Privatised Health is a military theatre, what will become of the National Health Service?












In 2011 there began a steady increase in the price of stock for three major American Defence Contractors.

A picture is formed when you look at anomalies in the share price of American Defence Contractors from 12 August 2011. A date for those country dwellers out there to be recognised as a day given the title “The Glorious 12th. However, in the scenario about to be revealed the glorious would be for the very few at the expense of the very many…

What is the cause of such an increase…. was it the attack on Libya that would undermine a nation and murder its leader? Or was the increase the result of something other than would be expected from the biggest military hardware/software corporations on the planet?

If we look at the latest round of missile launch from those in control of NATO, the grouping that protects the expanding borders of Israel in the Middle East, specific to the unsanctioned actions on Friday 13 April 2018, with the use of three militaries, U.K., U.S., and the French, we find the share prices of three major war corporations went up.

Such a change would be expected and become manifest in the movement in share prices to the corporations involved on the stock market platform, little numbers would change. This report however will focus your attention to a change in share price from August 12, 2011, when huge cuts came into force for the Defence Contractors in America…the findings present some very worrying realities.

The three corporations of interest are; Lockheed Martin, Raytheon and Northrop Grumman.

Lockheed Martin – tested its latest missile in the Syrian strike –






Share price rise from 12 August 2011 for Lockheed Martin :




Raytheon – Share price rise from 12 August  2011: 







Northrop Grumman – Share price rise from 12 August 2011:












In 2011 Lockheed Martin carried out the 2011 Census in the United Kingdom in which Brits were told they must hand over a shed load of personal information to a private American military contractor. Lockheed Martin UK, is a wholly owned subsidiary – and flag of convenience – for Lockheed Martin US, and was awarded a £150 million contract to process the census data by the British government.[A]

Of course I refused to take part and urged those I knew to do the same. Many did comply and thus handed the military industrial complex all their personal information.

Today we are better informed as to how data from our internet use, specifically to the platforms classed as social media and the search engine Google, have been harvesting our data and selling it to the likes of Cambridge Analytica,[1] but people forget the main collect of private info came through the Census in 2011which had absolutely no relationship to the internet and data placed in it by the public.

In April 2017 I compiled a report presenting the companies waiting in the wings for the planned NHS privatisation carve up, primarily by corporations from across the pond. The U.S. giant healthcare provide, are waiting in the shadows to scoop up the U.K. NHS from under the taxpayer nose.

I also found Google through a subsidiary, Deep Mind was handed over 1.6 million NHS records they claimed they required to develop an app, they were handed way more records than needed and had no requirement to go through the standard regulatory procedure. [2]

In essence the supreme data collect of personal information must not be laid at the feet of Cambridge Analytica alone, you gave them the best of it in the 2011 Census and your NHS Trust happily handed your medical records over to Google and other military industrial complex operations and interested parties.

Games upon games with our domestic system

What happened in 2011 that would begin the steady rise of the share price of Lockheed Martin Raytheon, Northrop Grumman and others involved in the wholesale murder of humans in the theatre of war?

In 2010 Obamacare was launched which would centralise the entire medical arena under one huge platform in the United States. Not forgetting Obama was supposed to be a shining light of socialism and opposed to the Right and Capitalism, he did move to form a huge umbrella under which the military industrial complex shifted ever further away from direct taxpayer funding and therefore control, and into the hands of private enterprise as outsource providers to healthcare requirements of the American People.

On the other side of the pond in Britain the importance of the militarisation of civilian healthcare becomes apparent when you recognise the National Health Service is being privatised with U.S. corporations positioned to scoop up what is a huge bastion of U.K. healthcare.

In 2014 it was reported : 




At the latter end of 2011 coming into force in the United States were huge defence cuts, holes needed to be plugged. Let us consider the fact, the entire medical chemical industry has its root in the concentration camps of Europe during the Second World War, and, medications being the direct result of all they did learn about the human body, its chemistry, its biology and its electrical and nervous system mechanics. Today they parade themselves as the pharmaceutical giants of benevolence, yet the evidence reads contrary to such presentations…[3]

Another military giant hidden in the idea of ‘defence’, General Dynamics, in 2011 faced :




Rolling out Obamacare, remembering the democrats are supposed to be all socialist and loverly, they did open the door to what is presented as the Right of the political spectrum, the Military Industrial Complex, to become the social carers of the general populations. Remember folks, as the National Health Service in the U.K is privatised, it too will be handed into the hands of the same military machine presented in this report, they already control corporate education under the Academy platform we have today.[4]

Healthcare is the new oil… :













Are you taking note here?

Ref :

[A] The UK Census 2011 was held on March 27, and everyone is expected to have their details recorded and sent back to the government for processing. Except it won’t, because it is not the job of the government to do the processing – and that is the key to why I will be breaking the law.
In England, Wales and Northern Ireland the Census data will be recorded and processed by one of the largest arms manufacturers in the world. In Scotland the Census data will be recorded and processed by a company wholly owned by a military services contractor. The following extract from the 2011 Census Security Report puts the two contractors in context :

“The review team are aware that this has been a matter of public interest and note that the use of UK and EU subcontractors places Lockheed-Martin UK at arm’s length from the data gathered in England and Wales, and Northern Ireland. Once the data capture infrastructure has been completed. There will be a ‘scrubbing’ stage in which all routes of access for Lockheed-Martin UK employees will be removed and the Census Offices will formally assume control, with Steria, an EU company, undertaking the necessary data management and administrative functions. There have been public assurances that the contractual arrangements have been structured to ensure that only sub-contractors registered and based in the UK, and either UK or EU owned, will have access to personal census data. No Lockheed-Martin staff (from either the US parent or UK company) will have access to any personal census data. The approach adopted by GROS [General Register Office for Scotland] has been similar, and GROS will play a major role in controlling access to the infrastructure used for processing data supplied in the 2011 Census. It is a condition of the contract with CACI (UK) that personal census information will not leave the UK. GROS have confirmed that CACI (UK)’s sub-contractors with access to 2011 Census data have no US links and that the Act, therefore, does not apply to them. GROS have also given public assurances on contractor confidentiality in this area.”

It is important to note that under Patriot Act rules, any data processed by a US company for any reason can legally (under US law) be utilised for the purposes of National Security. In the case of the UK Census it is of great interest to National Security who has whatever name, living in whatever place, having whatever religious beliefs, holding whatever passport and having whatever country of origin (and maybe staying in whatever country for more than 30 days a year). This information is being collected, and there is nothing any foreign government can do to legally stop the US government and its agencies from using that data if the data gets into the US-based processing facilities of either Lockheed-Martin or CACI International Inc.

This fact has been recognised by the Office of National Statistics, revealed in a startling passage :
“Concerns expressed about the possibility of the US Patriot Act being used by US intelligence services have been addressed by a number of additional contractual and operational safeguards. These arrangements have been put in place to ensure to that US authorities are unable to access census data.”

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