Fracking is a scam, it is a pyramid scheme, keep hold of your money and save the environment

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Fracking as an industry has a serious and intellectual, well organised opposition, in the main made up of ex-oilmen.

Pardon me but I do believe the game was given away in the first sentence.

Invent an industry, get the brokers to sell it, pay off the government and secret societies, grab the cash and then kill it, or shift it into something completely different. 

The Americans call it a ponzi scheme, we Brits call them pyramid schemes, that puts us on the same page.

A very interesting insight into the scam that is fracking from 2012.


In conclusion, it would appear that on top of the fact we are looking at a financial fraud, the fact the chemical spill destroys the water and environment, and not forgetting the Radon found in the burn off which is giving folks lung cancer, if they can get this monster floating they will use this to allow the government to take your land.

Especially so given the entire raft of former council housing is now in the hands of private Trusts, and have ensured all their properties are now dependant upon gas for all heating requirements, whereas before a contracted upgrade, the properties had the benefit of using electricity to heat the home and water also.

Talk about a lobby group when the demand for gas, as a national emergency, forces fracking all over this green and pleasant land.

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