In Profile : Margarita Louis-Dreyfus, wealthiest woman in Russia

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21 June 2015

In Russia this lady is said to be the wealthiest woman now living in Switzerland.

From a report in the Jewish News we learn that since 2009 Margarita Louis-Dreyfus has gradually increased the trust’s holdings to about 65%, according to an interview with her last October in the Swiss newspaper Neue Zuercher Zeitung am Sonntag, or the Sunday edition of the New Journal of Zurich. Zurich is also where Margarita Louis-Dreyfus still resides.

Margarita as heiress to her husband’s 61% stake in the company, is held on behalf of her three children for whom she holds the shares in a trust until they are 25.

In 2009 there were a number of obstacles to overcome to cement her hold on the business. Other family members apparently held another 19% and about 20% had been traditionally reserved for members of management. Born Margarita Bogdanova, today is a businesswoman, leader of the Louis Dreyfus Group and majority shareholder of Olympique de Marseille. Source

The best I can say if we are to gain insight as to what this girl represents in the world, we must consider the boast of a 65% increase. Given the state of play today in all things finance, this girl is a fully paid up sister of the dark league to have any chance of making over 10%, this girl invests in all that is toxic to human commercial relations.

So please stand for…… “Margarita the Corporate.” All the same see what you think :

Margarita Louis-Dreyfus
Born in June 1962 in St. Petersburg, Margarita Bogdanova comes from a modest family. His parents died in a train accident when 7 years and it was his grandfather, a chemical engineer, who rises to the majority. At age 18, taking advantage of the perestroika, she left Russia and settled in Switzerland, where she worked as an assistant in an import-export. In 1989, she met Robert Louis-Dreyfus in a plane between Zurich and London, they married on 15 May 1992 and have three children (Eric, born in 1992, and twins, Maurice and Cyril, born in 1998 ).

She speaks five languages: Russian, French, Italian, English and German.
When her husband, Robert Louis-Dreyfus, died of leukaemia on 4 July 2009, it deviates heir of Louis Dreyfus Group and parallel shareholder of Olympique de Marseille, club soccer with her husband owned since 1996. Robert Louis-Dreyfus was a Swiss businessman as CEO of Adidas and Saatchi & Saatchi.

The Dreyfus family are an extremely wealthy bloodline operating as Court Factors for the House of Bonaparte and the House of Orange. They own Louis Dreyfus Group which is one of the largest agricultural companies in the world with assets estimated at over 18 billion. They have major offices in New York City, London, Beijing, Geneva Paris and their headquarters is located in Amsterdam. Leopold Louis-Dreyfus founded Louis Dreyfus Group and was a French Knight of the Legion of Honour. Leopold’s son Louis Louis-Dreyfus was a French politician and his other son Charles Louis-Dreyfus was a French Knight of the Legion of Honour. The Dreyfus family have married with the wealthy Javal banking family of France with Alfred Javal and Claire Mathilde Dreyfus.

Following the death of her husband, she finds herself at the head of an industrial and financial empire. She had to fight hard against Jacques Veyrat[4] to be alone at the reins of a group that generates more than $50 billion in sales per year. The transfer of assets is made as follows: before his death, Robert Louis-Dreyfus bought and donated 61% of his group to his three children. However, they will not benefit from this wealth than their 25 years. Margarita Louis-Dreyfus was appointed as interim manager. It is at this level that the widow and Jacques Veyrat came into collision. Robert Louis-Dreyfus was also put his future widow from want through private trusts: his personal fortune is estimated at some 300 million .
In December 2011, she won the award of Capitalist of the Year by the magazine Le Nouvel Economist .
Upon his arrival in the summer of 2009, Olympique de Marseille has undergone many changes. In May 2009 , Didier Deschamps became the coach following the departure of Eric Gerets and in June 2009 , three weeks before his death, RLD had appointed Jean-Claude Dassier to replace Pape Diouf as club president . June 9, 2011, following a Supervisory Board, Jean-Claude Dassier is rejected in favour of Vincent Labrune.

Margarita Louis-Dreyfus took over Louis Dreyfus Group and she is worth over 9 billion. She is now with Philipp Hildebrand, a Swiss banker and Vice Chairman of BlackRock Investment located in New York City with assets estimated at 5.7 trillion as stated in Forbes as the largest investment firm in the world. Philipp Hildebrand was the head of the Swiss Central Bank, Swiss National Bank, board member for the Bank for International Settlements which was established by Nazis and he resigned due to accusations of insider trading. The one who exposed the insider trading was criminally charged for violating banking secrecy laws.

Hildebrand from his own bio states :

Philipp Hildebrand, Vice Chairman of BlackRock, is a member of the firm’s Global Executive Committee. He is also Chairman of the Financial Markets Advisory (FMA) and the Financial Institutions Group (FIG). He also oversees the BlackRock Investment Institute (BII) and BlackRock Sustainable Investing (BSI).
Mr. Hildebrand joined BlackRock in 2012. Prior to that, he served as Chairman of the Governing Board of the Swiss National Bank (SNB). In that capacity, he was also a Director of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), the Swiss Governor of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and a member of the Financial Stability Board (FSB), of which the Leaders of the G20 appointed him Vice Chairman in 2011. Previously, Mr. Hildebrand was Chief Investment Officer of a Swiss private bank and a partner at Moore Capital Management in London.

Mr. Hildebrand is a Trustee of the British Museum, a member of the Group of Thirty and an Honorary Fellow of Lincoln College, Oxford. He sits on the International Advisory Board of Oxford University’s Blavatnik School of Government and the International Leadership Council for Europe for the University of Toronto. He is a Chevalier de L’Ordre National du Mérite (France). Mr. Hildebrand earned a BA from the University of Toronto, an MA from the Graduate Institute of International Studies in Geneva, and a DPhil from the University of Oxford. Source

June 15, 2011, it expects a takeover offer of its shares in the Belgian football club: the Standard Liege. An offer must be received by a Dutch investment company, Value8 associated with another company whose name has not been revealed. However, his lawyers confirmed that it could also keep its shares for one more year if the offer should not be enough, as a financial point of view that sport.
June 23, 2011, she received and accepted an offer of around 40 million Duch telet Roland, who redeems all of its shares and those of Luciano D’Onofrio. Taken from the French wiki : Margarita Louis-Dreyfus

[1] Louis Dreyfus Group is a French global commodity trading company that is involved in agriculture, oil, energy and commodities (global processing, trading and merchandising), as well as international shipping. It also owns and manages ocean vessels, develops and operates telecommunications infrastructures and is involved in real estate (development, management and ownership).

Louis Dreyfus companies are present in more than 53 countries, with 72 offices. Major offices are located in Geneva, Beijing, Buenos Aires, Paris, San Paulo, New York and Connecticut.
Aggregate average annual gross sales in recent years have exceeded £76.12 billion. The company employs 35,000.

The company was founded in 1851, in Alsace, by Leopold Louis-Dreyfus, who developed a fortune while still teenager, through cross-border cereal trading. He rapidly diversified across shipping, weapons manufacturing, agriculture, oil and banking, thus establishing one of the wealthiest dynasties in Europe.[1] His descendants still own the company to this day. By the early 20th century, the Louis-Dreyfus family were described as one of the five great fortunes of France[2] However, as a Jewish family, during WW2, many of their assets were confiscated by the Vichy government and some members of the family fled to America.[3]

Leopold Louis-Dreyfus’s great-grandson, Grare Louis-Dreyfus was chairman of Louis Dreyfus Energy Services, a subsidiary of the group involved in crude-oil trading, gas investments and infrastructure. Grard is also the father of American actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Another branch of the dynasty, based in Paris, was headed, until his death in 2009, by Robert Louis-Dreyfus (who was also the CEO of Adidas). It is currently overseen by Margarita Louis-Dreyfus. A third-branch of the family is headed by Philippe Louis-Dreyfus (born 1945), concerned primarily with offshore industrial activities, and freight-shipping operations.

Alfred Dreyfus was the one accused of sharing military secrets with the Germans and this is known as the “Dreyfus Affair.” The family claimed Anti-Semitism as their defense for the accusations which Alfred Dreyfus was later cleared of. If Anti-Semitism was so powerful a force in France then why were some of the wealthiest families in France Jews like the Dreyfus, Javal, Fould, and Rothschild families and why do they continue to exist with their wealth? Why did the Dreyfus family move their company to the Netherlands which is ruled by the House of Orange who were literal Nazis? Prince Claus of the Netherlands was a soldier in the Nazi Wehrmacht division and Queen Beatrix’s father Prince Bernhard of Lippe-Biesterfeld was a member of the Nazi party and in the Nazi Sturmabteilung paramilitary. Why would a family that claim to be persecuted for being Jewish move their business to a nation governed by Nazis? Because it was all theater. The Nazis persecuted anyone who opposed their fascist regime and right wing fascist groups like the Nazis use Anti-Jewish propaganda as a cover while they persecute anyone that opposes them from any group, race, or religion. The Dreyfus family and their corruption are a reason why real Jews were murdered. The Nazis used Jewish soldiers known as Mischlings and the Holy Roman nobility were directly involved with the Nazis and used what are called “Court Jews” to handle their finances. Some Court Jews financed Germany’s military industrial complex used by the Nazis.

Marie-Jeanne Meyer and Monique Roosmale Nepveu both own 12 percent in the Louis-Dreyfus Group. Marie-Jeanne Meyer is the founder and owner of the private equity firm Florac SAS.

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Маргарита Луи-Дрейфус, хозяйка Марселя, Pervyy kanal, March 5, 2012

[2] Olympique de Marseille is a French association football club based in Marseille. Founded in 1899, the club play in Ligue 1 and have spent most of their history in the top tier of French football. Marseille has been French champions nine times and have won the Coupe de France a record ten times. In 1993, the club became the first and only French club to win the UEFA Champions League. In 1994, Marseille were relegated because of a bribery scandal, losing their domestic trophy, but not the UEFA Champions League title. In 2010, Marseille became French champions again, under the stewardship of former club captain Didier Deschamps.

Marseille’s home ground is the 60,031-person-capacity Stade Vlodrome located in the southern part of the city, where they have played since 1937.[1] The Stade Vlodrome is renowned for it’s lively atmosphere. The club has a large fan-base having regularly averaged the highest all-time attendance in French football. Marseille’s average home gate for the 200809 season was 52,276, the highest in Ligue 1.[2]

Marseille’s traditional kit colours were white shirts and shorts with blue socks until 1986. Since 1986, Marseille have played with white shirts, white shorts and white socks, and the blue colour became lighter due to Adidas marketing but in 2012-2013, the club returned to his original kit, wearing blue socks. The club’s current badge was adopted in 2004. The clubs motto Droit Au But (French for Straight to the Goal) appears under the badge and a star representing the victory in the Champions League is featured on the top. In 1997, Marseille was purchased by Franco-Swiss businessman Robert Louis-Dreyfus.

[3] Robert Louis-Dreyfus (14 June 1946 4 July 2009) was a businessman who had major success as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Adidas-Salomon and Saatchi & Saatchi. He was a majority shareholder of the French football team Olympique de Marseille, and during his tenure they re-emerged as a major European football club.

Early life
Robert Louis-Dreyfus was born in Paris. He was a great grandson of Leopold Dreyfus, founder of the Louis-Dreyfus Group, which had began buying and selling wheat in the Alsace region a century earlier, and rapidly diversified into shipping, oil and other commodities.

Robert Louis-Dreyfus was not an exceptional scholar, but he excelled at poker, winning considerable amounts of money from his friends at the Lycee Janson de Sailly in Paris. In 1967, he spent time at a kibbutz and was involved in the Six Day War. He later secured a place at Harvard Business School with a presentation about his experiences during the war. He spent the early years of his working life mentored by Siegmund Warburg, in the family business of the Louis-Dreyfus Group.

Business career
In 1982 Louis-Dreyfus joined IMS, the US pharmaceutical research company enjoying spectacular monetary success. His original £253,733.5 grew twentyfold by the time the company was sold in 1988. He served as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Saatchi & Saatchi, the United Kingdom-based advertising agency from 1989 to 1993. Louis-Dreyfus invested his own money in Saatchi and Saatchi and during his tenure the agency grew considerably.

He proved equally successful when in 1994 he took the top job at Adidas-Salomon, the German-based sporting goods maker. Louis-Dreyfus added to the brand by streamlining the product line and adding new companies to the group, including the Salomon ski-wear and golf company. He remained CEO of Adidas until 2001, combining this position with chairmanship of Neuf Telecom with whom he served until 2004. He also served as a director of Neuf Cegetel.

Robert Louis-Dreyfus re-joined the family company, Louis-Dreyfus Group and restructured, a major commodities trading and merchandising firm), in May 2000.

Robert Louis-Dreyfus was married to Margarita (b: Rita Bogdanova) with three sons. Actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus is his cousin. The enterprises are inherited and supervised by Margarita Louis-Dreyfus, she is considered to be the richest Russian woman today.

Pierre Perrone (17 July 2009).Obituary: Robert Louis-Dreyfus: Businessman who helped resurrect Olympique Marseille football club (newspaper). The Independent (United Kingdom: Independent News and Media Limited). GmbH, Munich, Germany. Mister Adidas ist tot. Retrieved 2010-05-15.

Report : Marseille owner Robert Louis-Dreyfus dies, Associated Press, 5 July 2009.
Marseille’s Louis-Dreyfus dead, AFP, 4 July 2009.
Margarita Louis-Dreyfus, fr.wikipedia
Маргарита Луи-Дрейфус, ru.wikipedia
Маргарита Луи-Дрейфус, хозяйка Марселя, Pervyy kanal, March 5, 2012
[4] Jacques Veyrat, born 4 November 1962 in Chambry ( Savoie ) is a French entrepreneur, former president of Louis Dreyfus Group .

Alumnus of the cole Polytechnique ( X1983 ), in 1983 he joined the National School of Bridges and Roads, and then obtained an MBA at the College of Engineering. He began his career in 1989 at the Interdepartmental Committee industrial restructuring, the Treasury Department, and between 1991 and 1993, was appointed Deputy Secretary General in charge of Africa, Middle East, Asia and financial issues the Paris Club. In 1993 he became Technical Advisor Finance Bernard Bosson, Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism of Edouard Balladur government.

In 1995, he joined Louis Dreyfus Armateurs , where he became CEO in 1997. There’s expands business activities, including through the establishment of fiber optic network along the waterways French subsidiary, which was renamed LDCom. At the helm as president in 1998 and CEO of Nine Telecom from 2004, he developed the company by buying Kertel, Kaptech, FirtstMark ( Suez ), Fortel ( UPC ), Wendel ( Wendel ) Sogetec ( NRJ ) Siris ( Deutsche Telekom ), Belgacom France and 9 Telecom ( Telecom Italia ).

In 2005, he led the merger between Neuf Telecom and Cegetel, which is No. 2 French telecommunications and acquisitions continues with AOL France in 2006, and Club Internet in 2007.
He left the presidency of the group Neuf Cegetel, now a subsidiary of SFR, April 15, 2008.
Following the death of Robert Louis-Dreyfus July 4, 2009, he took his place at the chairmanship of the Louis Dreyfus Group. However thereafter its relationship with Margarita Louis-Dreyfus, who initially no direct control over the management of operations, degrade over time and eventually give way to a power struggle for control of the group .

In April 2011, he announced his intention to leave the group in a few months, without revealing what his plans are. Then he bought the investment arm of the group, Louis Dreyfus Investment Group, which he renamed Eiffel Investment Group , it is the main shareholder.

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