Pulling the Iran deal, is Trump the man?

Pulling the Iran deal, is Trump the man?
Picture taken May 20, 2009. REUTERS/Caren Firouz (IRAN CRIME LAW POLITICS SOCIETY)











The Iran deal without any signatures is not deal at all that the political system can register and uphold.

That said, President Trump in shelving the fantasy, has neither broken nor called off any deal at all?

Sounds rather strange, but according to the following video the deal from which Trump has removed the United States is one more in tune with the global heroin triumvirate.

The deal within the deal, paid for in cash to many European leaders, including David Cameron and Angela Merkel. The deal set up by Obama was to have Iran produce heroin for the shortfall.

Pulling the Iran deal, is Trump the man?Dave Janda, host of the popular radio show called “Operation Freedom,” says the coming economic reset that world leaders and global bankers have been talking about for years is coming and it is going to bad, then good. Janda explains, “I think what the reset is going to look like is a devaluation of the dollar to a significant degree. The value of gold and silver is going to be reset to a much higher level. 

But do not fear because the best days for America are ahead. Janda predicts, “I believe the rule of law is going to be restored. I believe all of our lives will be much better. I believe we will have more opportunities than we can imagine. If you believe that load of Purim, well?

Behind the Veil 
The only real deal on the global table is the implementation of 5G.
5G Is a complete control grid that communicates directly to the brain.
All else is just a script to have the world believe that everything is being dealt with so the public need not worry, and the 5G network can be implemented without any opposition at all.
Trump is controlled by Israel, Israel wants 5G, this game is a show folks…


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