In Profile : L.E.K Consulting

In Profile : L E K Consulting









Started in 1983 by three partners from Bain & Company, James Lawrence, Iain Evans and Richard Koch, L.E.K. has since grown to over 850 consultants and 20 offices worldwide. The firm now operates as a single global partnership and advises 20 percent of the world’s largest companies, as well as leading private equity firms and governments. It stands out as the only major global strategy consulting firm to have grown from a UK base.

L.E.K. is generalist strategy consultancy with expertise across all major industries. It is a principal adviser to private equity, and was the number 1 adviser in number of transactions in Europe during 2007. L.E.K. is a leading adviser to the biotech industry and is known for its airline, surface transport, financial services and media and entertainment practices, as well as its expertise in alternative energy.
L.E.K.’s primary service lines consist of :

Corporate Strategy

Mergers and Acquisitions

L.E.K. is notable among it peers for its strong M&A concentration.
LEK has as its main office in the UK set as :
L.E.K. London
Phone: 44.20.7389.7200

Fax: 44.20.7389.7440 40 Grosvenor Place

London SW1X 7JL

United Kingdom

Yet from a government document we have LEK based in the John Adam Street complex in 2002, and still today listed as  LEK Consulting officed at :
L.E.K. Consulting

The Adelphi Building
1-11 John Adam Street


Full Document : Here

We are also noticing signs of many companies using offices for registrations only, sort of front offices which suggests an endemic strategy amongst such companies, everything has the smell of deceptive play going on with many of the new companies unleashed from 2000. The fact LEK now presents 40 Grosvenor Place as its London office only expands the size of this network, it does not reduce the power of this corporate web. 

LEK operates within :
Aerospace & Defence


Aviation & Airports
Business Services
Building & Construction

Consumer Products

Energy & Environment

Financial Services

Healthcare Services

Industrial Products & Services

Life Sciences, MedTech & Biotechnology

Media & Entertainment

Natural Resources

Private Equity


Surface Transport & Logistics


Travel & Tourism

LEK is big on having companies pay to be instructed on the strategies the banking cabal has formulated to ensure they keep maximum influence upon all companies and governments. Big in Bio-tech gives reason for concern here too especially given they are classed as a leading advisor to this industry, meaning whatever L.E.K. ‘s overall strategy is, has more than likely been implemented across the Bio-tech industry as a whole. 

Of course we also have the RSA in profile amongst this group of companies, given the elitism of this society, is yet more information suggesting the House of Windsor are indeed one of the major players in the whole eugenics movement, currently trying to force vaccinate the globe. Boris Johnson is another telling tale relating to Crown control of this operation, more past employees here :

Jim Lawrence – Chief Financial Officer, Unilever

Richard Koch – author and entrepreneur

Damon Buffini – Managing Partner, Permira
Boris Johnson – journalist, MP and Mayor of London

Reinhard Gorenflos – Managing Director, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts

Tim Sims – Managing Partner, Pacific Equity Partners

Robert Boyle – Commercial Director, British Airways

Philip Goulding – Chief Financial Officer, Allegheny Energy

Coline McConville – CEO, Clear Channel Europe

This company is big, influential, and has offices among the John Adam Street Gang, as such absolutely in need of a lifeinthemix profiling. Smith&Nephew is another big medical corporation amongst this complex so we are seeing a nexus of control and influence in spheres currently pushing their will on the people, not just in the UK but across the world with medical destruction implications for Man.

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