the mighty socialist state to which the people would become bound in the use of the legal title for which governments are the beneficiaries.

The United Nations is the chosen governing body, chosen by the Bank for International Settlements to dictate the terms to individual corporate governments. Austerity is a United Nations mandate, mass immigration is also a U.N project. Below you can gain insight into another U.N operation which went ballistic in 1997 under the election of New Labour under Gordon Brown and fronted by Tony Blair.

Fifty Sixth Session, 2001

They legally own your children and this is what they intend to expand as of July 2017 :

Senior leaders of the United Nations gathered recently to continue plotting the future of globalised pseudo-education, which they said must be imposed on every child on the planet to advance the UN’s radical plan for humanity known as “Agenda 2030.” Speakers at the so-called “High-Level Event on Education,” including Muslims and communists, all agreed that UN-led “education” was the key to realising their globalist goals.

The UN’s controversial agenda, also dubbed the “Sustainable Development Goals” or SDGs, is basically a recipe for global government, technocracy, and socialism. And it includes the UN’s vision of “education” at the heart of it all. Under Agenda 2030, children are described as “critical agents of change” whose “infinite capacities for activism” will be weaponised and channeled by the UN’s “education” schemes into advancing the planetary entity’s vision of the future.

The whole program, and especially the education component, is being justified under the guise of imposing “sustainable development” on the world. And as far as the nebulous, totalitarian concept relates to education, the UN has already made clear that more education is actually a threat to sustainability.

“Generally, more highly educated people, who have higher incomes, consume more resources than poorly educated people, who tend to have lower incomes,” explains a UN “toolkit” for global “sustainable” education, which is still posted online at UNESCO’s website. (Also see below) “In this case, more education increases the threat to sustainability.”

In Goal 4 of the 17 SDGs, the UN makes clear that its “education” is really indoctrination. For example, the document, which has not been ratified by the U.S. Senate, demands that all children learn not to just accept and submit to “sustainable development,” but to actually “promote sustainable development.” The indoctrination program is also heavy on the UN’s vision of “human rights,” which are actually rights of the U.N to carry out this dumbing down of your children. The programming ensures your child sees the rights of the U.N as their own universal rights.

 “I am confident you all agree that inclusive, equitable and quality education goes to the heart of the 2030 Agenda,” explained President Peter Thomson of the UN General Assembly, which is dominated by regimes classified as unfree. Because brainwashing children will be critical to imposing the UN’s anti-liberty, anti-Christian agenda on humanity, Thompson called the UN’s idea of education the “golden thread that runs through the implementation of all 17 SDGs.”

“We must educate young people about the logic of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development,” he added, never allowing for the possibility that children may not agree with globalism and wealth redistribution. “They must be taught to take ownership, to serve as agents for change, and to be drivers of innovative ways of achieving the SDGs.”

The changes being proposed are drastic, too. “We have to do no less than transform the way we think, invest, partner, and deliver on education,” Thompson said, demanding all children be subjected to “universal early childhood education.” “We need coherent, practical strategies for the development of children’s physical, cognitive, and emotional skills to set up positive adult productivity and behaviour.” At a previous summit, they even called for the UN to shape children’s “spirituality.”


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