In Profile : Carl Michael Holden, Kate Laura Holden of Holden Building Solutions, HBS

In Profile : Carl Michael Holden, Kate Laura Holden of Holden Building Solutions, HBS


Any one who has followed my work over the last 20 years knows well, Housing Associations and I do not gel. Quite simply the Housing Associations have stolen our housing stock because they have breeched the handover contract which stated clear, they must upgrade the properties within a specific timeframe.

If we take Symphony Housing Group as example, (Hyndburn Homes) from which I have first hand experience, legally owning well over 40.000 of taxpayer properties back in 2010, carried out the contracted upgrade, however, what they did was wreck all properties decor and position new central heating system with pipework up the walls and along the skirting. By any stretch of the imagination this is unacceptable workmanship. They offered each tenant £60 to fix the decor.

But the real news and breech of handover contract comes in the fact that far from upgrading the properties they downgraded them by removing the ability to heat the water by two methods, gas and electric. They removed the ability to heat water with electricity and have positioned all their properties wholly on Gas for water and heat. This is a weaponised move to enforce future politics when they hit Iran which will completely undermine our energy and fuel requirements.

I have tried many times over the years to get a copy of the original contract without success, without which no case against them can be brought.

Today, white British are being thrown out of the council properties to make room for the immigrant and overspill from the cities. The government has also said it aims to evict any and all British tenants from the properties if anyone in the family is found to have committed any kind of illegal activity within the family.

Quite simply it is the aim of the corporate government and council to remove the native Brits from their own properties, backed by the corporate judiciary.

As you can probably recognise I have no sympathy for the Housing Associations whatever because the format I have presented here is the MO for all council properties in the country. With that in mind any company sucking on the tit of the Housing Associations, by my reckoning, is no better and therefore must be classed as a criminal enterprise.

In Profile : Carl Michael Holden, Kate Laura Holden of Holden Building Solutions, HBS

Welcome to Holden Building Solutions, HBS, run by owners Carl Michael Holden and Kate Laura Holden above.[1] Another part of this mix is Michael Holden’s Percliff Plant & Haulage Limited run by Carl’s father, Thailand Mick[2] a well known and liked businessman who also owned Holden Homes. I have never met his father and must therefore form my opinion based on the character of his son Carl.  We are of course speaking of a family of parasites who through the secret society networks are scooping up all our revenue unto themselves while playing Simms with the lives of native Brits. 

I have expressed my thoughts on what is going on in the corporate system, basically the lowly and unclean are being raised to the top of our society, from my experience contracting with HBS and Carl Holden supports that fact. I do not wish to make this too personal but Carl without doubt, satisfies that illness.

The main issue I had with Carl was his constant insistence that errors and damage was to be hidden from the client. The main damage was to the front door, £1000 worth. Which he damaged by removing the supports for the header tile I fixed the night before. Rather than accept the blame himself he acted as though it was not and laid out the commands for the site agent and I to keep quite. Given his contract with the housing associations such an attitude will cost the public purse and continue to ensure, we the taxpayer, get inferior workmanship on our properties.

Carl holden is a strange little mulatto type fellow and appears to be collecting Celts as employees. When he and his merry band of Celtic employees are all together, the image stands out and is very creepy indeed and yet another pointer to the real state of mind of the secret society parasite. The secret societies are moving to the collection of the cream of the crop to serve the cash cow.

In Profile : Carl Michael Holden, Kate Laura Holden of Holden Building Solutions, HBS








Interconnecting with the family responsible for the huge Mosque off Blackburn Road, also exposes yet another Barnfield crew operating against the public in taking land and building their own properties which will ensure a constant flow of cash back into the hands of the corporate crown, at the expense of the public.

When people like Carl are offered the chance to tender for work with the housing associations it is not based on talent or quality, it is based entirely on the secret society connections, in this case we are speaking of his father. I would cite HBS and associated, to be a prime example of these backdoor money trains taking our money for half baked operations and subverting the British taxpayer.

Holden Building Solutions is just another Barnfield Construction Ltd clan member.

That ladies and gentlemen is information that is in the public interest.

[1] Shareholders as PDF
[2] Percliff Plant & Haulage Limited
Percliff Way
Off Philips Road
Telephone: 01254 676600
Fax: 01254 676630

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